A sweet tribute and important message. We love the Mahe family. So glad to have them so much a part of the BYU family.
Our best elective classes? Here's what students told us:
Wilderness Trek
World Religions
Interior Plants and Landscapes
The Science and Practice of Positive Living
French and Italian Cinema

Six Must-Take Elective Classes at BYU

Warm weather giving us that glimmer of hope in the midst of midterms.
It was an exciting weekend for many future Cougars who found out they were admitted to BYU. Take a look at a compilation of some of our favorite 2017 #BYUBound posts. We love reliving this excitement and enthusiasm every year.

#BYUBound 2017 (with images, tweets) · BYU

That did not disappoint. Better catch up if you missed it.
Tonight's the night! Admission decisions are just about ready to roll out. Excited to see the next round of #BYUBound students.

Follow BYU Admissions for more info throughout the day.
Since 2011, BYU nursing professor Julie Valentine has been researching the issues surrounding sexual assault kit processing and has been working with law enforcement agencies to improve the process. Her work is now getting national attention after some encouraging results: submission of kits in Utah have improved from a rate of 38 to 75 percent.

This State Just Took A Huge Step Toward Solving More Rapes

"Virtual reality has the potential to really offer solutions to some of the problems in this world, and BYU can be a leader in that regard." See the cool stuff BYU engineering professors and students are doing with VR.
Congrats BYU Basketball on beating the nation's No. 1 team on their home floor!
BYU's Copyright Licensing Office wants to ask you... What things would you rather do than analyze fair use? If you're looking to use music in a video of yours, repurpose someone else's video footage, or use a logo to document history, they can help! Celebrate #fairuseweek2017! Check out or search the hashtag #fairuseweek for more info and activities during the week.
It's BYU Engineering and Technology Week. More than 1,000 middle and high school students were on campus today as part of BYU Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology outreach efforts.

Pictured here, BYU students are promoting Chip Camp, a three-day science and engineering camp at BYU for youth who complete seventh or eighth grade in 2017: [ Chipcamp.byu.edu Link ]. Registration...
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Provo City is committed to improving air quality and want to help BYU students and faculty join the cause too. To help lessen inversion during the winter months you can do these things: 1) Buy a cleaner car, 2) Drive less, and 3) Make your home low-emission. Check out provocleanair.org to learn more.

How you can help reduce winter inversions in Utah

Taking law enforcement into the new age, BYU engineering professors created an origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield that guards against oncoming bullets. See how it works in this video:
So, the BYU Office of Information Technology really loves you on this Valentine's Day and made you this incredible video to prove it. Did you know you can now call, text or chat with Alex Boye'...errrrr...campus operators?
At the start of this Valentine's Day, we give a tip of the hat to all of those MVP bridesmaids out there.

BYU senior named 'bridesmaid of the year' after she shares hilarious bridal photo on Reddit

It's #BYUHonorWeek. Head to honor.byu.edu for video features from students, professors, athletes and coaches around campus talking about what honor means to them. Also see a schedule of events in Brigham Square and the JFSB quad each day.
BYU Professors Rick Jellen and Jeff Maughan are making international news after mapping the genome of quinoa, as seen here from BBC News.

Quinoa genome could see 'super-food' prices tumble - BBC News

Was BYU your first pick when you were applying to college? Looks like it's a popular "first-choice school" in many students' eyes and is tied for No.2 in the nation for Universities Where Students Are Eager to Enroll.

Universities, Colleges Where Students Are Eager to Enroll

Like Conan O'Brien says, "If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." Congrats Studio C! Can't wait to watch this.