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"I'm not necessarily sure the best way of getting a good deal with the US is to turn your back on your largest trading partner"

WATCH: our Co-Executive Director James McGrory on why we shouldn't be taking our Single Market membership off the negotiating table
Today Britain took a step closer towards a destructive, hard Brexit.

A Britain outside the EU but inside the Single Market is what millions of Leave and Remain voters are calling for. It’s the only way to protect British jobs, businesses, trade and investment.

Let’s join together to keep Britain in the Single Market. Sign our petition, and share it with friends and family:

One Market, millions of jobs: sign the petition today

"I think the goal should be to maintain membership of the Single Market"

WATCH: the Government is throwing in the towel on the Single Market. Chuka Umunna MP rightly argues that the EU is Britain's biggest trading partner, and we shouldn't give up on staying a member of the biggest marketplace in the world.
Neil Carmichael MP is right: no one voted for a smaller, weaker economy, and the Government should prioritise staying in the Single Market in Brexit negotiations.

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"We must not fall blindly in to a trap of thinking a trade deal outweighs the benefits of free trade with Europe through being in the Single Market"

MUST-READ: Chuka Umunna, Leading Supporter of Open Britain, writes on why the PM should embrace the Single Market in her speech tomorrow.

Temper Your Excitement About Donald Trump's Offer Of A Post-Brexit Trade Deal

The pound fell below $1.20 for the first time since October ahead of a speech by Theresa May on Tuesday where she has suggested that she is prepared to lead Britain out of the Single Market.

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Pound Drops on EU Concern, Japanese Shares Fall: Markets Wrap

WATCH: Labour MP Pat McFadden is right to say that by leaving the Single Market, Britain would be putting up new barriers to trade, hurting British business.

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This poll underlines the public’s desire for the Government not to let a blinkered focus on immigration control damage people’s financial prospects. A majority of Leave voters do not want to see their family finances harmed because of new controls on immigration.

Leave voters were told they could have immigration control and economic prosperity, and the onus is on the Government to deliver...
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Morgan – New poll shows Leave voters not prepared to have their family finances affected by Government prioritising immigration over the economy

A huge THANK YOU to the hundreds of volunteers who have already signed up to campaigning on January 21st.

We now know that there will be a hard Brexit rally in London with UKIP and other hard line brexiteers on the same day. Let’s take our positive message of Bringing Britain Together to all parts of the country.

If you would like to take part in the action day by holding a street stall or...
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"The Government has not categorically ruled it out...you have to then consider that it is still on the table because it is the best trading model that is available"

MUST-WATCH: On the Daily Politics today, James McGrory is right to say that the UK should be in the Single Market, as any other trading relation will hurt the UK economy.
The Government is considering levying a £1,000 tax on every skilled worker from the European Union recruited by a British business, the Immigration Minister, Robert Goodwill, said today.

This would be a tax on successful businesses and it is totally wrong to imply that EU citizens are a burden to British business when they are in fact a huge positive for our economy:

Anna Soubry MP – Immigration levy would be a tax on successful businesses

On 21st January Open Britain volunteers are taking to the streets to campaign for Bringing Britain Together in 2017. You can join the campaign by delivering our new Bringing Britain Together campaign leaflets in your community.

Click to order your leaflets today:

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We believe the UK must seek to negotiate the trading arrangement with the EU which minimises the economic cost of leaving, and that means remaining a member of the Single Market.

In independent analyses of the economic consequences of Britain leaving the EU Single Market membership has been shown to be the trading arrangement that is the least damaging and which offers the greatest...
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One Market, millions of jobs: sign the petition

MUST-READ: the boss of HSBC told MPs today that they are preparing to move 1,000 workers from London to Paris due to confusion over the UK’s Brexit plans.

SHARE if you believe that the Government should commit to remaining in the Single Market before the real-world consequences hit.

HSBC Planning To Shift 1,000 Jobs To Paris Because Of Brexit Confusion

Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Treasury select committee, has said the Government's Brexit plan is 'overdue', adding, “a document is needed that enables a full and considered consultation with parliament and the public.”

Senior Tory says Theresa May's clarification of Brexit position is 'overdue'

"What's so interesting about Switzerland is that when they were faced with the prospect of either really harming their economy, or putting ideology absolutely first, they decided, actually, economics come first"

WATCH: on the Today programme, Open Britain Chairman Roland Rudd made it clear that the Government needs to prioritise the UK economy & that means staying in the Single Market.

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WATCH: The loss of Sir Ivan Rogers is a significant blow for everybody who wants the best deal for Britain in the Brexit negotiations.

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"The most worrying thing in Ivan's valedictory email is when he says, that as ambassador to the EU, he does not know what our negotiating objectives are for these negotiations"

WATCH: Former Downing Street adviser Jonathan Powell, arguing that we need an independent civil service that can deliver the hard truths of Brexit to the Government.
"Whether you voted Leave or Remain in the referendum, what we expect is a modicum of competence in handling Brexit and we have seen precious little of it from this chaotic government."

WATCH: Leading supporter Chuka Umunna on LBC Radio this morning on why the Government needs expertise from its Brexit negotiators.
The misleading, fantasy figures from Change Britain underline the weakness of the case for leaving the Customs Union. They take no account of the unavoidable costs that would arise and look at the UK’s supposed share from EU trade deals we will not be part of.

The EU helps increase the Britain's global trade links, giving our economy access to over 50 other global markets. We should be...
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Phil Wilson MP: Fantasy figures underline weakness of case for leaving the Customs Union