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Were you the best at peer pressuring your friends in school?

If This Sounds Like You Then You Should Work In Sales
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Marshalls South Beach is hosting a grand opening event with a Surprise Block Party for the community presented by Top Knot. Guests can enjoy a complimentary mini makeover, choosing from hair, makeup or nail art, get some health tips from yoga experts and more.

See you at 723 North Lincoln Lane tomorrow, January 19th from 2-8pm for a #marshallssurprise!
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Sofia created an algorithm that helps detect if a patient will suffer from prescription side effects.

10 Middle Schoolers Who Will Make The World A Better Place
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“Say ‘I love you’ more.” — Carter, 8

17 Things We Should Focus On In 2017, According To Kids
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Do you know any young scientists in grades 5–8? Check out the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge to find out how to enter the 2017 competition!

Which Groundbreaking Scientific Discovery Will You Be Known For?
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When you have 16 in blackjack, and you're not sure whether you should hit or stay...

13 Faces Everyone Who's Had Money Riding On A Game Will Recognize
The Six People Who Tell You What To Watch

When everyone in your life is recommending a show, get the Amazon Fire TV Stick and find what you want to watch with Alexa Voice Remote. [ Link ]
Ridiculous Ways To Stretch Your Money Until Payday

YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT. That is, you will if you’re smart and open to unconventional methods.
Have a pawesome new year! Give your pups some love by getting pet insurance with GEICO.

Literally Just 31 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs To Start Your Year Off Right
Everything is better in pairs. Match all the cash back you earn your first year at [ Link ] for new cardmembers only.
These sushi push pins will help you get your real-life Pinterest boards together.

21 Useful Things That’ll Make Next Semester So Much Better
"The super-breathable fabric keeps me cool and not drenched. This is a first!"

We Tried Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Gear To See How It Feels
31 Million girls of primary school age are excluded from classroom learning.

11 Facts About Girls' Education That Will Surprise You
Calling all LA Families: Join BuzzFeed and Amazon Prime Video for a magical, fun-filled family screening event in LA on Saturday, January 7th to celebrate the second season of the Amazon Original Just Add Magic!

All ages welcome but you must be a parent or guardian (18+) to register your party. Space is limited, RSVP here: [ Link ]
Pumpkin Cheesecake 4 Ways

Get the ingredients at your local Walmart: [ Link ]
Bacon Treats 4 Ways

Get the ingredients at your local Walmart: [ Link ]