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Happy Belated Birthday Arnieta Giraffe! Arnieta is one of our Share the Care Featured Creatures and her 10th birthday was this past week. She’s named after one of Brookfield Zoo’s longest-serving volunteers and gets along with everyone. Help her celebrate her birthday by adopting her.

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It’s Penguin Awareness Day! Did you know that Humboldt penguins are one of 17 species of penguins? All penguins live in the southern hemisphere but some, like our Humboldt penguins prefer the warmer areas in South America, Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

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Happy 49th Birthday, Ramar Gorilla!
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It’s #TBT, do you recognize these cubs? Jim and Axhi are special grizzlies: they arrived in 1995 at six months old after they were orphaned as young cubs on Admiralty Island, Alaska. Their rescue was a collaborative effort among the Chicago Zoological Society, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and the residents of Angoon, Alaska. These big bear brothers have grown quite a bit since they...
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Did you guess okapi? Did you know these animals were once thought to be a cryptid, a creature who’s existence hasn’t been fully proven or disproven, just like Bigfoot? Learn more about these very real animals on your next visit!

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Can you guess what animal this is?
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It’s resolution season, and Jamie is sharing hers:

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The Argentine black & white tegu thought he’d get in on the #TongueoutTuesday fun!
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Thank you for the inspiring performances from the Chicago Metamorphosis Orchestra Project, Englewood Youth Orchestra and Rev. Debra Williams, and for everyone who joined us yesterday in celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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It’s ok if your diet resolution is a bit out of whack, you can always get back on track… tomorrow.
Happy #Caturday
We’re proud to work with the Red Panda Network through the Chicago Board of Trade Endangered Species Fund. They’re making great strides in Nepal in working with local communities to save the red panda. [ Link ]

Conserving Red Pandas in Eastern Nepal

Could there be a baby black rhino in our future? Jocelyn in the Endocrinology Lab is working with keepers to turn this dream into a reality.

Chicago Zoological Society - Tracking Black Rhino Reproduction Using Hormone Monitoring
Need some tips on how to stay on course with your resolutions? Carlita’s got your back!
We’re throwing it back to Whirl as a baby! #TBT
For Kecil’s birthday, we’re taking a peek into his life.
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Freeze Day

Happy 3rd Birthday Kecil!
Red-tailed guenons pack food into their cheek pouches and quickly move to another location to safely eat away from other monkeys that may try to steal it. Looks like Nonami has some company and will have to share after all!
Did you know that the Tawny Frogmouth is often mistaken for an owl because they are primarily nocturnal and share similar coloring? Native to Australia and Tasmania, you can see this bird at Brookfield Zoo’s Feathers & Scales exhibit. [ Link ]

Chicago Zoological Society - Tawny Frogmouth