David Wright
Diane Mower
Jason MacKellar
Hey Space Cadets, hold tight! Tickets for Burning Seed are now GO FOR LAUNCH! Welcome to another rocket-fuelled Flaming Galah!
Burning Man Australia 06/04/2016

Flaming Galah eZine Vol 6 Issue 5: Burning Seed news, views & events

Burning Seed Town Council is the organising 'Board' responsible for staging Burning Seed. There are now TWO vacancies on Town Council - interested?
Burning Man Australia 05/31/2016

Burning Seed Town Council Needs More Members! - Burning Seed Blog

Reinita Thrub Dalton
Mystic Foli Ton
Hue Brannum
Those Red Earth renegades of the airwaves are back!! That's right, Red Earth Radio FM will be coming in your ears at Burning Seed: Deep Space!
Burning Man Australia 05/29/2016

In Your EARS! Red Earth Radio FM! - Burning Seed Blog

At the Burning Man festival, kindness flourishes and generosity is widespread. Research on the psychology of human altruism helps explain why
Burning Man Australia 05/07/2016

Gifts in the desert: the psychology of Burning Man | Molly Crockett

Le Sck
Every autumn for the last three years Red Earth Ecology (REE) has gathered Burners and locals to push beyond the idea Leaving No Trace....
Burning Man Australia 05/06/2016

Red Earth Ecology: A weekend with the dirt angels - Burning Seed Blog

No, you're not seeing things - this is indeed the latest Flaming Galah, held over to make sure we could include vital TICKET INFO!! Get into it!
Burning Man Australia 05/04/2016

Flaming Galah eZine Vol 6 Issue 4: Burning Seed news, views & events

This is it! Tickets for Burning Seed 2016 GO LIVE on Friday 20 May at 7pm AEST You need to have completed your Burner Profile to buy a ticket…
Burning Man Australia 05/03/2016

Ticket release date: Deep Space - Burning Seed 2016 - Burning Seed

Ayça Dabis Gillett
Hey kids, we reckon this ‘revolutionary’ document was worth the wait! It’s been a few months now since the Team Leads and crew for last year’s Burning Seed met in Sydney to de-construct and re-construct the 2015 event – examining what went well , what...
Burning Man Australia 05/02/2016

The 2015 Afterburn summary report has landed! - Burning Seed Blog

By Hot Wire... He was shivering and rather distraught when we found him, stuck on the top of the art car, huddled on a couch in the fetal position. 4am is a terrible time to be stuck anywhere in a tshirt and jeans…
Burning Man Australia 04/26/2016

Burner Journeys: Rangers to the Rescue! - Burning Seed Blog

Do you love crunching numbers? Ever wanted to run away from the circus to become an accountant? Well now you can have it all!!!
Burning Man Australia 04/22/2016

Numbers Nerd Required for Seed Finance!

A lot of rhetoric gets thrown around about the fundamental philosophy of burning man and regional burns… what it is to be a “burner”…
Burning Man Australia 04/15/2016

Burner Journeys... Why do we do this Burn thing? - Burning Seed Blog

Important pre-ticket hews! Burner Profiles are coming to Burning Seed this month (April)…. 2016 tickets will go on sale next month (mid May)… To buy a ticket you need a Burner Profile… No Profile=No Ticket…
Burning Man Australia 04/12/2016

READ THIS! Burner Profiles are Coming! Burning Seed Blog..

Less than a couple of weeks to go to submit your concept designs for the 2016 Temple....what will YOUR Temple look like at Burning Seed: Deep Space?
Burning Man Australia 04/12/2016

The Evolution of the Temple - Burning Seed Blog

Seed's “Squeaky Queen” Sanitation Lead is seeking a Prince or Princess Poo and a loyal crew of Kennys and Kenriettas to help manage our 80+ executive thrones around the Paddock....
Burning Man Australia 04/05/2016

Sanitation Needs a Number Two! - Burning Seed Blog

Shelley Peat
Three more sleeps! If you have any burning questions about the ticket process then now is the time to ask...Tickets go LIVE Friday, 7pm. Email: ticketing@burningseed.com. Complete your Burner Profile TODAY and keep your Quicket login handy to be ready to go on Friday: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Burning Man Australia 05/17/2016
David Wright
Diane Mower
Jason MacKellar