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When the chips are down, what do we do? EAT THEM! #MondayMotivation
Go BIG or go home this January, with any King Value Meal for only R29.90. What?! Ts & Cs apply.
When Bae brings you a WHOPPER for lunch...
Pffffft! Januworry for who? Not when you can get a better, fresher burger, fries and a colddrink for only R29,90! Ts & Cs apply.
We know it’s hard, but if you had to pick one? #Cheeseday
BOOM! Here’s to a better, fresher year! You’ve earned it.
That chicken didn’t stand a chance against a WHOPPER®. #WhopperEnvy it’s a thing!
What level are you on #DefendTheKing? If you’ve run out of lives you can re-charge at any BURGER KING® restaurant by simply buying any Junior Meal!
Get your game on here:
Android here: [ Buff.ly Link ] And for iOS here: [ Buff.ly Link ]
A festive feast fit for royalty!
It’s that time of the year, again! You’re stuck in a mall. With hundreds of people. You’re hangry. What do you do?

Head over to the BURGER KING® restaurant, order a WHOPPER ® and relax. We’re here for you 
Hi BK fans! Don't forget to check your nearest store to see if they will be open throughout the festive season.
Long weekend! Heat things up with an Extra Long Chili Cheese. You know where to find it ;)
We're thrilled to announce that James Rhodes, is the winner of the BIG KING XXL, Monster Truck Experience, competition!

James Rhodes and a friend will be jetting off to the U.S.A!
Have you downloaded #DefendTheKing? Share your high score with us.
Tip: Once you run out of your 15 lives, head over to your nearest Burger King restaurant and buy any Junior Meal to reload.

If you haven’t dowloaded the app, you’re missing out on some great fun. Get it here:

Android here: [ Buff.ly Link ]
And for iOS here: [ Buff.ly Link ]