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#Studying for online classes can be difficult. Follow these tips to be successful:

5 Tips for Better Online Study
BYU Independent Study
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Happy first day of spring! It's finally time to get outdoors, enjoy the sun and travel! Let BYU-IS help you take classes at the same time!
BYU Independent Study
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Are you planning on #traveling this summer? Check out these tips for how to adjust to a foreign place:

How to fit in when you stand out: Don’t try so hard
With BYU-IS, you can travel anywhere and still get your #education! So start booking your summer trips now and sign up for your classes!
Spring is almost here! Take advantage of the nice weather and study outside this week! #StudyAnywhere
Spring is almost here! Take advantage of the nice weather and study outside this week! #StudyAnywhere
With spring getting closer, now is the perfect time to start preparing your garden. Check out our FREE #gardening course:

Gardening 71: Planning and Preparing Your Garden
BYU engineering students have been doing some cool things with #VirtualReality. Check it out:

Engineering students use virtual reality to develop aerospace and defense solutions
Have you ever wanted to learn more about your family? Now is the time with our FREE intro to family history class! Check it out:

Family History Genealogy 70: Introduction to Family History Research
Did you hear about the awesome work that BYU engineering professors have done for law enforcement protection? Learn more here:

BYU engineers built a bulletproof origami shield to protect law enforcement
The skills you develop as a student in high school will carry over to your further education, so make sure you work hard to develop them now!

Top 10 Skills for High-School Students
Every day is a new day to create something. What will you do with your new day?
Did you hear about the discovery of the seven earth-size planets? Want to understand more? Learn about space and planets with our astronomy class:

Descriptive Astronomy | Independent Study
Choosing between taking the #ACT and #SAT can be a hard choice. Check out our blog to get some more information and help with making this important choice.

Chosing Between the ACT and SAT | Independent Study
#Scholarships are a great way to help with the costs of your education. Check out this list of scholarships that are due in March 2017 and get saving money:

Deadline In March 2017 Scholarships
Every student's goal is to be successful, and that starts with studying. Follow these tips to have more successful study sessions:

10 Habits of Successful Students
The best way to learn something is by applying it in your life. The same goes for being loving! Happy Valentine's Day!
With our FREE student finance class learn the value of establishing goals, creating spending plans, and how to invest. Check it out:
#BYUIS #OnlineClass

PFIN 75: Student Finance
Did you know that we offer online AP courses? Click the link below to see which classes we offer and learn more:

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses | Independent Study
Prepping for the ACT or college is hard.....unless you have an awesome camp to show you how to succeed! Sign up here: [ Link ]

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