The Government made a choice: to pursue a hard, destructive Brexit by taking us out of the Single Market.

David Davis and the Government have promised to keep the "exact same benefits" that we currently have as a member of the Single Market after Brexit.

Let's not forget what they promised - hold them to account & SHARE this video:
"Help Open Britain campaign against this 'Brexit At All Costs' which the Government are determined to see through"

WATCH: Lord Mandelson on Andrew Marr this morning issued a call to arms against 'Brexit At All Costs'
Tony Blair today gave a speech for Open Britain where he made clear that, with the government pursuing 'Brexit At Any Cost', it is now more important than ever that pro-European campaigners come together to resist a path that will damage local communities, jobs and prosperity.

He said “This is not the time for retreat, indifference or despair; but the time to rise up in defence of what we...
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"We've got to get past this 'shoot the messenger' issue with Tony Blair and former Prime Ministers"

WATCH: Leading supporter of Open Britain, Pat McFadden MP, on why we should listen to and engage with Tony Blair on Europe:
"We don't want to go back to the bad old days of racist language and anti semitic language."

WATCH: Mary Creagh MP on LBC radio on the rise in hate crime since the EU referendum
"We cannot allow this type of political rhetoric to be normalised by politicians, and then to poison the bloodstream of our politics in this country, it's not patriotic, and it's not what Britain's about. "

Following the news today that hate crimes have reached record levels since the EU referendum, Labour MP Mary Creagh is right to say that we should stand up to racism and prejudice...
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This short sighted move by the Government ignores that it is in the best interests for Britain that the Europe of the future succeeds

Theresa May set to miss EU's 60th anniversary summit, sources say
The Government needs to end the uncertainty facing EU nationals in Britain and guarantee their right to remain in the UK after Brexit.

WATCH & SHARE this video from The 3 Million if you agree:
More evidence of public concern over a hard, destructive Brexit:

Britain's Brexit regret: Survey shows Referendum result would be reversed today
Last night Gisela Stuart voted against an amendment that would have ended uncertainty for EU nationals living in the UK.

Previously, she has supported the right to remain for EU nationals in Britain, but her vote last night has meant she is going back on what she has previously said:
Andrea Leadsom, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Liam Fox, Chris Grayling, Priti Patel, Iain Duncan Smith.

During the referendum campaign, they all stood in front of 'that bus' & made a promise to give £350m extra a week to our NHS.

Last night, they all voted against this promise. Please share so everyone knows:
Cross Party MPs agree: Parliament must be given the chance to send the Government back to the negotiating table if Parliament rejects their Brexit deal.
WATCH: Labour MP & leading supporter of Open Britain, Chris Leslie, calls for Parliament to have a "meaningful vote" on the Government's Brexit deal.

It's crucial that MPs get to have a meaningful vote and not write the Government a blank cheque on Brexit. Please share:
However we leave the EU, Parliament must have a say.

Today, MPs have the chance to back amendments that give them a meaningful vote at the end of the Brexit negotiations. We urge them to seize that opportunity and not to write the Government a blank cheque for hard Brexit.

Show your support for Parliament having a proper vote on Brexit and share our graphic with family and friends now:
Brexit has already damaged businesses even before Theresa May triggers the start of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, according to a survey of the country’s largest companies:

U.K. Business Says Brexit Already Having a Negative Effect
We believe it is vital to ensure that Parliament has the power to send the Government back to the negotiating table if they do not think the final deal with the EU is good enough.

That’s why we’re backing amendments to the Article 50 bill.

Already, thousands across the UK have written to their MP asking them to back these amendments, but one final push before the amendments are debated...
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Email your MP
On Monday, MPs will have the chance to amend the legislation and stop the Government being given a blank cheque for a hard, destructive Brexit.

We are urging MPs to back amendments to the Bill which would give Parliament a meaningful say on the final deal at the end of the negotiations. If the Government can’t deliver the “exact same benefits” outside the EU, as they have promised, they...
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Email your MP
The Government has committed to keeping the "exact same benefits" on trade as we do now in the Single Market. Don't let them forget it.

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"We shouldn't be afraid to send the Govt back to the negotiations table if we get a bad Brexit deal"

WATCH: Labour MP Chris Leslie is right: Parliament needs to have a say throughout the Brexit negotiations to ensure we avoid a hard, destructive Brexit.
"It is wrong for the PM to offer a take it or leave it option to accept her deal or face a hard Brexit on WTO terms"

Ed Miliband, former Labour leader, is right: if the Government's Brexit deal is not good enough, then Parliament should send them back to negotiate a better deal with the EU: