Disco Stu from The Simpsons wants to kick off your Saturday night the right way! :)
It's Friday! Fish n Chips anyone? :)
How many of these sets did you have? It's like something out of Robin Hood!
Will you be going to Gotham again this weekend? #LEGOBatmanMovie
Mmmmm Doughnuts...
"Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall." - Indiana Jones (The Last Crusade)
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What's on the menu tonight? A cheeky takeaway or a home cooked meal? :) #ValentinesDay
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Here's a Valentines idea to give to a special someone! Are you up for the challenge?
This was on every LEGO fan's wish list in the 80s. What an awesome Space LEGO set!
If your bored today...why not create your own super hero! #LEGOBatmanMovie
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Jack tweeted us this cool video...we just had to share it on FB. He immortalised himself by building a LEGO head!


A personal project where I build my own head from LEGO bricks. Music: buddy - http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

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photo credit: MTV news