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Shahid is searching for ‘the one’, but will anyone see past his divorced status?

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Cherry & Frangipane Pie:
Delicately layered pastry, filled with a delicious sweet almond and cherry filling. Texture and taste, this recipe has it all!

For more mouthwatering dishes, make sure you’re watching #HalalKitchen tomorrow at 1pm
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Isa will be sitting down with author and film maker, Habeeb Akande.
Habeeb speaks of racial discrimination and his passion to raise awareness in a powerful dose of ArtiZen.

Tonight at 8pm
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A very British Muslim love story! Finding Fatimah is coming to the big screen this April.
02/21/2017 at 16:29. Facebook
Our very own Sabah was rubbing shoulders with some amazing fashion bloggers at the London Modest Fashion Week!
Keep a lookout for vlogs, interviews and tons of selfies! ✌

#LMFW #britishmuslimtv #sistershour #fashion #modest #dinatokio #nabiilabee #london #saatchi
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Sakinah Le Noir will be interviewing rapper and music producer Rakin Niass on ArtiZen tomorrow!

Don’t miss Wednesday at 8pm #ArtiZen
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Danny Ashok and Wahab Sheikh on the set of Finding Fatimah, our very own British Muslim comedy film. Catch it in cinemas this April!
02/21/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Sometimes it’s important for a story to have a moral but other times if it can make you smile, it’s already done it’s job!

Smile, it’s Sunnah! On that note, we hope you’re having an amazing week so far!

For more from our storytellers, tune in tonight at 8pm #LegendHasIt
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Discovering Islam tackles big questions head on! An informative documentary series on the essence of Islam.

#DiscoveringIslam tomorrow at 1pm
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We’d like to introduce you to Tale Dede who is one of our featured storytellers on Legend has it, his stage name literally means 'Father of the Tale'.

For more from our storytellers, tune in tomorrow at 8pm #LegendHasIt
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Join us for this weeks Answers LIVE as we discuss Halal Food. Call in live on 0207 118 9 118 to have your say!
02/17/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
How do we tackle the backlash against Halal Food?

#Answers LIVE Saturday at 2pm
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Wow! Who wants one of these right now? Get down to Burgista Bros in London to taste one of their delicious milkshakes!
Catch Isa and Sakinah at 8pm for their inspiring new episode of #ArtiZen - on Sky 845 and Freeview 244 via Vision TV
Sisters' Hour met up with award-winning Vocal Manipulator BeatFox who showcased for us a M-M-M-Masterclass on his specialist talent beatboxing!! Coming soon on BritishMuslimTV
#beatfoxuk #spotthefox #sistershour #britishmuslimtv #beatbox #keepaneyeout
Who loves Halloumi? Check out our friends Burgista Bros if you're in London!
Watch Sky channel 845 at 8pm this evening for the #BigCharityShow Live, featuring Penny Appeal. Or stream online at [ Link ] and phone-in LIVE on 0207 118 2 786.

On tonight's show, we'll learn more about PennyAppeal's #AdoptAGran programme, and how it's helping the elderly in deprived countries.