Buffalo Wild Wings
02/20/2017 at 00:29. Facebook
Just asking to be stolen...
They went to B-Dubs...and lived happily ever after.
Throughout February, pick and roll with Coors Light or Blue Moon Brewing Company, our Beers of the Month.
A successful weekend game plan.
Tuesday’s Forecast: half the price with a 100% chance of wing-induced happiness. Half Price #WingTuesdays. Full details here: bit.ly/2gEnTL3
On to the next one... #HitTheButton
Button for #MVP

#HitTheButton #SB51
Huddling up your squad for the big game? It’s a perfect time to run a to-go route and get your order in early. Call now. [ Bit.ly Link ] #SB51 #Takeout
Hall of Famer Brett Favre has some interesting decor for his man cave. Can you figure out what he’s up to?
No RSVP needed. Find a B-Dubs near you: [ Bit.ly Link ] #SB51
Did we #HitTheButton? Legendary QB Brett Favre sure thinks we did.
Our redesigned burger lineup. A stacked formation.
Return of the Blitz BOGO! Be heads up for a special buy one get one opportunity this coming Sunday! Details here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Did football legend Brett Favre have moves like these when he was on the field? #HitTheButton
What the Favre is going on here? #HitTheButton
Ordering is easy, but some weather conditions call for a more creative way of getting it back home. [ Bit.ly Link ]