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Tell us what yo love about Cake Decorating.
March 1st - Start thinking about easter. We are......
Wow just wow! Seriously!!!
Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so.......

Does anyone has some amazing Pancake day recipe ideas ?


Pancake day cake inspiration - > thats double cake in our book!
Is it really March in 3 days?

What's your biggest Cake Decorating success of the year so far and what do you have planned for spring time baking?
What do you make your cake toppers with? Boiled sweeties? Cardboard? We need a little inspiration!!
These little toadstool cakes would be perfect for a little one's birthday party!!
These ombre mini cakes are perfect for Spring! If you want to see the how-to for these cakes on the Simple Stylish Makes blog then like this post!
We can't wait for the first signs of Spring!
We love Fashion Week so much that we decided to share these Couture Cookies on the Simple Stylish Makes (GB) blog. Take a look now!

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Bake A Treat: Couture Cookies - Stylish uk
We feel like rocking out with these brilliant cupcake toppers!
This cake is the perfect cake for a beautiful celebration!
How gorgeous is this? inspired by the sunshine outside our office window today. x
How gorgeous is this? inspired by the sunshine outside our office window today. x
Did you know: Intensely fruit-flavoured, freeze-dried fruit powder is available from specialist whole food shops and online culinary stores. You can also use it to flavour macarons and ice cream.
#Valentines day might be over but everyday is the perfect day to share the #love! Find our handy how-to for these LOVEly cookies on Simple Stylish Makes (GB) by following the link below:

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Marbled Heart Cookies - Stylish uk
Happy Valentines day makers, bakers and shakers!! We hope you have a brilliant day. Why no try making these beautiful iced sponge squares for your loved ones?


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Bake a Treat: Iced Sponge Squares - Stylish uk
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Hello there little guys.

Whats your favourite characters to bake?