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American Cannabis Coalition

Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up their confirmation hearings on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Sessions has a long history of opposing marijuana reform and his response to questions about marijuana were wishy-washy at best – acknowledging the Department of Justice’s limited resources but ominously saying, “I won’t commit to not enforcing federal law.”

It is clear...
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Call your senators today and urge them to reject senator sessions for attorney general until he commits to respecting the state marijuana laws. The number for the us senate switchboard is 202-224-3121

The Senate should ‘just say no’ to Jeff Sessions

We are in shock to hear this morning that long time cannabis activist Jeff Clark has passed away. You will be missed Jeff.
Viridian Capital Advisors is one of the world’s main financial and strategic advisory firms for the cannabis industry. Every week, the company publishes two reports, one...

Viridian's President: If Federally Legal, The U.S. Cannabis Market Could Surpass $100 Billion Per Year

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to allow states to keep their marijuana laws if he were elected. However, he’s also tapped some of the biggest foes of Marijuana in Washington to serve in his cabinet. This spring his pick to be the next attorney general, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions at one...

Trump Cabinet Picks May Be Major Issue for Marijuana Laws

Christmas is Cancelled...
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Instagram photo by Craig Beresh • Dec 2, 2016 at 3:27pm UTC

Trump needs to continue Obama’s practice of letting states experiment with marijuana regulation when their voters have approved it — not follow the old-line, hard-core war on drugs phil…

Editorial: Marijuana legalization should be up to the states

This is a disaster. A new law proposed by a State Senator in Washington would allow the authorities to charge protesters with "economic terrorism," and slap them with serious felony charges that could lead to jail time, just for making their voices heard. Can you join me and take action to stop this? Click here: [ Actionnetwork.org Link ] The outrageous proposed bill would make any form of...
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URGENT: new law would charge protesters with terrorism

We remember this in San Diego. Many people went to jail. Nice to see someone still writing about it.

Eugene Davidovich tied to One More Federal Narc in Plot to Gather Information – ASA ARMA Narc – Weedly News

As the marijuana industry celebrates the passage of an initiative legalizing recreational marijuana in California, more sobering news came from local elections, where voters in 37 counties and cities — including Long Beach, San Diego and San Bernardino — approved ballot measures imposing separate lo...

Taxes get higher on newly legalized pot as California cities and counties move to take their own cut

Insiders voiced fear the conservative Alabama senator would crack down on marijuana as attorney general under President Trump.

Jeff Sessions’ nomination as U.S. attorney general shocks California cannabis industry

An early tax break for medical marijuana patients may be short-lived, with state leaders rushing to reverse a recent ruling that could cost the state millions of dollars over the coming year.

State leaders scramble to delay tax break for medical marijuana patients - The Cannifornian

SACRAMENTO -- A technicality in the language of Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana in California, could end up costing the state millions of dollars by some estimates and exempt medical marijuana users from paying sales tax on pot for a matter of months. All across California med...

Prop 64 Tax Mistake Could Cost California Millions of Dollars