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"EVICTION NOTICE: Please note that your "only-child" status will expire within 18 weeks."

This Woman Announced Her Second Pregnancy By Hilariously Evicting Her First Child
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This is the second time this awards season that Brie Larson, an advocate for sexual assault survivors, has presented Affleck with an award.

Brie Larson Refused To Applaud Casey Affleck When He Won His Oscar
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There's a LOT more to it than just liposuction and boob jobs.

25 Secrets Plastic Surgeons Will Never Tell You
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"Every day, every hour, turn the pain into power"

Which Lyrics Should Be Your Personal Motto?
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"Just stopped in the middle of my run to pet a golden retriever puppy, am I doing fitness right?"

25 Things That Will Make You Say "Me Working Out"
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“I knew I was doing something of substance, but it’s really overwhelming.”

Meet The Man Who Stopped Thousands Of People Becoming HIV-Positive
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This quiz doesn't contain any essay questions, so you really have no excuse. All of these questions are based on real A-Level Psychology exam questions.

Could You Pass A-Level Psychology Now?
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"You can be a guy with a vagina that bleeds for a week every month. There's nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful."

Here's What It's Like To Have A Period When You're Trans
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No need to take a break from breaking wind.

9 Ways You Can Discreetly Fart In Public
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*Creates 12-day holiday itinerary* *Packs an hour before leaving*

23 Things You'll Only Get If You're The Most AND Least Organised Person
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People using prescribed medicinal cannabis will still lose their licence if they test positive when driving.

Cops Will Still Prosecute Drivers Who Take Medicinal Cannabis
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A new study is the first to link genital herpes infection in pregnant women to autism risk in children, adding to a growing list of environmental risk factors for the disorder.

Pregnant Women With Herpes May Be More Likely To Have Kids With Autism
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Ever wonder what 2000 calories looks like? // [ Link ]
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Everybody could use a helping hand during these stressful times.

11 Actual, Working Study Hacks That You Can Use For Your Exams
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Gavin Cueto first came out to his 83-year-old grandmother when he was only eleven — she’s been his biggest supporter ever since.

This Grandmother's Reaction To Her Grandson Coming Out As Trans Is Too Adorable For Words
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