98-year-old Ruth B. wished to see something that would amaze her! Thanks to Brookdale and Wish of a Lifetime she was able to see the wonderous arts of aerial performers. Read more about her story here.

Ruth Balfour Attends Aerial Performance

This success story about Joyce & Otis sold us on these robotic companion animals. It's a beautiful story and we are thrilled to see Otis 2.0 bringing so much joy to Joyce's life.

Perfect Companions: Joyce and Otis

Joyce, a resident at Brookdale Belle Meade, is living with dementia. In the afternoons she frequently gets agitated and cannot be comforted. That’s until she...

Many of us were skeptical when we first met these robotic pets, but as success stories rolled in, we quickly changed our tune. Andrew Smith discusses these furry companions in today's Innovation Blog.

Andrew Smith | Robotic Pets | Forever Home | Brookdale Senior Living

Ernestine "Ernie" Shepherd is such an inspiration. She could run laps around people half her age. Strong proof that age really is just a number! Now I think we may need to hit the gym... ;)
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Computer technology has come a long way. Bernie goes through the many advances in technology he has seen over the years.

Bernie Block |Computers - Love Them or Hate Them Or I Really Don't Care!

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Hard to get enough of Izzy, the sweet pup that was adopted by Brookdale Kingston after her owner passed away. We love that Izzy found a forever home with the community!

Izzy the dog gets assisted living home after owner dies

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What's the difference between a caregiver and a care partner? It's a very subtle one that can make a meaningful impact on the way you view your role during the changing, unpredictable journey you are taking with someone living with dementia, and the way that person views their role. Juliet Holt Klinger expands on the difference in today's blog.

Juliet Klinger | Caregiving Versus Care Partnering | Optimum Life Blog

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What a great day for Gloria! We are so happy she had the opportunity to see her favorite team on the court.

Pacers Welcome 93-Year-Old Superfan to First Game | Indiana Pacers

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Go fly a kite! Today's poem will make you want to head outside and capture the wind.


A child I was
I dared to want
But did not need
That big red kite
On the grocer’s wall.

I wanted that kite
With all my might
But “money is tight”
My parents’ said,
I bowed my head.

“You’ll have no kite store-bought
You’ll make one as you ought
You just need to be taught.”
Home, my kite came...
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The food pyramid is long since out of style, and new food fads seem to pop up daily. Betty explores the history of the pyramid, and weighs in on the latest changes in what we "should" and "should not" eat.

Betty Ago | Resident Blogger | Cornbread

When’s the last time you went to the eye doctor? For National Save Your Vision Month, we’ve got five reasons why you should make an appointment with your optometrist.

A Senior's Aging Eyes: Five Reasons to Visit an Optometrist in March

Our resident blogger Bernie shares his predictions for the future of health and mobile tech.

Bernie Block | Resident Blogger | Future of Health and Mobile Tech

As we age, sometime's it's hard to get a good nights rest. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you and your loved one get some solid shut-eye.

How to Sleep Better as You Age

St. Patrick's Day is this Friday! Get in the spirit with a poem about a Leprechaun by Brookdale's resident poet Virginia.

Virginia Wylie | Resident Poet | Sir Leprechaun

Betty's Book Club meeting was exciting in more ways than one! Read more in today's resident blog!

Betty Ago | Resident Blogger | Brookdale Senior Living

66-year-old Cynthia W. was born a Kentucky Wildcats fan. Her parents used to be huge fans and they passed it on to her. As diehard as Cynthia is, she has never had the opportunity to actually go to a Wildcats game. Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale she was able to finally go!

Cynthia attends a Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Game

It is common for seniors to lose their appetite, but it can be frustrating for caregivers. For National Nutrition Month, learn the 5 tips to help your loved one eat. #NationalNutritionMonth

Senior Nutrition: Five Tips to Help Your Loved One Eat

Bernie has decided to make his grandchildren's gifts even more "worth" whiled. Find out what he means in today' resident blog!

What a Wonderful Gift for Some of Your Grandchildren

If you’re a caregiver for someone living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you know how difficult meals can be. For National Nutrition Month, Juliet Holt Klinger offers five tips to make your meals more enjoyable. Bon Appetite! #NationalNutritionMonth

Juliet Klinger | Dementia Dining | Five Tips | Making Meals Easier

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