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Seven years to become a stag beetle; 10 seconds to trounce another for the right to mate. Photographer Solvin Zankl for bioGraphic: calacade.my/2gqerNo.
How do passerine birds avoid mid-air collisions & snap fleet-winged dinner from the air? By evolving to see twice as fast as you.
Not that animals *need* decorating, but this crew's looking boss. 100% charmed by artist Rohan Dahotre's airy, hands-off costuming—via Colossal: calacade.my/2gGeIt7.
That feeling when you learn the facts about reindeer antlers. (Plus, peek inside our scientific collections & see where our visiting reindeer live when at home!) From KQED Science: calacade.my/2gX7Quv.
"Like a cloudy dream': Great Big Story visits the home of golden jellyfish, a species found only in a salt-water lake on Palau's Eil Malk Island: calacade.my/2h7BGKC.

PS: National Geographic recently reported these jellies are in trouble (calacade.my/2hljE6Q), & our own coral reef team is currently surveying in Palau. Stay tuned for updates!
May we mesmerize? Timelapse of an Orange-spotted Tiger Clearwing butterfly (Mechanitis polymnia) unfurling, as filmed by biologist Tim Wong.
The most adorable safety goggles ever made, on a parrotlet changing what science thought it knew about how birds generate lift: calacade.my/2g6zaqN.
THIS THURSDAY: Holiday Bazaar NightLife is back! Join us for dozens of local makers, a sparkling silent disco, wintery science & crafts, real reindeer, & more! Scientifically proven to be the most fun you can have while shopping. Near penguins. With cocktails. calacade.my/2gZpCL1 ❄
For all you wonderful humans who live to buck convention: That time David Attenborough documented eyeless, pigment-free cave fish who frequently swim upside down (because why not?). Via BBC Earth: calacade.my/2gWvBAa.
Dear fungi fans: An increasing number of eco-companies stand ready to grow you some furniture, bricks, & more. Via Popular Science: calacade.my/2gIo7TN.
Closeup of the giant 1,350-pound quartz specimen that reigns over our new "Gems and Minerals Unearthed" exhibit. Have you sparkled up a Sunday with us yet? calacade.my/2gVwaL2 ✨

(Photo by Jesus L.)
What we don't know, matters. A scientific love-letter to all the species we haven't met yet, from James Cook University professor William Laurance & bioGraphic: calacade.my/2gmwrFV.

(Photo by Ac Productions.)
Be the bee. New interactive from The New York Times gets you out of the hive, & into a whole new (fuzzy) perspective: calacade.my/2gRG0O6.
Best way to spend a Saturday? Bioblitz it! Join us tomorrow, 9 am–1 pm, for a grassroots bioblitz at Heron's Head Park, one of the most successful restoration projects on SF's southeast shoreline. All welcome; info & registration at calacade.my/2gWN62J.
1000s of bird songs, adding up to the most amazing science/nature visualization we've ever ... er, heard. Click, zoom, & drag to explore, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Google Creative Lab: calacade.my/2gw5Bhv.
Friday feeding frenzy in our Philippines Coral Reef! Video via our Steinhart Aquarium Biologists page.
Lost in space—that's exactly where you'll want to be after flipping through astronaut/photographer Thom Payne's new book. A handful of highlights, from Popular Science: calacade.my/2gdKUnC.
Though far more research needs to be done, Australian researchers have ID'd a hormone in platypus venom that could be synthesized to help treat diabetes. Via BBC News: calacade.my/2gKMDo1.
Our Living Roof: Pretty great tiny planet, or *the greatest* tiny planet? Putting our 100s of scientists to work on the answer immediately. (Photo by Tim Wong.)
Our Amazon flooded-forest tunnel: Where (up to)10-foot-long, 440-pound "marvels of evolutionary armament" glide gracefully overhead. More arapaima awesomeness, via WIRED: calacade.my/2fSiOAr.