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In some married relationships, one person will end up cooking more than the other. Learn how Bernie became the family chef in today's resident blog!

Bernie Block | Resident Blogger | Family Chef
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This is such a powerful article with a meaningful suggestion to work to find a way to go from "why me" to "whats next" when living with Alzheimer's.

This Is What It's Really Like to Live With Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease
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A very happy birthday to the legendary Betty White!
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Moving into a senior living community can be like the first day at a new school. Kim Estes wants to help seniors and family members gain perspective on the transition into senior living.
Kim Estes oversees Brookdale's health and wellness programs and works to inspire more nurses to dedicate their careers to seniors.

Kim Estes | Transitioning your Parents | Senior Living
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Need a new book to snuggle up with while we wait for longer days and spring weather? Try one of these 10 fabulous novels from 2016.

Looking for Something to Read? 10 Great Novels from 2016
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This time of year a lot of us can relate to this poem by our resident poet Virginia Wylie.


There’s a wee bit more of me
Than I’d really like to see
The long and short of it
Is I should go on a diet!
But here’s a jolly holiday
More pounds may come to stay
How can I then relax
When I must face the facts
For velvets, satins, sequins
Look best when one is thin
Good food and...
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Holiday Diet
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Today's blog from Betty Ago is sure to make you chuckle. She goes off on a valid rant about this new trend of marketing this, that, and the other, all specifically "for seniors". Enjoy!

Betty Ago | Resident Blogger | Seniors
At 89, Iris's Wish of a Lifetime was to attend her family reunion in Scottsdale, AZ. We were thrilled to help Iris reconnect with generations of her family, including some members she hadn't seen in 15-20 years. Click to read her full story, and a touching note from a family member reflecting on the event.

Iris Francis Reunites With Family After 20 Years
You have probably heard the phrase, "We walked to school uphill both ways." In Bernie's blog post, he will tell you exactly what that was like.

Bernie Block | Walk, Walk, Walk
As an Alzheimer's and dementia expert, Juliet is a wonderful resource to her friends. When one of her friends confided in her recently that she was feeling overwhelmed caring for her mother with dementia at home, Juliet was able to offer some advice and reassurance.
She shares this same advice here with you in this blog.

Juliet Klinger | The Cost of Caregiving
In today's Optimum Life Blog Carol Cummings celebrates Carrie Fisher and her anti-ageism crusade.

Carol Cummings | Life Lessons from Carrie Fisher | Optimum Life Blog
Few people have talked to their families about living and care preferences as they age. This article from Where You Live Matters discusses the importance of planning and where to begin. How do you plan to be proactive about your future?

Silence Isn’t Golden: Talk and Plan Now | Where You Live Matters
It's never been easier to get around with ride-sharing apps like Lyft, and seniors are starting to benefit from the technology too. See how these ride-sharing apps have been partnering with companies like ours to make it easier than ever for older adults to get where they want to go!

Lyft and Uber Want To Give Old Folks a Ride
8 Useful iPad features you may not know you have, all intended to make aging easier. Do you have a favorite tip that wasn't listed here?

8 Useful iPad Features You May Not Even Know You Have
Names are changed in this conversation that Virginia overheard. It made her both sad and happy.


Three nonagenarians began to talk
About the state of their lives and such
The dames allowed they couldn’t squawk
‘Cause they’d seen and done so much.
“I don’t regret any part of my life, Cora agreed
But I wouldn’t want to go through it again.”
Peg nodded, “I’m glad we’re all well,...
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She may be living with Alzheimer's, but when Liz plays her violin or listens to music, her memory comes flooding back. It's remarkable the effect music has on Liz and many other people like her. This article chronicles the unbelievable benefits she and her daughter have witnessed.

In struggle with Alzheimer’s, music is lifeline for local violinist | Williamsburg Yorktown Daily
What's your favorite winter tradition? In today's blog Betty shares some holiday history and her favorite traditions.

Betty Ago, Resident Blogger - Christmas Miracle
Louise's Wish of a Lifetime was to attend a game and see her favorite team play, the Dallas Cowboys. At 94, she finally got her wish and watched them compete against the Detroit Lions on December 26th!

Louise attends her first Dallas Cowboys game
Bernie hires a highly recommended tradesman to help him with his flooring, but Bernie never got the chance to pay him. Find out how and why in today's blog!

Bernie Block | Resident Blogger | What Happened To My Tradesman
Sponsored by a grant awarded through the Round Rock ISD Fine Arts Department, each Monday afternoon the England Elementary School Art Club walks to Brookdale Round Rock to share their time with residents creating Ageless Art.

Students in fourth and fifth grade spend their time with residents sharing artistic techniques and concepts they learn through the District’s fine arts curriculum. We...
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England Ageless Art program teaches students and elderly alike