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02/24/2017 at 15:34. Facebook
Are you Raspberry Truffle? Italian Rum Cake? Find out and you could be headed to NYC!

Which Brew Are You?

Buddy Valastro
02/22/2017 at 22:31. Facebook
Bakers being brave and bold thinking out of the box TONIGHT on #BAKERSVSFAKERS at 10pm ET/PT on @FOODNETWORK
Buddy Valastro
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Faking can be hard but bakers keeping it sweet with this weeks secret ingredient Hard Candy on #BAKERSVSFAKERS tonight at 10pm ET on @FOODNETWORK
Buddy Valastro
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Things may or may not have gotten a little silly on TONIGHT's #BakersVsFakers at 10pm ET/PT on @foodnetwork, right @ChefDPhillips?
Even while opening a bakery here at The Woodlands Mall, we still gotta take a selfie! Love my boy marco @lisavalastro4
OH MAN! Find out who is bringing home the cash on tonight’s #BAKERSVSFAKERS at 10pm ET/PT on @FOODNETWORK
Sugar and rice and everything nice! Baking up some sweet treats with rice as this week’s secret ingredient on #BAKERSVSFAKERS at 10pm ET/PT on @FOODNETWORK
When @guarnaschelli's right, she's right. Play along with #BakersVsFakers at 10pm ET/PT on @FOODNETWORK.
This kid has so much personality and is an incredible blessing I'm so thankful for every single day. Happy birthday to my little man Carlo I love you and can't wait for your birthday party later!
Perfect strawberries dipped in the best chocolate. This is how we do #valentinesday at Carlo's Bakery baby
Keeping it... cheesy! This week’s secret ingredient is CHEESE on #BAKERSVSFAKERS TONIGHT at 10pm ET/PT on @FOODNETWORK
Nobody messes with @GUARNASCHELLI’s girl. But that doesn't mean I don't like to tease anyway! See more TONIGHT on #BAKERSVSFAKERS at 10pm ET/PT on @FOODNETWORK
The perfect bite makes for a perfect night! Treat your Valentine to some of Carlo's Bakery's finest: order.carlosbakery.com
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Will upping the Ube bake up a better brownie? Find out TONIGHT on #BAKERSVSFAKERS at 10pm ET/PT on @FOODNETWORK
Hey! At least I didn't say which sister! Have fun with us on #BakersVsFakers TONIGHT at 10pm on @FoodNetwork!
Checking out the @carlosbakery in São Paulo! Loving it here in Brazil ❤
Just cut the red ribbon to bakery number 17 here at the #stonebriarcentre- so grateful for this opportunity to join the community in Frisco. hope to see you all today!
Enjoy some @hardeightbbq here at @carlosbakery in Dallas!
Live from Preston Center!