18 years after The Scottish Parliament was devolved power over Scotland's Transport in 1999, is it finally preparing to address the destruction wreaked by Thatcher's privatisation of our buses in 1986? Like the privatised buses themselves: better late than never!

Franchise powers for councils could stop bus firms 'cherry picking' profitable routes

Our friends at the Association of British Commuters are making progress with their landmark court case against the Department for Transport over the crisis with Southern Fail. Now Transport ForAll are joining the fight; submitting evidence to show how Southern Railway's axing of train staff is in breach of the 2010 Equalities Act. Outrageous. Let's Bring Back British Rail & have a railway run...
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Legal Update: Transport for All to intervene in ABC’s judicial review

One of the aims of the Bring Back British Rail & Power For The People campaigns is to inspire young people and ensure that the history of our once proudly publicly-owned services and utilities is not forgotten. Check out this great article by one of our young supporters. 19 year old Alex Docherty (aka Glesgadelic) interviewed campaign founder Ellie Harrison to get to grips with the absurdities...
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The Art of Renationalisation – My Interview with Ellie Harrison

Bring Back British Rail!
The privatisation of public transport is failed experiment. We want our trains and our buses run for people not profit. Please sign and share We Own It's petition to stop the ban on publicly owned bus companies. It's madness on wheels...

We want buses for people not profit

This lovely photo shows Her Majesty the Queen travelling on the inaugural Intercity 225 service from London to Edinburgh in 1991, following the electrification of the entire East Coast Main Line. Britain has had virtually NO electrification since its railways were privatised c 1994. Please tell this anyone who says BR didn't invest. It's a LIE/alternative fact/post-truth.
What do private train operating companies deliver? The worst punctuality in 10 years. Bring Back British Rail! Join us at: bringbackbritishrail.org

Rail punctuality worst in 10 years, figures show - BBC News

One of the reasons the British public repeatedly express their wish for their railway to be put back together again is the chaotic branding strategy privatisation has brought to the industry. Imagine a first-time visitor to the UK when they see this notice board at Shiplake Station.. ''who's running this joint?''
'Rail franchising is no longer fit for purpose' say the House of Commons Transport Select Committee. We would say it never was, but isn't this just great? One day we WILL get our national rail operator back:

Bring Back British Rail | Campaigning for a re-unified national rail network run for people not profit.

Following our consultation on the future of High Speed Services in BR 2, we are now consulting on the future of rail services in London and the South East. What are YOUR views on re-integrating rail services under one user interface and brand? Do you agree with the Mayor of London that TfL should take over more services? What would be included in your vision for the future? Please comment below!
Three cheers to our friends at the Association of British Commuters who are keeping up the pressure on the Department for Transport for justice over Southern Fail. The greatest irony of this disastrous privatisation, is that clueless bureaucrats in Whitehall have far more control over our railways now, then they ever did with arms-length, publicly-owned British Rail. Let's bring it back!...
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Emily Yates: Passengers lead the call for rail justice

Is there a Conservative voter in your life? We need you to talk to them and arm them with the facts to support rail renat. Campaigns are won by public opinion - it is simply music to our ears to see a Conservative MP tempted to take Southern into public hands. Let's see more Conservatives see sense.
Commonsense prevails! Let's get Southern Rail back in public ownership ASAP. Join our campaign: bringbackbritishrail.org

Southern Rail 'could be nationalised' after months of mayhem

Publicly-owned Transport for London is set up to "reinvest all income to run and improve your services". Don't you think we'd get a better deal from Southern Rail, Southeastern & South West Trains if they had the same obligations? Support the Mayor's campaign for rail devolution! It sounds like 'Bringing Back Network SouthEast' to us :D...
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Rail privatisation has failed - we want public ownership! Check out this video from our friends at We Own It and join our campaign: bringbackbritishrail.org
Join the Haud the Bus Petition Hand-in! on Thursday 19 January, 9:30am
Public transport should be publicly owned & publicly accountable. Full stop. We're supporting the Haud the Bus petition to The Scottish Parliament demanding the re-regulation of Scotland's failing privatised bus services. Come and join us at the Parliament for the Hand-in this Thursday 19th January at 9:30am!

Haud the Bus Petition Hand-in!

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As 2017 unfolds the Campaign is building its vision for the new BR, which will influence how a future Government renationalise the industry. We want supporters' insights and opinions. Do you agree with us that Intercity should be re-established? SHARE this post and please comment below.
A packed room in Norwich last night for Nor4nor's Public Meeting to discuss returning our railway to public ownership. With Caroline Lucas, Clive Lewis MP and Bring Back British Rail's Oliver Lewis. Join our campaign: bringbackbritishrail.org