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Photos from the Italian Red Cross, who are working around the clock to reach isolated communities after yesterday's earthquake and heavy snow.
British Red Cross
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We've been providing health and social care services for around 70 years.

10 things you didn’t know about the British Red Cross in the UK
British Red Cross
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So, how long have the British Red Cross been helping the NHS?
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Lindsay knew exactly what to do to help her four-year-old son who was choking on a grape after she’d learnt the first aid skill through our Facebook page.
Would you know what to do?
Why not learn one simple first aid skill and share it with others. Who knows, you could help save a life. #learnandshare [ Link ]

'His face started turning purple' - British Red Cross
British Red Cross
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“We are so lucky we are now in a safe place,” Zenaba said after reaching the Khazer camp in Mosul, Iraq.

Since the start of 2017, over 10,000 people have fled conflict in Mosul. That’s up to 2,000 people every day.

In pictures: the children of Mosul and the search for safety - British Red Cross - Blog
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What started off as an interest in learning first aid en-route to retirement, ended up blooming into something that has taken Dave halfway across the world.

The Red Cross at home and away
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Sam and Miriam were evacuated from their home due to the potential storm surge along the east coast of England. They’re now at a rest centre where our team is responding.

“I was really grateful to have someone there to look after me,” said Miriam, who has Parkinson’s Disease.

Red Cross volunteers respond to east coast flooding
British Red Cross
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We asked our Twitter followers what #firstaid situation they’d like to feel more confident and willing to help in.
Would you know how to help someone who had a head injury?
Learn how to help and share the skill with others: [ Link ]
#FridayFirstAid #learnandshare
Our teams are on standby for the potential tidal surge on the east coast. Stay prepared with our guide on what to do before, during and after a flood.

Prepare for floods and flooding | British Red Cross
No first aid kit? No problem!
You may not have access to a first aid kit in an emergency, but #DidYouKnow you can use cold milk to cool a burn? In fact you can pour any cold liquid over the burn until you have access to cold running water. The important thing to remember is to cool the burn for at least ten minutes. #NationalMilkDay
Find out what to do is someone has a burn here: [ Link ]

How to help someone who has a burn
Winter conditions are tough, but it’s worse for people living on the streets and in refugee camps. This month parts of Europe have seen temperatures drop to -30 degrees Celsius. Our colleagues in Europe are working in refugee camps and patrolling streets to provide food and warm clothing to people in need.
Anita, teaching assistant at Breck Primary School believes first aid forms an important part of her school’s PSHE timetable. Her Year 4 class love learning the skills and three quarters of the pupils taught have already put their skills into practice. Find out more here: [ Link ] #learnandshare

Meet the children who love learning first aid
Have you thought about learning a life-saving skill this year? The British Red Cross is asking you to learn one simple first aid skill and share it with others. Who knows, you could help save a life. Read more to take the #learnandshare pledge in 2017: [ Link ]

Learn and share: make 2017 a life-saving year
In the last 24 hours, 14 health trusts have warned of overcrowding in their A&E units. Many patients are fit to leave hospital but they don't have the right support at home.

We're helping the NHS by helping take these patients home and freeing up beds: [ Link ]
A person having an asthma attack will have difficulty breathing and speaking. Would you know how to help in this situation? Find out here: [ Link ] #FridayFirstAid
Together, we collected enough food to provide 2.8 million meals for people in need over the holidays. Since the Neighbourhood Food Collection began in 2012, an astounding 41 million meals have been collected.

Thank you to everyone who donated food items and volunteered.
A diamond ring was donated to our shop in Kidlington last year. The money raised from the ring could cover the cost of five mattresses and 13 warm blankets for vulnerable families in Syria.

Thank you so much to the couple who donated the ring.

Diamond ring for Syria: a big thank you to mystery donors - British Red Cross - Blog
Yesterday, our volunteers provided crewed ambulances and support to four hospitals in the East Midlands, helping them with capacity issues.

Thank you to our fantastic volunteers and staff.
A British Red Cross emergency response exercise at Royal Victoria Country Park in Southampton.

Photo: Andrew Hasson / British Red Cross
Start 2017 clutter free by recycling the clothes you no longer wear at Zara. Your unwanted clothes will be resold in our charity shops and will help people in crisis.