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Amur leopard cub "Temur" (born at Brookfield Zoo in July 2016) is enjoying the great outdoors today. We hope you are too!
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The Mexican gray wolf is the rarest and most genetically distinct subspecies of North American gray wolf. CZS is proud to partner with the US Fish & Wildlife and other AZA accredited zoos in an ongoing program for the recovery of the Mexican gray wolves in North America. You can help too by adopting our wolf pack!
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Look who is enjoying the 70 degree temps! The giraffe herd normally does not have access to its outdoor habitat until mid-April. However with the mild temperatures, the nearly 20,000 guests who visited the zoo today were able to see the giraffes stretch their legs earlier than in past years. This annual event can sometimes be exciting to witness as some of the younger giraffes have been known...
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Happy Caturday from the clouded leopard!
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Did you know that Brookfield Zoo operates one of the most comprehensive Environmental Quality programs in the country? Meet John Kanzia, the man who runs this program.

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Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner! Mark your calendars, registration for Summer Zoo Camp opens March 7.
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Suffering from the winter blues? Jamie’s got some tips on how to perk up. Hint: it’s as easy as going outside!

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Did you know polar bears actually have a transparent coat? The white we see is the reflection of visible light off their fur. Learn more about the unique covers animals wear and how they help them survive.

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Katie gives an update on the Chimp WelfareTrak® and shares how one chimp in particular has benefited from the specialized care provided by this program.

Chicago Zoological Society - Chimpanzee WelfareTrak® Update
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Have you met the new Big Cat in town? Say hello to Foli, the new male Amur tiger at Brookfield Zoo!
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Valentine’s Day brings a new polar bear to Brookfield Zoo! A love connection could be in the near future, as we welcome Nan, a female polar bear and hopeful breeding partner to Hudson, a male polar bear born at Brookfield Zoo in 2006.
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Not a Brookfield Zoo member? Join now with a special offer good through March 31, 2017 and visit for a full year! [ Link ]

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Even without snow, Freeze Day was a success!
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Did you hear? Brookfield Zoo is on SnapChat!
Who's up for a game of leap frog?
Congratulations to the participants of yesterday’s Science Fair, you did an outstanding job! We’d like to thank BP America, Astellas Foundation, CDW Corporation, HSBC US, State Farm and Motorola Solutions for their time and support of our budding scientists.
Freeze Day is Sunday! Join us for dogsledding, zoo chats and FREE admission!

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