If you live in or near Cardiff, I bet you will be paying a visit. Bet long ques on a Monday morning.

Coffee shop opens for non-morning people - Grumpy Fuckers

Had my first taste of one of these babies last week. What have I been missing out on?
Somewhere in the world it is Mothers Day......so have a great one!
Big love to all you moms from South Africa.
Tea set cupcake: [ Cupcakesgallery.com Link ]
Buttercream flower cakes:
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Have a beautiful weekend. Xxx Whatever it takes...
You have never baked if you haven't been trashed by your mixer!
Me watching baking and cooking shows! We all do it, don't we?
Recipe M & M cake:
[ Betterwithmms.com Link ]
Geode chocolate eggs with the most awesome surprise sugar crystals. Took 6 months for the crystals to grow. You know I love inside surprise things....so go watch the video. Such fun!!
[ Morefm.co.nz Link ]
Time to think Easter.....fun season to be baking.
Recipe: Rainbow slice
[ Thegunnysack.com Link ]
Recipe and method simple bunny cake:
[ Foodandwine.com Link ]
Cupcake bunnies [ Womansday.com Link ]
Incredible Hand Painting. See video posted below this post to get the real feel of the transformation in progress.
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Have Kitchen Aid.....Will airbrush. We decorate cakes, Nicole decorates Kitchen Aids....and then some. Not the decal job...the real deal. Awesome!
But then again, nothing takes half the time that you think it will take at the outset. Shall we just call it an occupational hazard?
I always wanted to do the dragon thing......and blow steam out of my nose!
Not sure about toothpicks hidden in this creation, but loving the hidden goodies!
1000 kg bags of sugar. And the truck was packed front to back. If the vehicle wasn't going so slowly, I guess I might have called it a sugar rush.