Nelson - Retirement/Hospice Spot Needed
Dear Nelson was vetted this week and found to have a significant arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). His vet is not recommending that we proceed with surgery to address a bad tooth. Fortunately, it is not causing him any pain/discomfort at this point). Nelson is a world class cuddle bear and napster who loves to follow you around the house. He is reactive...
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FOUND! Winston followed a couple of boys home...they had wanted to keep him but the father did the right thing and took Winston to the shelter. They boys had taken his collar (with tags) off. YAY!!!

Missing From Homeland, CA Riverside County)
Winston has been missing from his home in Homeland, CA since 2/16. His family is devastated. Please be on the lookout if you're in the area. Thank you!
Re-posting as Charlie is now on very limited time.
Found Bull Terrier in Portland, OR
This sweet mini/petite Bull Terrier girl was found yesterday in Portland, OR. Does she look familiar to anyone? She'll be scanned for a chip today. Hoping for a happy reunion. Thank you, Quinn M. for taking her in and keeping her safe! ~Suz
We have some wonderful program dogs with messages for you. Cupid is at the ready with his arrow!
Charlie in Santa Barbara, CA
Just in time for Tongue Out Tuesday! Charley is an extremely sweet deaf 1.5yo guy in need of a foster spot. He tested very well with the other shelter dogs and had no issue with meeting and making new doggy friends. This sweet guy is about 45lbs. Do you have room in your heart for this sugar lump? If your information is not yet on file, please complete our...
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Our adoption program dogs have special messages for you! I'm having Facebook problems so I've posted our Available Dogs on our website. Please check them out! ~Suz

P.S. Be sure to click on "Older Posts" at the bottom of each page for more dogs!

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Nelson in Long Beach, CA - Extremely Urgent
Nelson is scheduled for euthanasia tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. 10yo Nelson was surrendered to the shelter on 1/23 after he fatally injured a relative's small dog. The circumstances are unknown as the two were left unsupervised at the home. This super sweet boy is great with people; his owner reports that he is not good with small dogs nor pit...
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Rambo in Portland, OR
Rambo is a sweet little guy who's a little over a year old. His parents' work schedules have drastically changed so they are unable to spend a lot of time with him. Rambo has been around children as young as a year old without any problems. He peacefully shared his home with a Frenchie girl. He is good with female dogs and will likely be better with other males once he's...
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Jack in Modesto, CA - Urgent
Some of you might have already guessed that we'd try squeezing in a few dogs. Jack is currently housed by the awesome Pupz N Palz for a couple of days while we try to secure a suitable foster spot for him. Jack needs a another home as he injured the family cat. He is about 3-4 years old and weighs about 41lbs. He has been great with an infant and toddlers; and he...
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Temporarily Closed
We'll have 22 dogs in boarding by the end of next week and it's getting hard to manage all the transport and vetting logistics. We're going to take a few weeks off from new intakes so that we can focus on getting back to a lot of patient applicants, placing the current program dogs and ensuring that we are appropriately managing the fostered ones. I also need to do some...
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Season of Sharing -cont'd
Hi Everyone! I just wanted to give this campaign one last push as there are so many international dogs in need right now. If you can, please spare a few dollars so that Iva and Gunter can continue the good work that they do. Thank you to those who have donated and shared! ~Suz
Available Dogs In The Texas Gulf Coast Area
For the folks in the Texas Gulf Coast area...there are several wonderful rescue dogs available! If you have any questions or need any information about any of these dogs, please click on the album and post your comments on the album. Thanks! ~Suz
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Something to brighten your day...Chai Latte was a neglected little girl rescued from a Central CA shelter. She blossomed in her awesome foster spot, went to her Home for the Holidays 2015 home and never left. She is now Mollie; and she is the beloved best friend of the son there.

Wishing a Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays to all!
Season of Sharing #2
Rose became homeless when tenants refused to move out of her new rental. She can occasionally stay with friends but Babba has anxiety issues (Rose rescued him 10 months ago from being chained most of his 8 years) when he's in a room with closed doors so he sleeps in her car at night. It's getting cold so Rose would like to see him in a better place while she looks for...
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Season of Sharing #1
This year, we decided to run two Seasons of Sharing events. One is to help Bull Terriers in need around the world. Kind parties work with abandoned/abused dogs in economically distressed areas and do not have a financial support network that we do here in the United States. Iva Etienne reviews, verifies and vets Bull Terrier cases from places such as Mexico, Italy, Spain,...
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Senior Girl in NW Arkansas - Urgent
This precious 9yo girl needs a new home in a week or she's shelter bound. Her owner passed away and the family cannot keep her. She needs to be the only dog as she was never socialized with other animals. Please post any questions on her original RWTFBTCA post and someone will get right back to you. Thank you for any consideration! ~Suz
Season of Sharing 2016
Each year around the holidays, we keep an eye out for a special Bull Terrier that needs financial assistance. While we prepare the story of 2016's Holiday Bull Terrier, here are some of the special eggheads that our wonderful Facebook community has helped in previous years. ~Suz

2010 - Dooney
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2010 - Angel
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2010 - Dooney
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Bruce in Hollister, CA
Who's up for a rewarding project? Little 11mo Bruce developed separation anxiety when his family moved from one house to another earlier this month. He has managed to escape from his home 5 times since the move and his family is now afraid that he'll be hurt or stolen the next time he gets out. His ideal new home would be a foster-to-adopt one so that he is not moved...
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