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LIVE: Vigil from London's Trafalgar Square for victims of yesterday's terror attack outside UK Parliament.

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"I feel very far away and very strange not being at home. All I want to do today is just be at home and be with my friends and family."

Adele Dedicated A Song To The London Attack Victims During Emotional On Stage Tribute
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BREAKING: Khalid Masood, 52, is named as the man who killed three people and injured around 40 others in the Westminster attack.

This Is The Man Behind The Westminster Attack
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This MP gave an emotional tribute to his good friend police officer Keith Palmer who died in the London terror attack.
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KATIE PRICEs son Harvey, who was born blind and has multiple disabilities, has once again become the target of mockery and abuse online.

People Are Using The London Attacks To Troll This Celeb's Disabled Son
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Little hetero things: Colour coding your infant children.

24 Jokes About Straight People That Are Hilariously Accurate
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London police revised death toll from Westminster attack to four people - including the attacker.

Live Updates: At Least Four Killed And 29 Injured In Suspected Westminster Terror Attack
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"We crawled, hands and knees, back to a safety position."

How British MPs Crawled On Hands And Knees To Escape Westminster Attack
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How to respond when someone says to you "cheer up, love"?

"You could just tell them to fuck off."

James Blunt's Advice On How To Clap Back In Shitty Scenarios Is All You'll Ever Need
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Red Nose Day Actually will be shown in the UK this Friday and in the US in May. The trailer provides instant nostalgia. (Warning: small spoilers).

The Teaser Trailer For The Follow-Up To "Love Actually" Is Finally Here
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"I heard the screaming so ran to help and the police ran me in," Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya told BuzzFeed UK News.

The First Doctor On The Scene At Westminster Was Off-Duty When Attack Happened
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LATEST: The police confirm that a police officer was among four victims killed during an attack in Westminster.

A Police Officer Has Died Following An Attack Outside Parliament
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ON THE SCENE: Video and photos show aftermath of the suspected terror attack in Westminster
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BREAKING: At least one person has been shot by police outside the UK's Houses of Parliament, according to multiple eyewitness reports on social media.

Live Updates: At Least Three Killed And 20 Injured In Suspected Westminster Terror Attack
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