Read about the BHF researcher fighting to fix hearts broken by stress.

Dr Dana Dawson is dedicated to understanding a mysterious condition called Tako-tsubo which, after emotional distress, dramatically changes the shape of the heart.

Tako-tsubo is a condition where the heart’s most important chamber, the left ventricle, suddenly dilates and weakens. This means the heart doesn’t pump blood...
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Carolyn saved her husband from cardiac arrest using first aid skills she learned 25 years ago.

Carolyn Bjelan was drying her hair one morning when she suddenly heard a thud. Hurrying downstairs, she found her husband, Jovan, unconscious on the floor.

Carolyn checked his pulse and, finding nothing, rang 999 and started CPR. She had first learned the technique 25 years ago when she became a...
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Do you know an inspiring heart hero like Kate?

Kate Hughes has gone to the ends of the earth for the BHF. In the five years since her husband died of a sudden heart attack, Kate has been a true inspiration.

She has trekked to Everest base camp, through the Sumatran jungle, rafted down the Zambezi and completed the Inca trail in Peru. In total she has raised a total of £14,000!

For her...
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Read how these firefighters helped save the life of a man after he went into cardiac arrest at home.

When 61 year old Stephen Young suffered a cardiac arrest, thankfully, his son was able to deliver immediate CPR with help from over-the-phone emergency assistance.

Within minutes of the 999 call being made, Paul Adams, Gavin Ellis and Graham Byford of Coggeshall Fire Station were on the...
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Did you know that over half a million people in the UK are living with heart failure?

Heart failure occurs when the heart does not have enough strength to pump blood around the body.

At the BHF, we’re funding research to find ways of repairing heart muscle that’s been damaged as a result of a heart attack in people with heart failure. This is known as regenerative medicine. It includes...
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Tracey’s unusual chest pains turned out to be more serious than she ever imagined – read her story.

Mum of one, Tracey Potter, had always kept relatively good health, so when she started to get short of breath she knew something was wrong. However, not wishing to cause a fuss, she carried on life as normal.

Tracey struggled through two further days of pain before contacting her GP, who...
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Read why Maria decided to buy life saving equipment for her village.

Maria Crowie-Mcgrath, from Bagworth, was driving through Thornton in July when she saw a man being given CPR on the roadside.

The 35 year old pulled over to help and saw that the man, Peter Ward, from Ratby, was not breathing. A cardiac nurse, who happened to be driving by at the time, administered CPR before the ambulance...
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Friends and family of a teenager who died from a heart condition raise over £34,000 for our life saving work.

Daniel Hoare, a keen golfer from Felpham, was just 18 when he died suddenly from an inherited heart condition.

Five years on, his friends and family have been committed to fundraising in his memory and have raised a staggering £34,276 for the BHF.

Daniel’s dad, Donald, said...
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Thanks to the quick actions of a mechanic, this mum’s life was saved when she suffered a cardiac arrest.

43 year old Doreen McClelland-Jones had just dropped her car off for an MOT when she collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest in the waiting room.

Staff immediately called the emergency services and, in the crucial minutes before the ambulance arrived, a mechanic (who happened to be a...
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Sophie and her family celebrate life after her heart transplant.

Since she was born, Sophie Maxwell has battled with a rare congenital heart condition which resulted in the left ventricle of her heart being severely underdeveloped.

Sophie, from South Shields, underwent her life saving heart transplant last month, and is now recovering at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.

Her mum Kerryanne...
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Find out why Steven is taking on a marathon mission for the BHF this April.

This photo of Steven and his dad, taken in Snowdonia, captures the last moment of the father and son together. Just minutes after the picture was taken, Steven’s dad, Ron, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Speaking about that day, Steven said: “It's hard to explain what it was like on the side of that mountain…but it...
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Read how these students turned textbooks into cash for the BHF!

When Malton School equipped its students with iPads, it left a mountain of text books that were no longer needed.
A group of students wanted to put the books to good use so decided to collect them from all school departments to donate to charity.

The Year 11 students collected more than 250 books from the maths, history,...
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Two musicians hold a 24 hour darts marathon to raise money for the BHF!

Derek Allan, from South Broomhill, and Sam Gibson, from Dinnington, have organised a sporty fundraiser to support our life saving work.

The 24 hour darts event took place at Dinnington Social Club, starting at 4pm on Sunday.

Derek said: “When I met Sam, I found out that he shared my interests – a love for playing live...
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A football club raises money for a defibrillator after the loss of a young player.

Football-mad Jack suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing in a Sunday League game in Clacton in November. He was treated at the scene before being airlifted to Harefield Hospital in a critical condition, but sadly he didn’t make it.

Halstead Town FC were moved by Jack’s death and planned to install...
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Becky continues her inspiring fundraising efforts in memory of her younger brother.

In 2015, Becky’s brother, Jonathan, died at the age of 21 from a rare and undiagnosed heart condition called giant cell myocarditis.

As a tribute to her brother, and to raise money for the BHF, Becky is taking on the London Marathon this year and has been busy fundraising in between her training schedule....
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Do you know an inspiring heart hero like Macie?

Macie Balfour has an enthusiasm and spirit that can’t be dented. She was born with a heart condition, and has become a passionate supporter of the BHF.

She has led fundraising drives at her local school rallying the pupils to take part in Wear it. Beat it. and a sponsored skipping event. Macie has also organised a special CPR assembly to teach...
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Gym staff are recognised with a national award after saving the life of a member.

In July, Philip Fidler collapsed during a work-out at Marlborough Leisure Centre after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Thankfully, a team of four leisure centre staff quickly stepped in to help save his life. Charlotte Lloyd, Louise Jones, Morrison Cooper and Darren Coltard worked together to get his heart beating...
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Read how teachers helped save the life of a parent who suffered a cardiac arrest in the school car park.

In 2014, Nik Whale suffered a cardiac arrest as he waited outside for his partner, Leeann, and her son Matthew.

First aiders, Vicky Harris and Mark Hallam, rushed to help Nik, who was slumped over his steering wheel. They pulled him from the vehicle and began giving CPR after detecting no...
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Are you, or is someone close to you, affected by an inherited heart condition?

Currently, there are around 600,000 people in the UK who have a faulty gene that can cause an inherited heart condition. For many families, the first sign there’s a problem is when someone dies suddenly with no obvious cause or explanation.

In February we are running a media campaign around inherited heart...
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Our massively popular bike ride around the beautiful Cotswolds countryside is back for 2017. Gear up, get your friends and family together and take on the 30 or 50 mile routes.

Coronary heart disease is the UK's single biggest killer. By taking part you'll be cycling to power our life saving research - research that will, one day put a stop to the devastation heart disease causes.

For more...
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Cotswolds Bike Ride 2017