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British Red Cross
12/10/2016 at 11:01. Facebook
Adam Baker knew first aid. But when he came across a man having a seizure, having the British Red Cross’ First Aid App in his pocket gave him a confidence boost. Find out how it could help you: [ Ow.ly Link ]

First aid at your fingertips: the app helping you to help others

British Red Cross
yesterday at 18:01. Facebook
“I have seen many things in Syria during the past five years. But nothing like this.”

Our colleagues evacuated nearly 150 people from Aleppo this week. This is a heart-breaking letter from one of the International Committee of the Red Cross doctors involved.

Syrian war: Red Cross doctor's heart-breaking letter from Aleppo - BBC News

British Red Cross
yesterday at 14:05. Facebook
Could you notice the signs of a heart attack?

The symptoms of a heart attack can vary but may include:

• persistent, vice-like chest pain, which may spread to their arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach
• breathlessness
• feeling unwell
• sweating

Find out how you can help here: [ Redcross.org.uk Link ]
British Red Cross
12/08/2016 at 17:54. Facebook
Well done to International Committee of the Red Cross and Syrian Arab Red Crescent - الهلال الأحمر العربي السوري who evacuated nearly 150 elderly and disabled civilians from a hospital in the Old City of Aleppo: [ Bit.ly Link ]
British Red Cross
12/08/2016 at 13:49. Facebook
Today with The Co-op we launched our report on loneliness and social isolation.

About a fifth of UK's population are always or often lonely, so we're launching new services funded by Co-op to reach over 12,000 adults.
British Red Cross
12/08/2016 at 11:30. Facebook
Over 9 million people are always or often lonely. That's almost one fifth of the UK's population.

Along with The Co-op we have released a report on this hidden epidemic that is affecting people of all ages: [ Redcross.org.uk Link ]
British Red Cross
12/07/2016 at 18:16. Facebook
Anyone can feel lonely. Meet Katie, a new mum from London. Katie struggled when she was home with the baby and her husband was a work.

We’re releasing a new study tomorrow with The Co-op on the common triggers of loneliness and isolation in the UK.
British Red Cross
12/06/2016 at 18:55. Facebook
Not so long ago, David experienced a breakdown, triggered by the deaths of several people close to him. He moved away for a fresh start – but his feelings of loneliness and isolation moved with him.

David is now a different person. With a little help from us, he now lives for the moment and volunteers to help others look forward to a brighter future too.

With The Co-op we've studied the...
View details ⇨
British Red Cross
12/05/2016 at 17:10. Facebook
Happy International Volunteer Day!

Today, we are featuring some of our incredible volunteers like David Taylor, an Emergency Response volunteer in Cumbria. David helped us respond to people in crisis during Storm Desmond one year ago. Today, he begins a challenging journey down Cumbria to raise funds for emergency response equipment.

International Volunteers Day: Meet our UK superstars

British Red Cross
12/05/2016 at 11:00. Facebook
One of the perks of being an event first aid volunteer is going to your favourite events!

Read Kay's story, plus find out how you could learn advanced first aid and be ready to help at events from community fetes to festivals and football matches. #InternationalVolunteersDay [ Redcross.org.uk Link ]

Kay’s story: I go to all the best events | British Red Cross

British Red Cross
12/04/2016 at 17:49. Facebook
This week the International Committee of the Red Cross gained access to parts of eastern Aleppo for the first time in seven months.

Families are fleeing for their lives with only what they can carry. In the past few days, at least 30,000 have had to leave their homes because of fierce fighting. [ Ow.ly Link ]
British Red Cross
12/03/2016 at 15:53. Facebook
Imagine trying to cross the Mediterranean in a dinghy just two days after giving birth. This is what Fatima and her newborn son had to do to reach safety. Luckily, they were saved by our search and rescue boat the Responder. Read their story: [ Ow.ly Link ]
A child who is choking may be clutching at their chest or neck and won’t be able to speak, breathe or cough.
Would you know how to help them in this situation? #FridayFirstAid
Find out here: [ Redcross.org.uk Link ]
A HUGE Well Done to Nathan!
Would you know how to help a child who was unresponsive and not breathing?
Here's our #firstaid advice [ Bit.ly Link ]

Schoolboy stabbing victim branded a hero after saving toddler's life on the bus

This week the International Committee of the Red Cross was granted access to parts of eastern Aleppo for the first time since April. Hanano in northeast Aleppo was once bustling with life. This is what the area looks like today.

Please help us deliver aid in Syria: [ Ow.ly Link ]
With the news that ambulance services are under pressure to reach ill and injured people within their target times, it has never been more crucial to know #firstaid.
Two simple actions could help to save someone’s life. We can all be lifesavers. #DontStopAt999
Learn these #firstaid actions today: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Two first aid actions that could help you save a life

It’s Giving Tuesday, a global day for giving back during the holiday season. Whether you are giving your time, a donation or your voice – every gift makes a huge difference.

Today, we are celebrating how giving supports people in crisis in the UK and around the world.

Giving Tuesday - six facts about giving that may surprise you

Thousands of people have fled parts of Northern and Eastern Aleppo after a weekend of intense fighting. Our colleagues are providing families with food, clean water, medical care and other essential items.

The recent wave of people fleeing their homes has put additional pressure on the overstretched shelters on the Western side of Aleppo, which has received over 40,000 people since August.
“I managed to bring along one of my toys. But I don’t know the fate of my other toys”.

Soria is six. She is one of the three million people have been forced to leave their homes as a result of fighting and insecurity in Yemen.

Photo: ICRC / Mohammed Yaseen
Could you help someone who was unresponsive and breathing? #DontStopAt999 ; here’s what to do in this situation. #FridayFirstAid

1) Check breathing by tilting the person’s head backwards and looking and feeling for breaths.
2) Move the person onto their side and tilt their head back.
3) As soon as possible, call 999 or get someone else to do it.