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The stakes are high when it comes to bidding on 36 Rangeland Derby Drivers. Catch all the 2017 GMC Rangeland Derby Canvas Auction action Live tonight, starting at 5pm!
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In honour of National Puppy Day, check out this vintage Stampede throwback! Back in the 1950s, way before we had the Dog Bowl, we had Jay Sisler and his performing Australian Shepherds.
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What was the first year you came to the Calgary Stampede? Tell us your favorite thing you remember about it!
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Every little horse needs a little cowgirl!
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Happy first day of Spring! We are that much closer to Summer and the 2017 Calgary Stampede.
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Here's a Calgary Stampede Chuckwagons fun fact for you! Feeding and training programs are paramount to the health of the horses. Vets check their teeth, chiropractors and massage therapists take care of them. Many drivers joke that they take better care of their horses than they do themselves – but it’s not often a joke.
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March 12-18th is Canadian Agriculture Safety Week! At the Calgary Stampede we have made a commitment to educating our rural youth about farm safe practices in an effort to keep our community farmers and their families free from injury.

Are you a teacher of a class in the range of grade 6 – 9? Register today to participate in the 2nd annual Farm Safety Day at Stampede Park on Tuesday, May...
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This commercial for the 1991 Calgary Stampede still stands true today!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Irish Cowboys and Cowgirls out there!
What foods would you like to see on the menu for Stampede 2017?
In a sport that pairs human athletes with the animals they love – safety is always the number one priority. To the chuckwagon drivers, the Calgary Stampede Safety award is one of the most prestigious awards of them all.
So far, we've announced four concerts that will take place at Stampede 2017. That is NOTHING compared to what we have in store for you!
Each summer, a team of Veterinarians ensures every animal at Stampede is checked once a day. That adds up to 17,000+ veterinary inspections every Stampede!
The Calgary Stampede Chuckwagons Canvas Auction presented by GMC is only 10 days away! Which driver do you think will take the top bid on March 23? [ Link ]
The Calgary Stampede is built by more than 7,500 volunteers and employees who work throughout the year!
"Sit back and relax" may not have been the best advice.
This flashback Friday video takes us back to 1974, when a new larger grandstand with a 5/8th mile racetrack and infield was built. The Indian Village was relocated, Suntree Park was completed and the Kinsmen Elbow River Park was initiated.
Orville Strandquist competed for a remarkable 51 years at the Calgary Stampede. The award that carries his name honors the top rookie driver each year – a driver who will strive to live up to his legacy.
The Calgary Stampede Chuckwagons Canvas Auction presented by GMC is only two weeks away! Who do you think will take the top bid?