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Being aware of the calories in the food we eat from day to day can be really important to ensuring we achieve our goals (no matter what your goal is!). Check out our guide on how to analyse your calories to find out more.

Analysing Calories | The Core™ | BULK POWDERS®

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With Pancake Day fast approaching, make sure you're fully kitted out with everything you need to make the Ultimate Pancake Stack.

If you're struggling for inspiration, check out our Active Foods™ range. With everything from Liquid Egg Whites and Nut Butters, to a variety of Dried Fruits and Zero Calorie Syrup™, we've got this covered!
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New recipe on The Core™ by The Muscle Bakery! Try these Vegan Satay Tofu Skewers made with lots of Peanut Butter for a savoury treat.

Satay Tofu Skewers Recipe | The Core™

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James Hodgson is a competitive triathlete, representing Great Britain age group team at European and World Championship events.

Here are some tips from James about how you should approach your first triathlon.

Your First Triathlon: Where To Start?

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Flavour your morning cup of coffee with our liquid drops like Kelly here [ Bulkpowders.co.uk Link ]
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Keep your body warm by wearing our premium hoodie. Chest sizes 36" - 46" [ Bulkpowders.co.uk Link ]
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Snack on Pumpkin Seeds like this little fella. You can find them in our Fruit, Nut & Seed Mix [ Bulkpowders.co.uk Link ]
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Vitamin D is in the news this morning. Good timing as we have 40% off today - pick up a 3 month supply (90 tablets) for just £2.99 with the code FEB40.

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Vitamin D supplements may prevent millions of winter infections

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Seduce your Valentine with these sexy Strawberry Protein Truffles . Our second new Valentines Day recipe is now on The Core™

Strawberry Protein Truffles Recipe

Chocolate and Nut Butter, a match made in heaven. Have a bash at this recipe to impress your lover. Or eat them all to impress yourself (after taking a picture for Instagram of course...) X

Recipe - Protein Peanut Butter Hearts

❤ WIN! - Valentine's Day Giveaway ❤


- Fresh bag of nuts to share with your other half
- Chocolate Whey Balls™ to devour when you need them most
- The D, a vital vitamin for the winter months
- Pure Whey Protein™ so you can last all the whey
- Zero Calorie Syrup™ to squirt over the foods you love

PLUS five more on top!

- Nut Butter of your choice for a cheeky spooning session
- Oil...
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Oats inspo from @chalky1987. Protein porridge topped with our raw cacao nibs, shredded coconut and cacao buttons.
Congratulations Thrash Fit who completed 24 hours of spin fuelled by supplements from ourselves. Money raised from the spin will be going towards the Hairy Houndz charity.

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Lucy Balcombe Product Review - Cissus Capsules

***Game changer!!***
Can not recommended these enough!!!

Spent years and multiple treaments (physio, acupuncture, chiropractor, osteopath, sports massage, painkillers etc!) Eliminating many exercises - Trying to suss out and fix excruciating knee pain - like a hot poker above knee cap, even hurt doing nothing - zero success

After reading...
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New week, new challenges. #RevealYourself

Learn how to Clean & Jerk with Essex Weightlifting Club. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for future updates [ Youtube.com Link ]
Our Complete Series™ products combine research proven ingredients, and dosages, to create comprehensive formulas. But what else makes a good formula? Find out on The Core™.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Formulation?