Not much to update on. Heather is doing well as can be and John is growing fast. Living day by day. A continued thanks to those who continue to pray for our family.
John made his momma a Christmas tree and Theresa (Heather's mother) helped Heather wrap John's gift. I'm thankful everyday that both are still with me. To those who continue to pray I thank you.
Happy 4th Birthday John. I love you with all my heart. For all that life has taken and for all it has given, I'm greatful I have you and Heather. Thank for the support to our families followers and prayer warriors. Heather is still holding strong with some minor new movement in her legs. Please continue the prayers for our family.
Happy 38th birthday to my wife. What a roller coaster of emotions life has given us. Thank you to all those that continue to keep our family in your prayers.
John and Heather spending some together time. John is starting to realize how much he loves his momma. Continued thanks to those who pray for our family and keep them coming for John and Heather.
I haven't forgotten about those that continue to pray for Heather and John. A sincere apology goes out to all our prayer warriors for the lack of update. Heather is doing well and vitals are stable. No new significant changes unfortunately. John is spending time with grandparents and with Heather. As always and forever a big thank you to all those raising us up in prayer.
Happy Mother's Day to my wife. Thank you for your sacrifice to bring our son into this world. I will always love you forever.
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there and Happy Mother's Day to our beautiful Heather. There is nothing more in this world she longed to be more than a mom. Thank you for continuing to pray for a miracle so that she would be able to fully enjoy all the special moments with our sweet John.
Today my Momma and Daddy have been married for 11 whole years! That's a really long time! Daddy had to work so I spent the whole day with Mawmaw and Momma. Mawmaw told me the story about their wedding day and showed me all the pictures. Look how beautiful my Momma looked! And look how proud my Daddy was! Mawmaw said ALL our family and friends were there and Momma and Daddy made promises to...
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Hide and seek.
Heather is doing ok. She is very stable with few issues. Stomach bug has been going around so we are concerned for her. Not much new news here. Thanks to those who continue to lift us up in prayer and to those who give love offerings.
Just a quick update. Heather is doing well. She has been the most stable I've seen in some time. She is currently reacting to noises quicker than she used to. John loves taking care of her and insists on taking a nap in her her room. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
John loves his Momma so much. He made her a valentine. Heather and I had a good night together. She is very stable for now and is doing well but no new improvements. Still patiently waiting and praying. Thanks again from the Brown family.
John and Momma. Heather is doing well and very stable. It does not appear that the hyperbaric chamber is going to be an option for us at this time. I'm hoping the Lord will open the right door for her improvement. Continued thanks to those who pray for our family.
We had a good Christmas and are hopeful for for the new year. John is such a big help and loves his mother so much. He insists on helping push her chair and checking her vitals. Thank you all for the prayers. Keep them coming.
Christmas is almost here and made cookies for Santa and Daddy. Heather is stable and doing well. We are praying for a Christmas Miracle. I'd also like to thank those who were involved in the Combat Warriors hunt. Thank you is not enough. Those two days are the first I've had in four years. Made some new friends and strengthen friendship that was already there. As always thank you to our...
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We had a nice Thanksgiving. Heather is doing well, but no new significant improvements. John and Theresa ( Heather's mom) put up Heather's Christmas tree in her room. All in all we are maintaining well and waiting on the Lord. Thank you all for the prayers and hoping for new responses soon as we approach this spirit time of year. Keep the prayers flowing.
Here are a few pictures from the last month. John is growing fast and doing well. Unfortunately no real significant changes with Heather have occurred, yet her health and vitals are stable. Please your healing prayers for her. Thank you all who remain prayer warriors for our family.
People magazine just finished a story about the Browns, I wanted to share it with all of you. Thank you all for the continued support, prayer and love that you give the Browns. I am glad to see their story getting the recognition it deserves. I pray that another million people will read this story and add them to their prayer list. God bless. ~ Charity Stewart Robinson

Texas Mom Still in Coma Three Years After Suffering Brain Aneurysm Before Giving Birth: 'I Still Have Hope She Is Here with Us,' Says Husband
John had a wonderful birthday. Heather is doing well. Unfortunately no new news of significant change. Thanks to all who wished a happy birthday to john and to those that continue to pray for our family.
Tomorrow marks a bitter sweet day. The birth of John and Heather's injury. Please be patient for an update soon to follow after we have completed this day. Thank you all for the prayer and support.