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Attention men! Are you the type that likes to suit up and wear a tie every day or do you prefer something a bit more… alternative?
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Meet Kayombo Magadla, entrepreneur and owner of Yuppie Threads and be inspired!
#TBT to when a certain R&B legend belted out these powerful, unforgettable lyrics. Can you guess the artist?
Clue: She’s simply the best!
Today we’re talking head wrap game...
Where would you rate yours between 1 and 10?
Have something to say to someone special? Say it with a delicious P.S. Bar!
New year, new beauty routine! Been skimping on positive beauty habits? Follow these five simple rules for the rest of 2017…
We’re knocking on the door of a brand new year. Tell us how you are going to SHINE in 2017.
“Find the thing that you love and that you are good at to help others”, wise words from Erato Mbangeni from S'Godi Cares. Watch the video and let us know how you like to help people around you.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Add a little sweetness to your Christmas stockings, slip a sweet P.S. message in and tell your loved ones you adore them.
Do you have any clothes that deserve to shine this December, but they are just ‘not you’ anymore? Swop them or give them to S'Godi Cares. Lerato and her team are looking to make your thrifting style a chance to give back and get some glam for yourself. Here she is to tell us more:
All the best this festive season, lovelies.
What are the little things that matter most to you?
P.S. Belief is infectious. The more you believe in yourself, the more others will believe in you.
Which P.S. Bar message would you sneak into your favourite person’s handbag?
When you get that message that makes your heart melt like chocolate on a hot summer day
Stay chic this summer with these key items that will keep you cool and looking professional.