Provo City is committed to improving air quality and want to help BYU students and faculty join the cause too. To help lessen inversion during the winter months you can do these things: 1) Buy a cleaner car, 2) Drive less, and 3) Make your home low-emission. Check out to learn more.

How you can help reduce winter inversions in Utah
Taking law enforcement into the new age, BYU engineering professors created an origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield that guards against oncoming bullets. See how it works in this video:
So, the BYU Office of Information Technology really loves you on this Valentine's Day and made you this incredible video to prove it. Did you know you can now call, text or chat with Alex Boye'...errrrr...campus operators?
At the start of this Valentine's Day, we give a tip of the hat to all of those MVP bridesmaids out there.

BYU senior named 'bridesmaid of the year' after she shares hilarious bridal photo on Reddit
It's #BYUHonorWeek. Head to for video features from students, professors, athletes and coaches around campus talking about what honor means to them. Also see a schedule of events in Brigham Square and the JFSB quad each day.
BYU Professors Rick Jellen and Jeff Maughan are making international news after mapping the genome of quinoa, as seen here from BBC News.

Quinoa genome could see 'super-food' prices tumble - BBC News
Was BYU your first pick when you were applying to college? Looks like it's a popular "first-choice school" in many students' eyes and is tied for No.2 in the nation for Universities Where Students Are Eager to Enroll.

Universities, Colleges Where Students Are Eager to Enroll
Like Conan O'Brien says, "If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." Congrats Studio C! Can't wait to watch this.
It's game day at the Marriott Center as for the first time in BYU history, the No. 1 team in the nation is playing in Provo. Students have been camping out all week for the best seats. You can watch BYU-Gonzaga tonight on ESPN2. Late tip at 9 p.m. MST.
In case you were wondering about that helicopter that flew over campus today ... Happy Signing Day!
Breakfast: 6 Starburst. Lunch: A couple Pringles dipped in guacamole. Dinner: Ramen Noodles. Sound about right? What does/did your college diet consist of? New research from BYU's Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science explored the distinction between real meals, meals and snacks. Read more to find out how healthy eating and real meals in college are possible, easy and important.

Hey students, when is the last time you had a real meal?
New ranking: BYU is the No. 1 law school in the country for return on investment, followed by The University of Texas at Austin and Yale University.

Which law schools offer the best and worst return on investment?
su路per路ca路li路fra路gil路is路tic路ex路pi路a路li路do路cious (adjective): extraordinarily good; wonderful.
That's one way to describe BYU's Department of Theatre and Media Art's latest show, Mary Poppins! Check out this clip of some of the talent you could see and buy your tickets now at for one of the shows starting today, January 26 to February 4. You won't want to miss it!
Studying linguistics was cool even before Amy Adams played a linguist in Arrival Movie. BYU linguistics professor Dirk Elzinga may not have the eight Oscar nominations that the smash hit movie has, but like Adams鈥 character, he's breaking down and documenting a foreign language. It鈥檚 work that鈥檚 helping others understand the complexities of languages and human understanding.

'Arrival' Oscar noms got you pumped about linguistics?
Snapchat policy changes are in work because of the efforts of a BYU graduate's petition! Malissa Richardson, a BYU human development and non-profit management graduate, started the #NoThanksSnapchat petition to give users the option to opt out of sexually explicit stories and headlines. With 2,600 signatures within six hours and now a total of 26,000 signatures from all around the world,...
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Snapchat changes policy after BYU graduate鈥檚 petition
鈥淎ll of us need to step outside of our comfort zones, but it鈥檚 a mistake to turn ourselves inside out and be something that we鈥檙e not.鈥

Really fascinating #BYUDevo and Q&A today with Susan Cain, co-founder of Quiet Revolution. A lot of great information about introverts, extroverts, and how we can best work together.

Take The Quiet Revolution Personality Test that Susan referenced here, to...
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For most folks in the United States and Europe, the thought of eating bugs is repulsive. For the majority of people everywhere else, it鈥檚 just part of life. See how and why BYU food scientists are making crickets more palatable. Full story here: [ Link ].
Take a peek at how the BYU community celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday.
But first, let me take a selfie! What kind of selfie taker are you鈥攁 Communicator, an Auto-Biographer, or a Self-Publicist? Find out in this recent study conducted by BYU communications master鈥檚 students. They were curious about what motivates people to photograph themselves in a selfie-saturated social media culture. Read the story and learn more here: [ Link ]

What kind of selfie taker are you?