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They might not be visible in the UK at the moment but there are butterflies in space!

This stunning picture, highlighted by the Twitter folks @learntoskywatch shows the Butterfly Nebula in Scorpius, which, for those with astronomical telescopes, sits on the tip of the scorpion's tail.

Image by NASA/ESA
Butterfly Conservation
12/06/2016 at 13:47. Facebook
The temperatures are dropping and the jumpers are on... but just how cold can a butterfly get?

Butterflies can fly in air temperatures as cool as 12° C but they must keep warm by shivering their wings or basking in the sun.

Monarch butterflies can crawl at temperatures as low as 5° C!

Photo: Brimstone by Matt Berry
Butterfly Conservation
12/05/2016 at 15:24. Facebook
Today is #InternationalVolunteerDay and we want to say a huge thank you to anyone that has ever given their time to saving butterflies and moths. Without you, we could not do our work.

Over 15,000 active volunteers contribute work worth £10.5 million per year - equivalent to 765 full-time staff!

Want to do you bit? There is a wide range of opportunities for people who would like to get...
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Butterfly Conservation
12/02/2016 at 12:56. Facebook
Ready for the weekend! #FridayFeeling

Will you be exploring the great outdoors, or snuggled up in a cocoon out of the cold? Whatever you are doing, have a great weekend!
Butterfly Conservation
12/01/2016 at 15:21. Facebook
Have you seen a December Moth?

They are on the wing now and fairly common throughout much of the UK. They overwinter as an egg attached to the bark of a twig or trunk. The caterpillars feed from April to June on a variety of deciduous trees such as oaks, birches and elms.

Image: December moth by Iain H Leach
Have you ever seen a Silver-studded Blue?

Find out how BC and Dorset Wildlife Trust have been working together to save this rare and stunning butterfly. [ Butrfli.es Link ]

Photo: Silver-studded Blue by Tony Cox
You can help us do twice as much to save threatened butterflies in Somerset.

As part of #TheBigGive Christmas Challenge, Naturetrek will match your donation, making it worth double the amount.


Please donate before midday on 2 December to save more butterflies.

Image: Andrew Cooper
Autumn is turning to winter but butterflies are still about, have you spotted any recently?

The leaves might have fallen and the frosts have begun but even in our coldest months there are still things you can do to help butterflies and moths in your garden. #MondayMotivation

Every month we give you our best gardening tips, and you can read them all together here - [ Butrfli.es Link...
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Membership of Butterfly Conservation makes a cracking Christmas gift!

Plus we're offering 50% off and a free Peacock tote bag. Find out what else is included... butrfli.es/ChristmasMembership
Some of the best things in life are free. Watching butterflies has to be one of our favourites, but what totally free things make you happy? #BlackFriday

Photo: Swallowtail by Julian Dowding
Happy #Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! What are you most thankful for?

We are very grateful to all our fantastic Facebook followers who are so passionate about helping our beautiful butterflies and moths.

Image: Monarch by Dean Morley
Have you seen one of these before?
Did you know it was a moth? Officially called a Common Plume, can you guess the other name this moth is known by?

They are found all over Britain - even in November. With a wingspan of 18-27mm you are most likely to spot one resting on a garden fence in the day. At night they will be attracted to light and may rest on the outside of your windows.

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Is it raining where you are? Flooding can be disastrous for both people and wildlife, but did you know that some butterfly species can survive even severe flooding?

The caterpillar of the Marsh Fritillary butterfly spins silk webs in which they live, feed and eventually hibernate in.

These silk webs also protect the caterpillars during flooding and they can survive being submerged in water...
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Whether it is gardening, volunteering, or telling us what you see there are plenty of ways you can help save butterflies and moths.
Find out how here #MondayMotivation

What tips do you have for anyone who wants to do their bit for these beautiful insects?

Photo: Common Blue on Ox-eye Daisy by Tim Melling
Have you ever seen a fritillary butterfly? We have some great news that will hopefully mean more will be seen in the future.

Thanks to more than £6,000 in donations from our supporters and a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we will be running a ground-breaking conservation project across some of the UK’s most famous moorland landscapes – Dartmoor, Exmoor and Bodmin Moor

For the...
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You've only got one day left to help us save the Wood White butterfly.

Please vote for our conservation project in the Aviva Community Awards and we could receive up to £25,000 for work to prevent this delicate little butterfly from becoming extinct.


Voting closes tomorrow at midday, so please follow the link and take a minute to save the Wood White.

CONSERVING THE WOOD WHITE IN THE WEST MIDLANDS - vote for us now in the Aviva Community Fund

Did you know that some butterflies and moths hibernate over winter?

Among the butterflies, it is only the Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock that regularly overwinter inside houses. Find out what to do if you find one: [ Bit.ly Link ]


Image: Small Tortoiseshell on Sunflower by Josie Latus
We need no excuse to showcase the UK's beautiful autumn moths - this one is the Herald.

This moth can be seen well into November and prefers broad-leaved woodland although it does visit gardens where it feeds on ivy flowers - have you seen one?

Photo: Herald Moth by Iain H Leach
Not seen a butterfly for a while? There are still plenty of beautiful moths to spot in November. Find out more here [ Butrfli.es Link ]

Photo: Feathered Thorn by Ben Coleman
Looking for the perfect present?
Save yourself a trip to the shops this weekend and visit our new online emporium. butrfli.es/XmasShopBC

We sell Christmas cards, books, games, homewares and fashion accessories as well as wildlife watching equipment. Plus every sale helps save butterflies and moths.