Reports suggest eating 10 portions of fruit and veg per day is good for our health, especially leafy greens like cabbage and broccoli!

Respect then to the 'cabbage whites' whose caterpillars have been munching on the brassicas for time immemorial! Find out what other salads you could share with wildlife on our gardening pages

Photo: Large White caterpillars by Peter Eeles
Butterfly Conservation
02/22/2017 at 18:30. Facebook
An updated atlas of UK butterfly distribution maps is now available on the Reports page of our website [ Link ] The pdf atlas contains maps of all our resident and regular migrant species (excluding the Large Blue), showing the current and historical distributions based on the Butterflies for the New Millennium recording scheme. Many thanks to the thousands of people...
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Butterfly Conservation
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Wildflower seeds make wonderful wedding favours. They help our pollinators and are a lovely way to remember a special day as they bloom.

Wildflower Favours donate 60p from every Butterfly Conservation wedding favour pack sold, so you can share beautiful flowers with your loved ones and help fund our conservation work too!

[ Link ]
Butterfly Conservation
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They're here! Have you seen a Brimstone butterfly yet? We are getting reports of sightings from all over the UK this week!

Some believe that the word "butterfly" is a derived from "butter-coloured fly", which can be attributed to the yellow of the male Brimstone butterfly. The female is a much paler, whitish-green.

Aside from it's colour, the Brimstone can be identified by the beautiful...
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Butterfly Conservation
02/20/2017 at 10:59. Facebook
Signs of spring are starting to appear, and we are getting more and more sightings of butterflies reported to us.

Help us save butterflies by downloading our FREE iRecord Butterflies app and logging what you see. The app is also great for helping ID butterflies [ Link ]

Photo: Peacock Butterfly by Matt Berry
Butterfly Conservation
02/17/2017 at 16:18. Facebook
February tends to be a quiet month for butterflies (apart from the odd Red Admiral or Small Tortoiseshell), but spring is right around the corner and as we head closer to March we can look forward to seeing a whole host of beautiful butterflies in the UK!

Take a look at this list showing all the first sightings for March 2016. Is there one you are looking forward to seeing the most?

- Small...
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A Butterfly Conservation report has revealed that UK butterflies are declining faster in our towns and cities than in the countryside [ Link ]

How do you think we should help them in urban areas?

Photo by Cath Scott
Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

Share this with the special people who give you butterflies and make every day feel like a summer's morning.

As a special treat from us, this month you can join Butterfly Conservation for half-price. Spread the love!

Please help us reintroduce the Duke of Burgundy to part of the North York Moors before it is lost from this landscape forever.

[ Link ]

The Duke of Burgundy has experienced devastating declines across the UK, becoming extinct in many areas of England where it previously thrived.

Yorkshire is one of the few places this butterfly can still be found. But without your help its...
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The Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) seems to be doing well in the UK this winter. We've aready had sightings of it this year from 18 gardens taking part in the Garden Butterfly Survey [ Link ] Just a few decades ago, such winter sightings would have been exceedingly rare as the Red Admiral was strictly a summer visitor to Britain and Ireland. Nowadays, it overwinters here in large...
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Our Secret Gardener wants you to do nothing in the garden this month - find out why here [ Link ]
What do trees mean to you?

We need you to help us understand what people want and need from the UK’s trees. Add your voice and help us create the #TreeCharter.

You could tell us about a tree that is special to you, an experience you’ve had in a wood or share your thoughts on how trees and woods make you feel. It can be a short memory or a quick anecdote, or something longer.

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Have you ever seen one of these? The Small Magpie moth is very beautiful with its yellow body and pretty wing markings and as a result is sometimes mistaken for a butterfly if it's disturbed in the daytime.

This micro-moth is common throughout the UK and can be found in gardens and on hedgerows. Although normally spotted between May and September, it has previously been recorded in February...
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Want to help save butterflies and moths?

Did you know that while you shop online, you could raise free donations for Butterfly Conservation?

Supporters of Butterfly Conservation can raise free donations for us simply by shopping online using Give as you Live. Shop at over 4,100 leading online stores including Amazon, eBay, Tesco, John Lewis, Sainsbury's, and Just Eat to name but a few!

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Booking is now open for the UK Butterfly Recorders' Meeting on Saturday 25th March in Birmingham.

This enjoyable and friendly annual meeting organised by Butterfly Conservation is open to anyone interested in the recording, monitoring and conservation of butterflies.

The programme can be viewed and tickets booked at [ Link ]

Photo: Dark Green Fritillary by Iain Leach
The UK's wetlands are vitally important habitats for many species of butterflies and moths [ Link ].

Today is #WorldWetlandsDay, so why not tell us about your favourite wetland?

Photo: Swallowtail by Julian Dowding
We need your t-shirt ideas! What butterfly and moth clothing would you like to see in our shop?

From jumpers, children's clothes, long sleeves, more moths or brighter butterflies please let us know in the comments below!

Our clothing is made by award-winning eco-fashion brand Rapanui from the UK, made from organic cotton in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory. You can see our...
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The first Comma (Polygonia c-album) of the year was spotted flying and basking in the sunshine in Kent at the weekend. While this is the first active, daytime sighting of a Comma in 2017, there was an earlier and very unusual record of one attracted to a moth light-trap in Hertfordshire on 7th January. (Library image by Rachel Scopes)
Munching Caterpillars is back, and this time we are going to town!

Do you have a passion for environmental education and the enthusiasm and knowledge to inspire the next generation?

We are looking for a Project Officer to deliver Munching Caterpillars Goes to Town. Please take a look at our blog for further details and apply by the deadline of 7th February 2017!

[ Link ]
The RSPB Love Nature's #BigGardenBirdwatch starts today! Are you counting this weekend?

Don't miss out - download your free pack now at: [ Link ]