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Warning: Lots of explicit detail ahead.

26 Kinky BDSM Fantasies People Secretly Have
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"Parents won’t recognize their child as a grown-up unless he or she is married."

Here's What A Taiwanese Court Hearing Could Mean For Marriage Equality
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The energy secretary accused Texas A&M student government of using shady election tactics in a “quest for ‘diversity.’”

Rick Perry Is Challenging Texas A&M's Election Of Its First Gay Student Body President
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The head teacher made the decision after students asked why teachers were allowed to wear pants but female students were not.

This Is What Happens When A School Abolishes Gendered Uniforms
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The creators are calling it the “Free Speech Bus” and they’ve decorated it with male and female stick figures along with the slogan: “Boys are boys… and always will be. Girls are girls… and always will be. You can’t change sex. Respect all.”

This Bus Is On A Road Trip To Convince You That Transgender People Aren’t Real
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"Power Rangers" has gotten attention for featuring the “first queer superhero,” and "Beauty and the Beast" was heralded for its “exclusively gay moment.”

But these scenes feel so slight when we actually see them, even though they’re still causing issues overseas.

Hollywood Is Getting Too Much Credit For Tiny Gestures Toward LGBT Inclusivity
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Tag someone who makes you go all googly-eyes
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BuzzFeed asked people to share their most secret sexual fantasies. Here are their open, honest, and very creative answers.

43 Unspeakable Sexual Fantasies People Actually Have
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The lawsuit takes arguments used in the past by transgender students and flips them.

A High School Boy Just Sued Because He Has To Share Bathrooms With A Transgender Student
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New iPad starts at $329 — $70 less than the starting price of the iPad Air 2.

Apple Just Announced An Updated iPad And A (Red) iPhone
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The singer spoke out at a Human Rights Campaign awards dinner.

Katy Perry Reveals She's Definitely Done More Than Just "Kissed A Girl"
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The platform’s “restricted mode” aims to filter sensitive content, but several LGBT vloggers and artists say it’s going too far.

LGBT Stars On YouTube Say Their Content Is Being Unfairly Blocked
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"Hopefully, transgender students in the future won't have to go what I've gone through."

Meet The 17-Year-Old Leading The Trans Student Rights Movement
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BuzzFeed News spoke with three members of New York City’s Anti-Violence Project about the dangers facing trans women of color, at least seven of whom have been killed this year.

The Dangers Facing Trans Women Of Color In 2017
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"No one is actually saying trans women and cis women’s experiences are exactly the same — and that’s because no two women’s experiences are exactly the same."

Trans Women Shouldn’t Have To Constantly Defend Their Own Womanhood