Bring Back British Rail
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Rail privatisation has failed - we want public ownership! Check out this video from our friends at We Own It and join our campaign:
Bring Back British Rail
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Join the Haud the Bus Petition Hand-in! on Thursday 19 January, 9:30am
Bring Back British Rail
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Public transport should be publicly owned & publicly accountable. Full stop. We're supporting the Haud the Bus petition to The Scottish Parliament demanding the re-regulation of Scotland's failing privatised bus services. Come and join us at the Parliament for the Hand-in this Thursday 19th January at 9:30am!

Haud the Bus Petition Hand-in!

As 2017 unfolds the Campaign is building its vision for the new BR, which will influence how a future Government renationalise the industry. We want supporters' insights and opinions. Do you agree with us that Intercity should be re-established? SHARE this post and please comment below.
A packed room in Norwich last night for Nor4nor's Public Meeting to discuss returning our railway to public ownership. With Caroline Lucas, Clive Lewis MP and Bring Back British Rail's Oliver Lewis. Join our campaign:
A part of our railway is being nationalised! (By Trenitalia, Italian State Railways). The seller of the franchise, National Express, is even making small profit on the sale. Has the world gone mad?
Part of the fight since we started in 2009 has been to get the rail renationalisation question asked. Well, we are pleased to say it is now on everyone's lips, as you can see with this interview with Michael Portillo in the Metro last week. Half the battle has been WON. Now for the next half.
Please watch and SHARE this brilliant video produced by our friends at TSSA...It explains how our railways are nationalised, but are owned by the Dutch, French and German taxpayer, not us. Is there any better argument to justify bringing back British Rail? [ Link ]

TSSA Euro Thanks

Our European friends say thank you to British rail privatisation for all their rail savings.

New polling data released! Survation show just 1% of the British public view rail privatisation as a 'complete success'. Wonders whether the 1% are senior rail managers, lawyers, shareholders in train operators... Etc. This is a particularly important message to share... please do if you are so inclined.
Tonight in Glasgow! Join us to demand the Public Ownership of ScotRail
Very silly letter in The Times today, sent in by the wretched Adam Smith Institute (designers of the ridiculous structure imposed on the industry in 1993). ''IF you walk up and pay, fares are higher...''. Most passengers do exactly this! And don't have any choice in doing so - when Mum is ill, or there's a last minute business meeting to attend to.
Your team will sing for rail renationalisation too! Today's Evening Standard featuring BBBR's Oliver Lewis (centre); fighting for fairer fares with our friends at the Campaign for Better Transport. But the real story is the headline.. Southern telling people 'DON'T TRAVEL'. Can you imagine if British Airways came out with a press release like that?
The New Year Actions for the Public Ownership of our Railways continue in Scotland this week. Please join us!
Wednesday 4th January, 5pm - Protest at Glasgow Central Station
Thursday 5th January, 6:30pm - Public Meeting at Renfield St Stephen's Parish Church

Public Meeting - Public Ownership of ScotRail

This evening the team's Oliver Lewis is being interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live, along with our very dear friends from the Rail Delivery Group (formerly The Association of Train Operating Companies). Tune in from 10.30pm and listen to us make the RDG squirm!
Fed-up with another round of rail fare rises, when many services remain a shambles? Then, take to the streets tomorrow! There are protests happening at MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED stations around the UK demanding public ownership. Join us on 3rd January at London King's Cross Station (8am), Manchester Piccadilly Station (8am), Norwich railway station (8:30am), Colchester railway station (7am),...
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No more train fare rises - public ownership now!

''I dream of a rail network: cheap, efficient and owned by the people of Britain'' - said Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Keep up the fight in 2017 with direct action at King's Cross on Tuesday 3rd (8am), and at Glasgow Central on Wednesday 4th (5pm)!
We were trolled yesterday by someone who 'worked for BR in the Sixties' and said 'BR didn't invest a penny then'. Erm except it replaced all steam trains with diesel or electric ones by 1970... and electrified the West Coast Main Line. And electrified Glasgow's suburban lines. No BR didn't invest at all! What did the Romans/BR ever do for us?
BR as a design icon: 'British Rail's graphics, corporate identity, architecture, fashion, vehicle and industrial designs...changed the way the world designed transport'. Remind the naysayers of this the next time they trash BR's legacy!
Bring Back British Rail supporters! Make the case for the public ownership of Southern Rail at this BBC News debate on 8th January 2017. Register to attend by emailing:
Because of lack of co-operation between different private bus companies - First Glasgow, Stagecoach Bus, McGill's Buses, Glasgow Citybus - people in Glasgow have been waiting TWO YEARS for any information on the displays at their bus stops. We kid you not! Today's the LAST DAY to sign the Haud the Bus petition to The Scottish Parliament demanding bus regulation now: