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Cake Wrecks
today at 01:42. Facebook
I forgot to update earlier, but in my defense, you REALLY don't want to see this: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(The irony here is you'll need a *mental* bath afterward. Ha!)
Cake Wrecks
12/04/2016 at 21:18. Facebook
Sorry guys, no cakes today... because it's National COOKIE Day! So come see 12 of the most *gorgeous* cookie creations: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(The sliced agate/rock cookies are mind-blowing - who else would be afraid to take a bite?)
Cake Wrecks
12/02/2016 at 19:27. Facebook
NOBODY TOUCH THAT GRAVY: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
Cake Wrecks
12/01/2016 at 18:23. Facebook
They wanted this dinosaur cake. But instead... [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(CURSE YOUR SUDDEN BUT INEVITABLE BETRAYAL, BAKERS. Though the turkey "waddle" non-pun is my favorite today.)
Cake Wrecks
11/30/2016 at 18:21. Facebook
9 Literal Cakes To Make Your Wednesday Awesomely Wreckier: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(The "no periods" one written in red - bahaha! And I can't believe how often bakers include "thanks" at the end. 0.o)
Cake Wrecks
11/29/2016 at 18:44. Facebook
This is Peppa Pig. You can probably imagine how a baker might accidentally make Peppa NSFW... but trust me, seeing is better: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

They asked for this, but got... liquefied pool noodles?... instead. Seriously, bakers, how do you GET that texture? [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(Also up: why you never bring the Pentagon cupcakes.)
Black Friday shopping got you down?

Here, let's look at awesome cakes instead! [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
Bakers, we need to talk. [ Cakewrecks.com Link ] 0.o

(THOSE DONUTS. Amirite?)
Today's post is this .gif in cake (wreck) form. ENJOY. [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

Also included: a reader named Rachel (NO REALLY) dressed as a turkey leg. I love you people.
7 Cakes That Are Almost - But Not Quite - Entirely Unlike Turkeys: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(The spread-eagle is my favorite. Anyone else see it & say, "Ouch"?)
12 Fantastic SWEETS And Where To Find Them: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

Firecrabs and Monster Books and Trolls, oh my! Share with a friend who loves Harry Potter!
Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! They just don't make you like they used to: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(And stop looking at Minnie like that, #6; you're creeping us out.)
John's stick-figure baker is my new hero: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(The random blue balloons are breaking my brain. Just me?)
Anyone else notice the tiger's front leg? Because Pooh is hilarious, the circus tent made me snort, but this expression made my whole dang day: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
They gave the baker this photo, but made the mistake of adding, "Make it as Mexican as possible." So how do you make this cake *more* Mexican?

Like this: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]
Now see what the baker wrote instead: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ] :D
These 12 Sweets Will Teach You A (Delicious) Lesson: [ Cakewrecks.com Link ]

(Never thought I'd say this, but King Tut made me swoon!)