Back at Bularangi HQ in Christchurch, a couple of Softails coming in and going straight back out again before I jump on the Buell and ride that back through harley heaven to waihi and head into Auckland to deal with bikes coming in from Eaglerider riding into harley heaven and taking the long as home with Bularangi motorbikes
Today's scenic photo while Road Running from Christchurch to Picton
Just a we short Doco and it's great to be out on the road, riding long haul I love these long riding days on my own not having to worry about clients, just watching out for revenue collectors, riding into harley heaven and taking the long way home with Bularangi Motorbikes
Bularangi motorbikes is not all about touring there is a heap of logistics that go on in the background of which you never see the massive amount of work Ali puts in to make this tick. Today we are recovering a new bike that has failed.
Another couple of pics from yesterday, I strongly advised these fellas about good beer and bad beer and look what they ended up with
Ok so finished up a big days riding yesterday in fox glacier and caught with the boys, for the evening. Swapped over the bikes and hit the beers and steak for dinner

So today I decided to guide the boys up to Arthur's Pass as I will continue on back to Christchurch while they head up what is possibly the most stunning ride in the South Island to Punakaiki
Was going to go up the pig route to go to the west coast, but the winds were howling 60-80 knots and the rain started, so I turned around and went back thru South Otago, west Otago and into central Otago, good choice the weather is awesome and it's so green, they're still cutting hay down here
I spend a great deal of time on the road each season, about 100,00kms per year. in Christchurch yesterday morning I was leaving and heading to Cardrona, this fucking asshole almost killed me yesterday, he ran a red light at tower junction running at over 80kmph he missed me by inches, I could feel the wind rush past, lucky my peripheral vision was on tune and I caught him out of the corner of...
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Emergency in the South Island, we had a new ultra pop out the ignition block which caused a whole heap of issues for our clients, so drove up to Auckland, jumped on a flight to Christchurch, jumped on an ultra, rode to Cardrona to swap the bikes over, popped over the crown range into Queenstown stayed the night at Pete & Shirls, got up at the crack of dawn rode to Dunedin, Mciver & Veitch the...
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An amazing tour we did in 2011, came up as a memory and wanted to share it. Day before the massive Christchurch earthquake, that we missed by an hour!
Love this photo Jacs!
Back in Christchurch with an emergency run into Queenstown to swap a bike over, one of the project Rushmore's has a rooted ignition, mcivers in Dunedin have put on an extra mechanic to resolve it in the morning and the. Drop the bike back to the west coast to our American clients
Back in Christchurch, getting ready for the next crew to ride into harley heaven
Bularangi Motorbikes & Te Wai Pounamu MC tours are hosting a Norwegian group who are riding 20 bikes over 15 days over both islands. This is them leaving Auckland depot at Te Wai Pounamu MC Tours riding into harley and BMW heaven and taking the long way home
The filthies are in town
Bularangi Motorbikes and Te Wai Pounamu are ready to tour
Just gathering the last 5 Harley's from central Auckland and heading to the north shore for the final bits of detailing
Awesome to see Bularangi get such a great mention by Sidharth! Thanks #SidNZ
It's January 25 and Bularangi Motorbikes and Te Wai Pounamu MC Tours have a beautiful g tour going out of Auckland. It's been a busy few weeks so no time to post anything but man have we been cranking the hours and road miles, HOGs have been working their buts off too, the harley dealers cannot believe the Km's we are putting our bikes riding into harley and BMW heaven this week