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Get complimentary DIY advice when you shop at BUCO, come see for yourself! Find your nearest store here: [ Buco.co.za Link ]
BUCO South Africa
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Nail down the perfect toolshed setup with this simple tip.
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Find the space you need and place 50 cent coins in between the setting tiles.
Have a screw loose?
Find lost screws by cutting out the lights and shining a torch to light up the metal.
Turn a house into a home with our BUCO decor:
Is turpentine thinning your patience? Cover the paint tray in tin foil to keep it clean.
Light up safely with BUCO’s trusted electrical products:
Get a makeover that hits the spot this New Year with an old laundry basket.
The handiest handmade hand-saw. All you need are a few nails to bend and attach to the saw, then mount and voila, you have your own personalised key holder.
DIY tip: keep the paint where it should be by taping over parts you don’t want to paint. Find your nearest BUCO store to view our paint and painting accessories here: [ Buco.co.za Link ]
Stop! Hammer-time. Attach hammer heads to a wooden plank to create a coat hanger that is guaranteed to impress any guest.
Start off with a clean sheet. Our BUCO roof sheeting plant can produce metal sheeting for any roofing requirements. Find out more: [ Bit.ly Link ]
DIY tip: Go against the grain and make hand-sawing easier and straighter, simply apply soap on the blade’s teeth before cutting.
From roof trusses to roof support, we’ve got you covered. Find out more about our specialised roofing services: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Add a touch of your toolbox to every meal, reuse your old screwdriver handles on cutlery and kitchen utensils and make your man cave even manlier.
Need building material but not sure where to look? Chances are, there’s a BUCO store near you, find one here: [ Buco.co.za Link ]
This bottle opener and cap catcher would make the perfect gift for any beer lover or home brewer!