We almost in the month of Valentine. And I love these cakes. Reminds me of "I wrote a letter to my love......" (and hopefully on the way you don't drop it!)
White cake with love: [ Facebook.com Link ]
White cake with red heart: [ Facebook.com Link ]
What the Duff?.....and he has been such a gentleman about it! What do you think of plagiarizing someone else's work? Under instructions or not. I don't think there is an excuse. NO....I won't copy regardless....easy as saying that. Speeches or cakes, it doesn't cut with me.
[ Ndtv.com Link ]
So if i want to watch a video or share an fb photo i have to use data? Facebook or Vodacom?
This coloured corn is just beautiful.....it grows that way, but sadly it apparently only pops white!!....but it is truly pretty. Like little strung pearls of joy and sushine.
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