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Does this make you uncomfortable?
Yes? No? Maybe?
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#Books do that to you too? Share if you're 'rarely lonely'!
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What genre do you think you belong to? #JustAsking #YouAreWhatYouRead
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Amen to that. Tag a friend who goes through this dilemma!
#FictionBeforeFact #LoveAtFirstRead
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When it’s already mid-month and you’re stuck with ‘to buy or not to buy’. We’ll say, listen to your heart and grab them all!
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Struck gold lately? Tell us what you're reading right now!
Share if you’ve learned every valuable life lesson through #Books! #ReadingIsLife
#TuesdayTrivia: Jane Austen’s first published novel, ‘Sense and Sensibility’ was attributed as ‘By a Lady’, and her next book, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ was attributed as ‘The Author of Sense and Sensibility’.
May the story of your life unfold with brilliant & happy colors this Holi!
How we wish our #weekend to be!
Think alike? Which book would you love to curl up with?
Thinking of some peculiar reading? We’ve got you covered!
These wacky page turning thrillers will keep you glued till the end! [ Link ]
And that’s how we solve every problem in life. #PotterheadsUnite
The #book-reading zone equals a danger zone. Tread carefully!
A mystery-maniac would know the feeling.
Are you one? What’s your favorite #read? Share with us in the comments below!
That’s how one should make the wisest use of money.
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There are no two ways about it. #BookConfessions
What about you?
That’s how we do it! #OneLove
Good #books holds the power of painting a picture through their words. Has this ever happened to you?