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#GearUp Year End is Approaching !!
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The implementation of GST would be a milestone for the Indian economy that is expected to cause overall growth in the long run, subject to few temporary adverse impact on portion of the industry say those who are currently enjoying the tax exemption

How to do 'GST impact study' of a Small and Medium Enterprise
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GST has been an attempt to put an end to aforesaid challenges and that's why is it quoted that 'GST is not just a tax reform but a business reform'.

GST Simplified Series 1: Concept, Scope & Applicability
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Let not the usual stop you from taking risks. #Motivation
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We are at the 2nd Annual ADR, Compliance & Competition Law Summit today.
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The basic principle of GST is that it should effectively tax the consumption of supplies at the destination or at the point of consumption. So place of supply provision determines the place

Place of Supply of Goods and Services under GST
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As per Model Law, banks having branches in multiple States and Union Territories (UTs) will be required to register in each such State and UT.

Impact of GST on Banking Sector
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Do you know how much Income Tax returns have been filed this year? Our processes, even refunds have definitely fastened with E-filing system in place!
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Here by I am sharing something which I have a clear understanding about the obvious question that will be raised to every ca final student 'How do I clear in this attempt?

The Ultimate Guide to CA Final
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#Aadhar to be made mandatory !!
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Recent news on approving merger of Vodafone & Idea at their board level has given many questions related to its accounting under the new framework i.e. Ind AS.

Option to buy Shares given - Vodafone Idea Merger
The #GST law will be the biggest #reform in the area of Indirect Taxes in the history of independent India. 4 bills stand approved already.
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Input-Tax-Credit (ITC) is Our Cash account of #GST which needs very clear understanding.

Early morning walk with GST
Ignoring Institute's Study Material and Practice Manual by relying blindly on reference books you are putting more effort to cover some irrelevant topics that are not required for examination. The Institutes material is a bible for scoring exemption

Common mistakes made in CA exams
#AcceptChallenges #CAStudents #Motivation :)
GST could be the biggest tax reform in India replacing existing Indirect taxes such as Excise, Value Added Tax (VAT), Service tax, etc., into one taxation system GST.

Impact of GST on ERP System in India
Indian Start-ups and other legal experts are shocked at a very disturbing trend relating to gross misuse of law. Recently, Chennai Police did a mid-night arrest of founder of a famous start up - Stayzilla

Stayzilla case explained in simple terms
In an attempt to curb black money and run the government’s welfare programs smoothly, FM Arun Jaitley in his budget speech announced some restrictions on cash transactions up to a certain limit.

Restriction on cash transactions
It's very important to file error free Income Tax Return to avoid future problems. Let's see the most commonly committed mistakes those could be avoided.

10 Common Mistakes People make when filing Income Tax Returns