Just a quick public service announcement: We're packed with excellent spots for brains that need to recover, recharge, & plan what's next. (Photo by Jason B.)
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LIVE from our African penguin colony, it’s #PenguinAwarenessDay! As part of the Species Survival Plan program, our colony doesn’t just waddle, nest, & flirt—it also helps to protect the genetic diversity of this endangered species in the wild.
A great moment in human–penguin relations: While on a 1991 visit to the Academy, the Dalai Lama bonds with Otis, a black-footed penguin.
Happy PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY! It's a perfect time to check in on our Species Survival Plan colony, & learn how it protects endangered African penguins in the wild: calacade.my/1zWEewR.
Remembering Eugene Cernan—3 space missions, multiple rover excursions, and last human to walk on the moon. Via The New York Times: calacade.my/2k8BW0h.
Know a brilliant nature/wildlife photographer? (Or maybe it's you!) Connect with our Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition for details on 2017 entries—accepted through March. 15. calacade.my/2iMFCRV
Nature one-upped Portland's snow-covered wonderland by putting a (whole lot of) birds on it. The "Crows on Snow" series that went viral, via Colossal & the Portland Police Bureau: calacade.my/2k7Ku7Q.
"Mushy as a jellyfish, long as a whale"— WIRED's Absurd Creatures dives into the weird, venomous, clone-budding world of siphonophores: calacade.my/2jN2gK4.
The "unbelievable, unparalleled" species richness of Ecuador's Yasuní National Park adds up to one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth—and is a new site of oil extraction. From bioGraphic: calacade.my/2jxPNwK.
Happy #MuseumSelfie Day, world! If you're visiting the Academy today, you *know* we want to see your face.
Behold, the fearsome hunting techniques of the striped pyjama squid! Video of these tiny ambush predators captured back-of-house by senior biologist Richard Ross.
Can you find the new species in this photo? (Hint: It's not a plant!) Check the awe-inspiring camouflage on these two recently ID'd Bornean katydids: calacade.my/2j5zmnJ.
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, humans! In honor of all our heroes, a promise to keep trying to do good in the world, each & every day. (As articulated by director Jon Foley.)
A ruby sea dragon—a species whose very existence was discovered just 2 years ago in museum collections—has been filmed in the wild for the first time! Full video: calacade.my/2jR0ve3

(Celebrate by visiting the only other two known seadragon species, weedies and leafies, in our Water Planet exhibit.)
Off the East Coast of South Africa, dolphins often interact with (and sometimes lose to) passing ships. bioGraphic with the full story behind Chris Fallows' heart-skipping shot: calacade.my/2itdtgV.
Our Amazon Flooded Forest tunnel: Where the sky suddenly looks just a bit different. (Photo by visitor Dominique.)
Feeding time in our "Twilight Zone: Deep Reefs Revealed" exhibit, featuring the ridiculously beautiful Sacura speciosa—aka "Mind-Blowing Super-Freaky Rainbow Fish" according to aquarium director Bart Shepherd. (Video by ichthyology curator Luiz Rocha.)
See like a bee: Photographer Craig Burrows' “ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence" technique reveals botanical worlds-within-worlds: calacade.my/2jF2odY.
The endangered "Hendrix liveforever"—aka Dudleya hendrixii, a tiny flowering succulent—is making its last stand on a few acres in remote Baja, Mexico: calacade.my/2jp3WZZ.