BridgeClimb Sydney
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There is no better place to see Sydney than from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Discover the top sights you can see from the summit:

Watch our favourite Sydney sights you can spot from the Bridge
BridgeClimb Sydney
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BRIDGECLIMB TRIVIA: Do you know how many people were employed every year during the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Write your guess below!
BridgeClimb Sydney
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Rain or shine, climbing the Bridge is always extraordinary – check out the pictures from this weekend! Did you climb with us? Add your pictures to the comments!
BridgeClimb Sydney
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They call it 'The People's Bridge', and here's why...
Happy Birthday #SydneyHarbourBridge!
BridgeClimb Sydney
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85 years of having this iron beauty spanning across the magnificent Sydney Harbour. Happy Birthday to our favourite icon
BridgeClimb Sydney
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Imagine waking up to this view ! Next Dawn Climb departs 1st April: [ Link ]
BridgeClimb Sydney
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Do you know who’s turning 85 this weekend? HINT: their favourite view is of the Sydney Harbour – tune in to find out!
BridgeClimb Sydney
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Our favourite Bridge is turning 85 this Sunday! Have a look at some photos and videos to celebrate the occasion: [ Link ]

An Australian icon is turning 85!
BridgeClimb Sydney
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Kenneth Jones got to do the BridgeClimb long before it was a thing! He climbed to the summit of the Bridge on its opening in 1932, almost 85 years ago!
Leslie Francis Farey shot his first walk across the Bridge, which had just opened in March 1932. This Sunday marks 85th years since its inauguration. Do you remember the first time you walked across the Bridge?
These two lovebirds got engaged at the summit of the Bridge and celebrated it with this beautiful picture! Can you think of a more romantic place to propose? [ Link ]
In honour of the #SydneyHarbourBridge 85th birthday this Sunday, we'll be sharing some historical images and videos. This vertigo-inducing video shows the riggers painting the Bridge! Do you have any Bridge-related stories? We want to hear them!
BRIDGECLIMB TRIVIA: When was the first time someone suggested to build a bridge over Sydney Harbour? HINT: it was over 200 years ago! Write your answers on the comments.
We hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend as much as we did! Did you climb with us? Add your pictures to the comments!
During your Climb Preparation, we will equip you with everything you may need for your Climb: we have wet weather gear for rainy days, fleeces and beanies on cold days, a hankie and a BridgeClimb Cap – that one’s for you to keep as a souvenir!
Every person’s journey to the top of the Bridge holds a special meaning. Tell us about your Bridge journey...
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Do you have any plans this weekend? Catch up with Climb Leader Danny to find out what’s happening in Sydney! [ Link ]
We know no one likes to set their alarm before daybreak, so we’ve put together 5 reasons why you should give the Dawn Climb a try. We promise you won’t regret it!

5 reasons why you should climb at Dawn
When the view from your office is spot on… Twilight Climbs depart daily: [ Link ]
BRIDGECLIMB TRIVIA: Here’s an easy one for you - Do you know what’s the length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?