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Choosing between taking the #ACT and #SAT can be a hard choice. Check out our blog to get some more information and help with making this important choice.

Chosing Between the ACT and SAT | Independent Study
BYU Independent Study
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#Scholarships are a great way to help with the costs of your education. Check out this list of scholarships that are due in March 2017 and get saving money:

Deadline In March 2017 Scholarships
Every student's goal is to be successful, and that starts with studying. Follow these tips to have more successful study sessions:

10 Habits of Successful Students
The best way to learn something is by applying it in your life. The same goes for being loving! Happy Valentine's Day!
With our FREE student finance class learn the value of establishing goals, creating spending plans, and how to invest. Check it out:
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PFIN 75: Student Finance
Did you know that we offer online AP courses? Click the link below to see which classes we offer and learn more:

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses | Independent Study
Prepping for the ACT or college is hard.....unless you have an awesome camp to show you how to succeed! Sign up here: [ Link ]

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"My message to you today is that truth does exist, it does matter, and it can be discerned." - President Kevin. J Worthen

“The Pursuit of All Truth”
Working hard on your assignments now will ensure that you are more successful in the future!
Memorizing facts for tests can be both boring and difficult. But this ancient memorization method may be just what you need to liven up your study sessions and help you get better grades on your tests:

An Ancient and Proven Way to Improve Memorization; Go Ahead and Try It
Now that school has started up again, so have exams. Don't let that test anxiety get you down, follow these steps to beat it and get the grades that you deserve:
Study what you want, when you want with BYU Independent Study.
It's never too early to start preparing for college, but it can be hard to decide where to go. Get some direction on choosing which school to attend:

UtahFutures | School
On days when you have tons of reading assignments for school, remember how the ability to read really is a blessing. Happy studying!

How technology allowed me to read
Starting a new semester can be a little chaotic! Take some of these tips to help make it a smooth start:

3 challenges of starting a new semester and how to master them
BYU Independent Study was ranked #8 in the top 25 Best Value Online High Schools! Check out what Value Colleges had to say about our programs: [ Link ]

Top 25 Best Online High Schools for 2017 | Value Colleges
We met online.....but it's not what you think

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Education is more than just learning facts, it is also about building you up as a person. Have a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Having some trouble deciding on a future major? Find the section that best matches your personality for some ideas:
Remember that what you put your efforts into now will pay off in the future! Especially your education!