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Find out a little bit more about the new bee exhibit at Taronga Zoo. It's our great pleasure to be apart of such an important installation. Visit the hive and learn all about the bees by visiting the Zoo today.
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Fun facticle: on hot days bees fan their wings at the entrance to the hive to move air through and cool things down. That's one way to save on your cooling bill!
Happy Valentine's Day! We can't think of a better way to celebrate then cupcakes and sparkles! How are you spoiling yourself today?
It's an absolute thrill to have joined forces with Taronga Zoo to create a unique bee conservation program! The new special bee exhibit enables a special look inside the hive to educate guests about the importance of bees to our beautiful environment. Head to the Zoo today to see the bees in their buzzing new hive.
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Did you hear the exciting news? We've teamed up with Taronga Zoo to install a special bee Exhibit to support bee populations and encourage bee conservation. The observation hive includes windows allowing a very special view into the hive. Visit the hive and learn all about the bees by visiting Taronga Zoo.
Bees may be small but they sure do a lot of heavy lifting to keep life on Earth in balance. Did you know they make 1/3 of our nutritious fruits and vegetables possible?
We're all abuzz about our sweet new partnership with Taronga Zoo to save the bees. As part of a three-year partnership, a custom-built observation hive has been installed to educate guests, young and old, about bee conservation and the importance of bees to the environment.
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Did you know that the buzz of bees comes from their wings stroking 11,400 times per minute? Wow, that's fast!
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