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Cake Wrecks
yesterday at 21:33. Facebook
Because Everything Is Better With Adorable Penguin Cakes: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(The frumpy owl at the end is totally me today. What's your fav?)
Cake Wrecks
01/13/2017 at 18:47. Facebook
Sure, let's go with that: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(John was *highly* disapproving of my donut puns today, you guys. It's like he wants to FRITTER away my genius!)
Cake Wrecks
01/12/2017 at 20:50. Facebook
When you order this adorable unicorn cake, but get a phallic-topped "Mister (Sex) Ed" instead: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
Cake Wrecks
01/11/2017 at 19:27. Facebook
You guys, this is what the customer WANTED. o.0 What she got instead is far less terrifying, but so, so much funnier: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
Cake Wrecks
01/10/2017 at 19:47. Facebook
Well, Poop. [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

Anyone get the Beetlejuice reference today? Or was that just me?
Cake Wrecks
01/09/2017 at 20:27. Facebook
10 GORGEOUS Geek Sweets For Your Sunday! [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(The Beauty and the Beast cake at the end blew my mind. Which is your favorite?)
Christmas Lives On In Our Hearts And Santa's Wang Nose: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(I just saw John's "Missile Toe" update at the bottom, and it is glorious. But for the record, that is not - I repeat, NOT - our toe.)
What these bakers did to Hello Kitty is sad, and Curious George is traumatizing, but it's the Minnie that's my favorite: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ] [evil grin]
"Scroto Baggins" is officially my favorite new euphemism: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
The first day back after a holiday is the WORST.

Here, have some "drive-by sploogings" to make it better: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(Who deciphered the scribbly one? And who's ready to throw things at me? :D)
Plague-riddled unicorns, half-a-mermaid, and other things to look forward to in 2017: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
This New Year I *WILL* eat more balanced meals. (This counts, right?)

I'll also appreciate the sweeter things in life, like these 10 gorgeous cakes! [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
The Best NSFW Wrecks of 2016: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(I mean, they're *mostly* safe for work. So go ahead. LIVE A LITTLE.;))
I think we all know the answer to this question. :D

More Of The Best Cake Wrecks Of 2016:
[ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
The Best Literal LOLs of 2016: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

Raise a glass, and serve #3. ;)
This is the only reasonable reaction to #3, since I think those are *real*. 0.o

[ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
It's time for our "yearly" Kwanzaa tradition, y'all: the cake that made Cake Wrecks' history: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
Merry Christmas and Happy Sunday, everyone!

Here are 10 ADORABLE cakes to celebrate: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(I think the little elves are my favorite. You?)

Plus *this* situation: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ] o.0