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01/19/2017 at 23:00. Facebook
Be sick or be at work. It’s a catch-22, but hey, there are worse things to catch.
What do pets, fabulous costumes, and sick days have in common? Check out the Buckley’s Siiick Day Contest to find out. It’s coming January 23rd!
Try Buckley’s Complete® Extra Strength plus Mucus Relief and turn your sick day into a siiick day.
When you’ve got more symptoms than sick days, Buckley’s is your best bet.
When the symptoms keep on coming, Buckley's is your best bet.
Like Buckley's, 2016 was a tough one to swallow. Have a happy (and healthy) New Year!
And all in a pill, because even we don't like the taste of our own medicine.
Buckley's grabs your cold by the horn.
Some coal, a cold: the two things no one wants for Christmas.
Opinions - pretty useless when it comes to colds, coughs, and phlegm relief.
The multi-symptom destroyer - kick your cold to the curb with Buckley's.
“Buckley’s Complete® Liquid Gels Plus Mucus Relief. It takes the ill out of pill."
However you dress it up, it still tastes awful.
Give your body a break with Buckley’s.
And you thought glitter got everywhere.
Somehow, it’s easier to deal when it’s cold outside. #ColdHardFacts
Sandy Thera Mallinson found this #TBT gem (that is no longer marketed ) from 1941 in a sewing kit that belonged to her grandmother. What a cool find!!
Give summer colds the cold shoulder.