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When 94 year old thrill seeker Lorna James mentioned she had “sky high” dreams, her friends and carers at Bupa Kyneton went above and beyond to make it happen. The adventure was made possible thanks to the Wishing Tree Program which is focused on working with our residents to understand their greatest wish and then turn that dream into a reality. Watch what happened!

Thrill-seeking great grandmother flies high

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On World Oral Health Day, we encourage you and your family to Live Mouth Smart every day.
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Dr Mark Psillakis shares some tips to help your kids get into the habit of brushing their teeth regularly, for their oral health.

5 ways to make teeth brushing fun

Healthy habits can help you to Live Mouth Smart. What do you and your family do to maintain good oral health?
It's important that we see individuals for who they are and not their disability.

A New Therapy Centre for Disability Services | Bupa

Contact lenses are great for those who don’t like glasses, but even with such great innovation comes a few things you shouldn’t do to carefully enjoy them.

7 gross things contact lens wearers shouldn't do

When Michael Reilly, a 23-year-old Launceston local living with autism, wrote in to one of our Bupa stores asking to meet his hero Peter ‘Huddo’ Hudson, we were thrilled to help this passionate Hawthorn Football Club fan realise his dream.

Peter was more than happy to meet Michael and Life Without Barriers, a social purpose community organisation providing support to people with disability,...
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These dogs ain't ordinary. They're here to help protect you in the heat, because pets are part of the family too. And they're adorable.

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Ever wonder why you get cranky when you're hungry? Here's why.

Why we get "hangry"

Being well hydrated during your workout is important to help keep your body performing at its peak. But did you know you might be missing out on optimal re-hydration by not drinking the right fluid at the right time and in the right amounts?

Five ways to stay hydrated during exercise

Diabetes is a prevalent, but often misunderstood condition. We debunk some of the most common misconceptions and myths.

Six myths about diabetes

Around 300,000 Australians live with some type of heart failure. Learn more about signs and symptoms of heart failure and how to stay heart healthy.

What's heart failure?

Kids are incredibly perceptive and can pick up on the slightest changes. We shares some strategies to help parents explain dementia to young children.

"What's wrong, Grandad?" Helping children understand dementia

Art therapists have long known that the simple act of creation can help enhance emotional wellbeing. Here's how the simple pleasure of creating art is enriching the lives of residents in aged care.

The power of art in aged care

Most people would know about diabetes, but what about pre-diabetes? Here's what you need to know.

Pre-diabetes symptoms

We turn to psychologist, Dr Sasha Lynn, for ideas to keeping connected as your kids grow older (and pretend they're too cool for mum and dad!)

How families can stay connected as the kids get older

With the rise of virtual reality technology, could headsets lead to vision problems down the road? Bupa Optometrist Karen Makin sheds some light on this growing trend.

Eye sore: Optometrists warning of eye problems with VR headsets

Travelling with a chronic illness can be challenging, but not impossible. Health empowerment coach, Jessica Bean, shares how those living with a health condition can travel safe and well

7 suggestions to simplify travelling with a chronic illness

We know the host of benefits of vitamin D, including bone health, but could it play a role in helping ward off dementia? Some studies suggest so.

Vitamin D may help ward off dementia

Many people feel at a loss for what to say or do when a friend is diagnosed with cancer. Psychologist, Dr Nick Petrovic, shares what you can do to support someone with cancer.

How to support a friend with cancer