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We've seen some unusual exercise classes over the years, but this may well be the most creative

Tag the dog-person in your life, who would love to try this workout
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We've just added Protein Matrix+ and Thermowhey to our travel pack range!

These single serve sachets are the most convenient way to maintain excellent nutrition on-the-go.

They come in either 7 or 14 serve mixed packs, so you can try out all of our great flavours.

Travel Packs

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It's Tuesday, so that means it's Bulk Nutrients competition time!

Today, we want you to tag a mate in the comments below, who has arms like Arny.

Three lucky winners will be rewarded with a 2.5kg bag of Muscle Food 101.

Winners will be selected at random. Competition closes 24/02/17 at 9AM AEST. Winners will be announced on Friday.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or...
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Eat more fat to lose more fat.

Are you confused about how the ketogenic diet works?

Then our latest diet under the spotlight on The Bulk Blog is for you

Lose fat by eating fat? Here’s the lowdown on the Keto Diet

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Are you looking to build power and add size to your upper back?

Then give this exercise a go!

Tip: One Lift for Total Body Power | T Nation

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We're live!
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Do you swing?

This is one of the best exercises to improve your dead-lift form and to strengthen your lower back.

How heavy can you go? 115kg?
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If you're an endurance athlete or trainer you want to ensure you have ongoing energy and a fast recovery time.

Bulk Nutrients' Recuper8 is scientifically formulated using a blend of carbohydrates, protein, free form amino acids and electrolytes to assist with energy, hydration, reduced muscle soreness, reduced recovery time and sustained energy levels throughout an event.

By utilising the...
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Did you know you can shop by goal on the Bulk Nutrients website?

Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle or simple work on your general health, we've got you covered!

Simply head to this link and follow the prompts to start your health and fitness journey with us

Shop by Goal with Bulk Nutrients

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All of our Sunday morning brunch dreams have just come true

Tag the avocado lover in your life who would love to see this reach Australia ????

Avocado fans rejoice: Amsterdam is getting an all-avo restaurant

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If Trump said it, it must be true

Tag a mate who will get deported for skipping legs!
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We've all had this feeling. The muscle soreness after an intense workout.

And while we know this means our muscles are repairing larger than before, science has just found another great reason why we experience this pain

The 'protective' message in sore muscles

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What's your workout today?

Bulk ambassador and Clean treats whiz Nicole Frain is doing a recovery and core session, after some heavier training days earlier in the week.

Give her workout a go

Start with a 30 minute brisk walk on a treadmill or outside.

Then follow up with:

3 x Plank SS standing oblique crunches - Hold plank for 30 seconds and them aim for 25 crunches on each side.

3 x...
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That cheat day feeling

Can you relate to this little guy?
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Urgh... love. Let' hear it for the singles

With Valentine's Day haunting all of us singles earlier in the week, Clean treats thought she would make something for us to share together using our new Tri Fibre+

Introducing the 'Love Stinks' Tri Fibre+ Stack!

Yes. The romance is now dead

‘Love Stinks’ Tri Fibre+ Stack

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It's Friday so that means it's Bulk Nutrients' winners announcement day!

Congratulations to these three lucky fans who have scored themselves a 1kg bag of Protein Matrix+ in our 'Do you workout alone or with your Valentine?' competition.

Raquel O'Neill
Hannah Castle
Jess Holmstrom

A further congratulations to these three fans who have won themselves a tub of BCAA Capsules in our 'Do you...
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Are you looking for a great Thursday night workout to promote overhead strength and muscle growth?

Then try these three classic strongman log lift variations with Bulk ambassador Megan Ann - SuperMum, Bodybuilder, Strongwoman and weightloss winner!

Have a go
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Are we losing our grip?

With a huge decline in manual labour careers, it's no wonder our grip strength has decreased by nearly 20 per cent in just one generation.

With good grip strength being associated with longevity and excellent health, should we be doing something to prevent this decline?

Raising the American Weakling

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Our Bulk #RechargeZone was a real hit at last night’s @solemotive #SunsetSeries run at Princes Park

Thanks to our #BulkAmbassadors @marias_fit_running_life and @thorofoz for providing the crowds with some great samples and advice

We’ll see you at the next #SunsetSeries run at The Botanical Gardens (The Tan) on the 1st of March
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It's Thursday, so that means it's Bulk Nutrients competition time!

Today, we want to know - Do you workout on the weekend?

Three lucky winners will be rewarded with a tub of BCAA Capsules.

Winners will be selected at random. Competition closes 17/02/17 at 9AM AEST. Winners will be announced on Friday.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with,...
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