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“Buckley’s Complete® Liquid Gels Plus Mucus Relief. It takes the ill out of pill."
However you dress it up, it still tastes awful.
Give your body a break with Buckley’s.
And you thought glitter got everywhere.
Somehow, it’s easier to deal when it’s cold outside. #ColdHardFacts
Sandy Thera Mallinson found this #TBT gem (that is no longer marketed ) from 1941 in a sewing kit that belonged to her grandmother. What a cool find!!
Give summer colds the cold shoulder.
While you were home sick...
Don't miss a "you had to be there" moment.
Do they not have boats here? Why are they racing hollow giant pumpkins? Also, this is awesome.

“WindsorRegatta37PumpkinArt”, “WindsorRegatta35Crimestoppers” and “WindsorRegatta43Pumkinhead” by Verne Equinox is licensed under CC by 3.0 ([ Bit.ly Link ], [ Bit.ly Link ], [ Bit.ly Link ]
Sick sucks. Don't miss out on a day off. #ColdHardFacts
Summer cold? Want some classic Buckley’s® relief? Tag us in a post and use the #BuckleysMayday and some could be on its way to you.
Summer cold? Don't sweat it.
There something about this museum that’s not quite right…

“Gopher's Up”, “2011/365/223 Gopher Hold 'Em”, “Gopher Mounties”, “Love Ain’t Just For Muskrats”. “Making a Snow Gopher Man”, and “Making Gopher Shoes” by Alan Levine is licensed under CC by 2.0 ([ Bit.ly Link ] )
Summer is almost over, but there are still come colds out there. If you’ve got one, let us know. Tag us in a post and don’t forget to use #BuckleysMayday
Relief is just a pill away.
Summer colds suck, but we’re here to help. Feel a cold or flu coming on? Tag us in a post and use the hashtag #BuckleysMayday. Relief could be on the way!
When going is just easier than some broken promise fallout. #ColdHardFacts
Like you wouldn’t rather be outside #ColdHardFacts