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Stop worn out screw holes from stripping away your DIY abilities. #BIY
Don’t sweat the small stuff, keep all your nails together with this simple trick.
Get the most attractive hammer you’ll ever own, along with other tips for using nails. #NailedIt
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BUCO South Africa

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Nail down the perfect toolshed setup with this simple tip.
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Find the space you need and place 50 cent coins in between the setting tiles.
Have a screw loose?
Find lost screws by cutting out the lights and shining a torch to light up the metal.
Turn a house into a home with our BUCO decor:
Is turpentine thinning your patience? Cover the paint tray in tin foil to keep it clean.
Light up safely with BUCO’s trusted electrical products:
Get a makeover that hits the spot this New Year with an old laundry basket.
The handiest handmade hand-saw. All you need are a few nails to bend and attach to the saw, then mount and voila, you have your own personalised key holder.
DIY tip: keep the paint where it should be by taping over parts you don’t want to paint. Find your nearest BUCO store to view our paint and painting accessories here: [ Buco.co.za Link ]
Stop! Hammer-time. Attach hammer heads to a wooden plank to create a coat hanger that is guaranteed to impress any guest.
Start off with a clean sheet. Our BUCO roof sheeting plant can produce metal sheeting for any roofing requirements. Find out more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
DIY tip: Go against the grain and make hand-sawing easier and straighter, simply apply soap on the blade’s teeth before cutting.