Cake Wrecks
02/24/2017 at 18:34. Facebook
UGH. [ Link ]

How long did it take YOU to catch #3? And please, be specific. I need to make John feel silly.
Cake Wrecks
02/23/2017 at 18:27. Facebook
Horse Wrecks + Limericks = Pure Lolz. Saddle up! [ Link ]

(Anyone else need that last unicorn one stitched on a pillow? :D)
Cake Wrecks
02/22/2017 at 20:47. Facebook
DON'T LOOK IN THE CUP. Don't do it!!!

Or, y'know, click here to look in the cup: [ Link ] (Just set down your *own* cup first. Trust me.)
Cake Wrecks
02/21/2017 at 18:07. Facebook
John had some fun with Photoshop today: [ Link ]

(Civil War is my favorite. Cap's expression! Ha!)
Cake Wrecks
02/20/2017 at 19:07. Facebook
Cake Wrecks
02/19/2017 at 18:59. Facebook
My favorite Sweets in ages! Rainbows & unicorns, squee!

These 10 Unicorn Treats Will Make Your Sunday Magically Delicious: [ Link ]
I haven't seen The Lego Batman Movie yet, so you tell me: is this right? o.0

Also twice the literal LOLz & my favorite Portal wreck ever, right here: [ Link ]

Happy Friday, minions!
They just wanted pretty zebra stripes, like this.

Instead, these 8 people got sperm, smears, and whatever those things are on #5: [ Link ] o.O
I'd be offended if I weren't so confused: [ Link ]

("Fun in the Sun" is the new Where's Waldo. Is that a tiny Stormtrooper in there??)
Not feelin' the love today? Then try THESE Valentines on for *sighs.* [ Link ]

(Screaming kid on a motorcycle is my patronus today.)
We're back from the hospital and John's tied down and drugged up. CAKE TIME! [ Link ] :D

(To the person who wanted to know why the camel was wearing a diaper: bless you. I needed that.)
10 Lovable Valentine's Cakes To Make Your Sunday Sweet: [ Link ]

(Aww, the pink buttons one! SO CUTE.)
They wanted this Brush Embroidery design, but GOT a life lesson from Ron Swanson: [ Link ]

(Well, and also a wreck. But that goes without saying, right?)
Bakers Are Making Celebrity Mashup Wrecks And It's Friggin' Hilarious: [ Link ]

Feel free to check my math here, but I think I'm on to something.

(SALVADOR SMURF FOR THE WIN - or the nightmares? o.0)
There's a .gif linked to in this post of a baby cake being cut, and you DO NOT want to click on it. Or... maybe you do? Hey, no judgement here. [ Link ]
Cake Wrecks + Photoshop = Everything Your Tuesday Needs: [ Link ]

(Jurassic Park is the best. Or maybe Nemo. :D)
Who sees a jumping cat in boxer shorts? And needs more ludicrous displays like #4? [ Link ]
Are You Team Super Bowl or Superb Owls? Either way, these 10 gorgeous cakes have got you covered! [ Link ]
The Top 10 Reactions To Your Facebook Feed This Week... In Cake: [ Link ]

(Which one(s) are you? I'm the Snopes Giraffe, all the way.)
This is what they wanted. It's a little odd, I'll grant you. But wait'll you see the *wrecked* version: [ Link ]

Also E.T. hands wedding cake & camouflaged camo! Ahh, I love me some Missed Marks.