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There is no denying the life-saving power of an AED – but behind it is the life-saving power of people. Read Sharon's story of how she gave chest compressions to a customer, helping to save their life. #NationalHeartMonth #firstaid

A defibrillator can save a life – if people feel confident
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If an AED (defibrillator) is used within 3-5 minutes on someone who is unresponsive and not breathing, it can produce survival rates as high as 50-70%.
We believe that everyone should have access to #AEDs #defibs in their community.
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Learn more this #NationalHeartMonth
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What led to the food crises in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen? — A 60 Second Explainer [ Link ]
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“I’m used to dealing with everyday cuts and bruises but it never occurred to me that I would have to deal with a first aid situation as serious as this.”
Motivate your team to learn first aid this Employee Motivation Day by reading how Chris saved his colleagues life at work: [ Link ]

Chris' story: “Very few people get to say they saved someone’s life” |...
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If you’re planning on making some pancakes with children this weekend ahead of pancake day, make sure you know what to do if they burn themselves by downloading our free first aid learning activity for you and the kids! [ Link ] #FridayFirstAid #learnandshare
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Storm Doris is expected to bring damaging winds, rain and snow to parts of the UK. Our teams are ready to help communities affected by the storm. Please stay safe.
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South Sudan is the one country in the world where the Red Cross use airdrops. In some areas this is the only way to get food to people.

Please help us reach more: [ Link ]

Video: ICRC
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The sea continues to claim the lives of people desperate to find safety. Yesterday, 74 bodies were retrieved by our colleagues in Libya. Over 5,000 people died while trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2016, making it the deadliest year on record.
Our teams in South Sudan are supporting people in urgent need of food, water and shelter, but it remains a challenge to reach everyone.

Please donate to our appeal: [ Link ]
Severe weather conditions in Mongolia, known as a Dzud, are threatening the livelihoods of thousands of herders. A Dzud is caused by a dry summer followed by a harsh winter, which leaves livestock and other animals at risk of starvation. Our colleagues in Mongolia are helping herder families survive over the coming months.
In Yemen, 18.8 million people are in need of aid – that’s about the combined populations of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London. [ Link ]
Would you know how to recognise the signs of a heart attack?
Learn how to help someone this #NationalHeartMonth with these simple steps: [ Link ] #FridayFirstAid #learnandshare
We're overwhelmed by the show of solidarity for our fallen colleagues in Afghanistan and Syria last week. We may number in the millions, but we are one Movement. Aid workers and volunteers are #NotATarget
Last night, our volunteers provided support and comfort to around 20 people who were made homeless after an explosion in Oxford.

“Our volunteers gave people the time and space to talk through how they were feeling, and worked with them to decide what to do next," said Daniel Collins, our emergency response operations manager for the region.

Oxford explosion leads to building collapse - BBC News
At a time when many felt lucky to be alive, romance blossomed in hospital wards across the UK.

Love stories from the First World War
The UN has declared that Yemen is approaching a state of famine, but what does this mean?

When hunger threatens lives – Q&A on malnutrition and famine
One morning when Vikki’s daughter Tamzin was just 10 months old, she grabbed a hot cup of tea. What happened next gave Vikki the biggest scare of her life. Luckily, her husband had recently done a first aid course and knew what to do. Read Vikki’s story and learn how to help someone who has a burn: [ Link ]

First aid for burns: "I never want to hear that sound again"
When Carole broke her hip she received care from our home from hospital service, which she says changed her life forever.

Home from hospital: “Breaking my hip was the best thing that happened to me”
There are a lot of first aid myths about burns out there. By learning the right first aid actions, you’ll feel confident that you can help someone who has a burn.
Put your knowledge to the test in our quiz: [ Link ]
#FridayFirstAid #learnandshare
We believe everybody deserves to live independently.

We want to improve our social care system. But, we need your care stories to do so. Share yours at: [ Link ]