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Northumbrian University Officer Training Corps conducts an urban warfare exercise - Ex Urban Warrior.. The exercise included lessons on how to correctly enter buildings via various means following a main attack on the village.

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British Army
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Happy Mother’s Day… Thinking of all the mums of those away from home today.
British Army
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Don't forget, the clocks go forward one hour at 1am on Sunday morning, ushering in British Summer Time.

The clock at Horse Guards (pictured) still maintains the same time as Big Ben's Westminster Great Clock.
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British troops head to Estonia as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence. Soldiers from 5 RIFLES will lead the Battlegroup.
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Musicians of the Massed Bands of the Foot Guards were put under the spotlight during an intensive inspection at Wellington Barracks ahead of the Army's world famous parade season.
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Soldiers who administer units operating the Apache attack helicopter have competed against each other in a gruelling physical challenge.

AGC Sergeant Major Ben Culleton said: “Events like this emphasise SPS’s (Staff and Personnel Support Branch) ‘Soldier First’ ethos and build our team spirit. I’ve been hugely impressed by the effort, determination and warrior spirit shown by all of the...
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Soldiers from 5th Military Intelligence Battalion have been putting a group of young Muslims from Glasgow through their paces, teaching them leadership, teamwork and life skills.

The aim of the exercise was not just to give the youngsters an insight into Army life and teach them something they had never done before, it was to break down barriers between the Muslim and Military communities..
Northumbria University Officer Training Corps (NUOTC) conduct urban warfare training, learning how to correctly enter buildings via various means. As the main attack on the village commenced the platoons had a competition to see whose platoon could make it through the urban assault course the fastest.

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It’s week two of six for the Riflemen tackling the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer cadre hoping to promote to Lance Corporal. This week tests fitness, robustness and leadership to develop thinking and fighting men...

Soldiers from across all Rifles battalions are taking part in the cadre, which is being run by 1 Rifles.
The Household Cavalry have been honing their clearance skills in inflatable rooms using ‘simunition’ - paintball rounds used in the standard SA80 A2 Rifle.
The British Trans-Americas Expedition team of six from the Army, Navy and Royal Marines, have set off from Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America on the 20,000-mile journey to Prudo Bay in Alaska, the northernmost tip of America.

The soldiers and sailors aim to become the first motorcyclists to ride the length of the Pan-American Highway, the world’s longest road, in one continuous...
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The first British troops to deploy to Estonia as part of NATO enhanced Forward Presence will leave this week. The soldiers from 5th Battalion The Rifles are the first wave of a total of 800 British troops to be stationed in the country.

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"It's very good phys, very hard work," - a bit of #parkrun motivation for your Saturday morning.

The British Army Kendo team have taken part in the Army Martial Arts Championships in Aldershot. The modern Japanese martial art, which descended from swordsmanship and uses bamboo swords and protective armour, shares the same values and standards as the military. Major Tom Oakley tells us about...
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Although away from home, soldiers of 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment still manage to celebrate St Patrick's Day whilst deployed in Kabul.
HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is presented with a posy by 7 year old Katie Lorimer during Her visit with Prince William, Colonel of the Regiment to 1st Battalion Irish Guards on St Patrick's Day. Later the Royal Couple posed for group photographs with the Guards
Soldiers of 4 SCOTS at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq are currently training Iraqi soldiers in order to defeat the threat of Da’esh. The Scottish troops use Foxhounds while providing security for coalition troops serving in western Iraq.
The Queen's mounted bodyguard will be on parade this morning to prove their readiness for a busy summer of pageantry. We are live for their annual inspection.
Good luck to the six members of the Armed Forces attempting to conquer the Pan-American Highway using their military expertise and skill to travel 20,000 miles on motorbikes. A truly incredible feat!
A message for soldiers serving in Scotland

Changes to income tax may affect some soldiers in Scotland.