Varis Kamikaze-86
What do you think of Archie's wild GT1 inspired GT-R?
Killer combo. Recaro Japan SR-7 Lassic with Bulletproof Willans harnesses installed in a RWB 930 Turbo Porsche! Click comments for more pics!
Bulletproof Automotive x Fury Varis Kamikaze GT-R and Unplugged Performance Tesla Model X
Our sister company Unplugged Performance designed and upgraded this Tesla Model X SUV. Carbon ceramic brakes, forged wheels, suspension mods, aero and 0-60 in 2.8 seconds with seating for 7! Check it out!
Serious Voltex aero

Photo: Dino Dalle Carbonare / Speedhunters
What's your favorite engine?
Weekends are for race cars
Prestige Motorsports R35 GT-R
Phoenix's Power R35 GT-R on Volk Racing TE37 Dura
Varis Toyota 86
Debut for R35 GT-R and more! Limited Edition Bulletproof x Willans Tow Straps!

Machined out of 316 Stainless Steel and made in partnership with F1 & Super GT Nismo harness maker Willans.
Time for more carbon and more mods!
Carbon Revolution, SPL and Overtake x Drexler diff
Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S
Wings and things
Nissan retro livery meets Varis Kamikaze widebody aero in this video of the GaleForce 370Z.
When designing custom cars, inspiration comes from everywhere.
Ignore the critics. Make your art.
One of our all time favorite projects. The Z4 GT Continuum
Pic by: Phillip Awad and PAS Mag
Answers: Yes, that is a Nismo GT-R. No, it wasn't in an accident. Yes, this is voluntary and we are that crazy. Yes, the project is that badass!