Beautiful SIXGILL SHARK sighting! Aka "that feeling when your science-obsessed colleagues won't look up long enough to notice the 8- to 10-foot shark directly overhead." Filmed at 420 feet by dive safety officer Mauritius Valente Bell—currently on expedition with our mesophotic dive team off the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago—and starring ichthyologists Luiz Rocha and Hudson Pinheiro...
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Aaron Halstead
Adrian Stubbs
Danielle Marie
What happens when a deep-learning algorithm (in the hands of artist Chris Rodley) meets dinosaurs and 19th-century fruit engravings & botanical illustrations? All kinds of wonderful. Via Colossal:
What happens when a deeplearning algorithm in the hands of artist Chris
Christina Byard
Beverly Zirin Block
Fiona Benjamin
Curator & deep-diver Luiz Rocha is currently on board the Alucia research vessel somewhere between South America & Africa—follow him on Instagram (@coralreeffish) for stories that drop you right into his expedition!
Curator deepdiver Luiz Rocha is currently on board the Alucia research vessel
‪So proud to be joining all our #MuseumsWithPride friends today! #sfpride2017 #SFPride #LoveIsLove
So proud to be joining all our MuseumsWithPride friends today sfpride2017 SFPride
Steven Dulin
Steven Dulin
The importance of internships: Moe Flannery's name shows up in the news anytime a whale or other large mammal washes up on a local beach. Today, she's one of the key people trying to learn from those deaths (and our own senior collections manager)—here's a look at how she got there.
The importance of internships Moe Flannerys name shows up in the news
Lily Zhou
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Robert Allen
For those who don't use Instagram, highlights from our current tidepooling story about Snapshot Cal Coast! If you're in California, learn how you can help by making easy nature observations through July 2:
Emily Weber
Charlie Schauer
Samantha Welsh
California Academy of Sciences
Kelly L Craig
Rita Matthews
Ellen Crane
We're tidepooling for day 1 of Snapshot Cal Coast!
Sue Lerner
Michael Thwaites
Sue Lerner
Calling all Californians: We're kicking off #SnapshotCalCoast—a statewide citizen-science effort to help document (& thus better protect) CA's coastal marine life—at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow! You could join us, *or* you could just watch our Instagram and Snapchat stories whenever you wake up and check this page for kinder, gentler-timed ways to get involved between now and July 2.
California Academy of Sciences
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Brandyn Scott
A big high-five to curator Lauren Esposito & team—currently doing fieldwork in Baja—for brightening our day with this adorable (that's a scientific term) Mexican mole lizard sighting.
Jhonalyn Cuestas
Elizabeth Bishop
Alysia Caryl
Difficult to look at, and one of the most powerful photographs we've ever seen. The story behind Britta Jaschinski's "Confiscated"—this year's Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition Grand Prize winner: (Click to image 4.)
Difficult to look at and one of the most powerful photographs weve
Arturo Flores
Sonia Humphrey
Ann Quan-Mitchell
Scared? Don't be. Biologist Tim Wong put his paw next to this live Atlas beetle to demonstrate its impressive size, but an adult Atlas beetle's favorite foods are tree sap and fallen fruit. In the wild, you'll find them in Malaysia; at the Academy, just head for our rainforest!
Scared Dont be Biologist Tim Wong put his paw next to this
Sara Gomez Arancibia
Alvin Ma
Vickie Mc
Our Teen Advocates for Science Communication are back on the mic! This time it's pterosaurs meets Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You," adding up—naturally—to falling in ❤ with the "Way You Flew" (Video courtesy Science With Tom.)
Rama Shankar
Geetha Sriniwasan
Christianna Stevens
Visit the secret home lab of biologist Richard Ross for visions of a little octo that's a VERY BIG DEAL. It's Cephalopod Week! Via Science Friday:
Kathy Leahy
Susan Paiva Ball
Trish Sohlé
It's all in the warts: How to differentiate deep-sea octos in the genus Graneledone—and why it matters.
Its all in the warts How to differentiate deepsea octos in the
Sara Gomez Arancibia
Linda Alexander
For the first time in a century, robust numbers of humpback whales are back in New York harbor—"a sign that New York is finally starting to do right by its waterways." From Popular Science:
For the first time in a century robust numbers of humpback whales
California Academy of Sciences
Nicole Moreland
Michaela Oleson
A beautiful look into the (mostly) cold, deep dark: highlights of marine biologist Alexander Semenov's Arctic, underwater photography via Colossal.
A beautiful look into the mostly cold deep dark highlights of marine
Rye Domingo
Jkrezton Daban
Yajat Edhit
Six-year-old Aimee was so excited to see our "Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs" exhibit that she brought her own artistic tribute! (Color us *extremely* impressed.)
Sixyearold Aimee was so excited to see our Pterosaurs Flight in the
Alexis Marie
Emily Warfield
Lindsey Elkins
Perfect Claude on a perfect log = perfect way to welcome the weekend.
(Video by visitor Renee S.)
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