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Which of today's Spring Sweets is your favorite? [ Link ]

(I'm all about the orange poppies!)
Cake Wrecks
03/24/2017 at 20:19. Facebook
The Greatest American Hero and the Indecent Porn Proposal: [ Link ]

(Who's humming the theme song now? Am I the only one that old?)
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Heidi wanted a pizza cake - like this, only NOT disgusting. Sadly, she fell for one of the classic blunders: [ Link ]

("Never go in against a Sicillian when PIZZA is on the line!") (Let's hope it didn't have any Iocane powder in it.) (And please tell me someone is getting these references.)
Cake Wrecks
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Completely Inappropriate - But Super Hilarious - First Birthday Cakes: [ Link ]

(Hooters & Peter's Johnson for the win! Bahaha!)
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03/21/2017 at 19:18. Facebook
Brandy ordered this edible image of Moana for her daughter's cake. So how do you mess that up?

Oh... LIKE THIS: [ Link ]

(That's a new one! Ha!)
Cake Wrecks
03/20/2017 at 18:23. Facebook
Fingers? Leeches? What do you see? [ Link ]

Also, I freely admit #5's unintentional wang is kinda subtle. But pointing these things out is MY JOB - and you totally saw it anyway.
These 10 Beauty and the Beast Cakes Will Make Your Sunday Sweet: [ Link ] (Sorry, no grey stuff.)

And wait'll you see the other side of this one! Swoon!
St. Patrick's Day Just Got A Whole Lot Happier: [ Link ]
The sidebar ads are killin' it today: [ Link ]

Also, in my head canon today's cake was for the little girl who busted in on her dad's Skype interview. Because HOW PERFECT WOULD THAT BE??
Our Favorite Things: [ Link ]

(Better put the coffee down before you get to the "spaghetti." o.0)
Becky's retirment cake was SUPPOSED to look like a Snickers bar, not patriotic camoflage: [ Link ]

(Srsly, why is it *green*??)
Happy Ken Day! Maybe don't read this at work: [ Link ]
Because being grown-up is overrated:

10 Kids' Cakes Adults Will Want, Too. [ Link ]

(That baby elephant! Squee! And rainbow kitty Pusheen! DOUBLE SQUEE!)

And in actual cake news, let's talk about *just how wild* this one-year-old's cake turned out: [ Link ] (HEYOOOOO.)
Happy Barbie Day! Let's celebrate with her "best" half-baked moments: [ Link ]

(You know I wanted to post #7 here, but not today, Facebook Ban Hammer. NOT TODAY.)
I want to hug this Vader cake, it's so adorably bad, but you guys, that last one is *Miss Piggy*?? Really? HOW?? [whimper] [ Link ]

(Her side view is my favorite. The tail! Ha! Is it wrong that I want a plush made in her likeness? You know, to break the ice at parties?)
NSFW pastry AND jokes about The Great British Baking Show? YES. Because I love you: [ Link ]
Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH icing? Weigh in - and sing along - with Sharyn's most brilliant song parody yet: [ Link ]

(Granted, I'm biased: I love Tangled.)

[FUN FACT: Sharyn had an entire second verse I had to cut, because she was up to 15 cakes. o.0 It was friggin' brilliant, though, and if you ask nicely I bet she'll share the lyrics in the comments. ;)]
10 Stunning One-Tier Cakes Prove Size Isn't Everything: [ Link ]

That's right, no sculpted or stacked designs today; just one tier cakes with jaw-dropping decorations! Anyone else feeling inspired?

(I love #1, 7, & 9 - what's your favorite?)
If you've ever corrected someone's grammar in the comment section, then this one's for you: [ Link ]

(WHERE MY OXFORD COMMA HOMIES AT?? Tag your favorite grammar geek!)