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Child’s #cognitive skills linked to time spent with mother says study by academics from the University of Essex and University College London.

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Child’s cognitive skills linked to time spent with mother

How can #psychology make healthcare safer?

That’s the question to be tackled at an interdisciplinary seminar for early-career researchers sponsored by our Division of #Health Psychology.

This half-day seminar will take place in #Oxford on 12 January 2017.

There will be a strong focus on networking and the event will include a discussion panel where you ask your questions about #career...
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How can psychology make healthcare safer? | BPS event

Take part in a Royal Holloway #University of London approved study on #mindfulness

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"They found that having a cat only appeared to affect negative moods – i.e. people were less likely to feel bad if they had a cat, but not necessarily feel more positive or happy."

Our complicated relationship with cats | Pete Etchells

Past surveys from New Savoy and the BPS have identified high levels of stress and feelings of depression amongst mental health professionals, and these have been linked to the dominance of the ‘target culture’ in front line psychological therapy services.

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A new research paper argues that the desire for personal happiness, though knitted into the fabric of American history and culture, is held in less esteem by other cultures.

Not Everyone Wants to Be Happy

Peter Kinderman, the president of the British Psychology Society, said the figures were “tragic and shocking, but not terribly surprising”. Cuts to health budgets, combined with widening inequality, social turmoil and economic austerity were leading to an ever tighter squeeze on the poor.

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CQC to investigate as mental health detentions hit 10-year high

Rachael Hall, the school’s sports coach, says:

“I’ve never known anything like it – children are going out walking every evening and weekend. Teaching assistants take the children out at lunchtime three times a week and take whole classes out twice a week. I’ve had parents telling me how happy they are to be spending time with their children going fobbing rather than sitting in front of the TV.”

The game improving a community’s health without them noticing

The sanctions process may be detrimental to people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Whilst the utility of the sanctions process rests on the assumption that job centre clients are insufficiently motivated to seek work; an estimated 86-90 per cent of people with mental health conditions that are not in employment want to work.

British Psychological Society signs statement opposing welfare sanctions | BPS Beta Site

"Self-harm among young people, particularly girls, has rocketed in the last decade.

"The number of girls admitted to hospital after cutting themselves has quadrupled, incidents of poisoning have risen by more than 40%, and demand for university counselling services has mushroomed. Behind these figures are young people and families struggling to cope with toxic levels of mental distress."

Growing crisis in children and young people's mental health demands action

Our President Professor Peter Kinderman says:

"With partners like the Faculty of Public Health and the Mental Health Foundation , and with all of our colleagues over time, I hope that prevention, and an approach to prevention rooted in an appreciation of the social context, and the links to social justice, will become a key element of our policies in the future."

Prevention in mental health demands equity and justice | BPS Beta Site

Take part in a King's College #London study by student Jenny Murphy
looking at traits associated with #Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Just for those over 18 years of age.)

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How to help children to manage their emotions - by BPS member Kaye Brophy.

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How to help children to manage their emotions / TES

BPS Video: Professor Paul Gilbert on 'Tragedies of the Human mind: the role of clinical #psychology science in putting compassion and prosociality at the heart of human behaviour'

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DCP 2015: Tragedies of the Human Mind - Professor Paul Gilbert

Monte Shapiro Award lecture - Tragedies of the Human mind: the role of clinical psychology science in putting compassion and prosociality at the heart of hum...

Take part in Shannon Ball's #psychology dissertation that looks at the relationship between restrictive and repetitive behaviours (RRB), anxiety and autistic traits in the general population.



Keen to see #psychology influence public policy? We are looking for a new Policy Adviser. Full details at [ Ow.ly Link ]

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BPS Policy Adviser vacancy

Did you know we accredit #psychology courses in the UK?

Accredited courses & training programmes | BPS

In the ongoing, complex debates about the extent and meaning of psychological differences between the sexes, mental rotation ability is usually quoted as one of the most robust examples of where a difference can be found.

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Women who suppress their emotions are as good at mental rotation as men | BPS