UK-based airlines told to move to Europe after Brexit or lose major routes, prompting fears for UK jobs:

UK-based airlines told to move to Europe after Brexit or lose major routes
The phony period is nearly over, and the real work of negotiations are about to begin.

The Government has promised a Brexit deal that will not damage our economy and put jobs at risk. They need to meet the tests they have set themselves:
Britain must Brexit-proof its economy by ramping up spending on research and development or risk being left behind in the global race to deliver game-changing innovations in areas such as space tourism and robotics, warns business lobby group, the CBI.

Brexit-proof the UK economy with more R&D, say employers
Record numbers of EU nurses quit NHS following Brexit vote:

Record numbers of EU nurses quit NHS
From our friends at The New European: The game being played by May & Sturgeon risks unleashing dangerous forces

The game being played by Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon risks unleashing dangerous forces
At Prime Minister's Questions today, Stephen Doughty MP asked if the PM's 'risky and reckless' approach to Brexit is a price worth paying for breaking up the UK. We don't believe it is.

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From our friends at InFacts - 10 reasons crashing out of the EU with no deal would be bonkers:

10 reasons crashing out with no deal would be bonkers
WATCH: Anna Soubry is right to say that the economic benefits of the Single Market can't be and shouldn't be ignored.
MUST-WATCH: Nick Clegg, in this powerful speech, is absolutely right to condemn this Government's inaction on the issue of EU citizens in Britain. A guarantee must be given to them as soon as possible.

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Dominic Grieve is spot on: "if we don't follow the correct processes, we're going to mire ourselves in chaos."
The realities of what a hard Brexit could mean are beginning to collide with the breezy rhetoric of Leave campaigners. Already – before negotiations have even begun – totemic promises are being broken:
On Good Morning Britain today, Leading supporter of Open Britain, Nicky Morgan, made it clear that the Government must give MPs assurances that Parliament will have a say on Brexit.
A destructive, no-deal Brexit would put Britain in the worst trading position of the major world economies:

No-deal Brexit 'would put UK in worst trading position of rich nations'
Leaked Treasury report warns of painful 'economic shock' if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal.

This leak reveals the Government's recklessness - they know no deal is an extreme option that threatens the economy and yet they talk it up:

Exclusive: Treasury leak exposes painful effects of EU crash out
All across Britain today, thousands of our volunteers are starting conversations on why we need to avoid a hard, destructive Brexit and to campaign for the best deal for Britain:

The biggest pro-Europe push since the referendum is happening on Saturday
Brexiteers are not practicing what they preach on EU citizens’ rights:

Which Brexiters are hypocrites on EU citizens’ rights?
The Government's rhetoric on trade is colliding with reality: the respected OBR reveals that trade will be 'less open' after we leave the EU.

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The 48% who voted Remain must also be heard in any final Brexit deal. They have the same right to be heard as everyone else:
Lord Heseltine is right: Parliament must get the final say on Brexit. Please share:
The Lords have rightly stood up for parliamentary sovereignty and refused to write the Government a blank cheque for hard Brexit. The Commons must now find the nerve to do the same.

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