Buffalo Wild Wings
03/25/2017 at 20:29. Facebook
An aggressive defense can be stifling.
Buffalo Wild Wings
03/24/2017 at 23:20. Facebook
How's your tournament so far?
Buffalo Wild Wings
03/23/2017 at 20:14. Facebook
Our Kickin' Shrimp Tacos are a trifecta that always hit the spot, but only for a limited time.
Scoring opportunities are easier when every player makes passing a priority.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Our featured cocktail, the Sour Irishman, is sweeter than you might think. Available for a limited time only.
It's day 2. Time for things to get more exciting? You let us know. #HitTheButton
With that kind of height, the Big Jack Daddy Burger will be a tough matchup to handle. Challenge accepted?
It’s finally tournament time! Now’s your chance to show your friends you know a thing or two about March Madness by entering The Capital One Bracket Challenge, and score big with a special $5 off a $25 B-Dubs order! bracketchallenge.ncaa.com
Cheers to our featured Boston Lager Burger… it’s wicked good.
Dessert is like the overtime of meals: Unexpected, exciting, and over way too quickly.
Respect the competition. #BlazinChallenge
Hurry in to take on our Sweet Saharan Spice Sauce… A worthy opponent that may require a true team effort.
These 2 MVB(eer)s are made for March. Our Beers of the Month: Miller Lite and Lagunitas Brewing Co IPA
We’ve got the home team covered for any away game. #Takeout
The Meltdown Burger is so cheesy, you won’t know where the cheese ends & burger begins. A great call to get fired up about, but only for a limited time.
Our featured lineup is a squad that's getting hot at the right time.
Just asking to be stolen...
They went to B-Dubs...and lived happily ever after.
Throughout February, pick and roll with Coors Light or Blue Moon Brewing Company, our Beers of the Month.