Mississippi's Legislature has passed a bill preventing courts from establishing probable cause to remove a child based solely on the parent's marijuana use.

HB 179 (As Introduced) - 2017 Regular Session
Jeff Sessions continues to insist that the only America he wants to live in is one where no one is legally permitted to use substances he doesn't like.

Jeff Sessions: Using Marijuana Is "Only Slightly Less Awful" Than Heroin
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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Move over ficus, there’s a new houseplant in town.The South Lake Tahoe City Council took the necessary steps Tuesday to bring city codes on

City of South Lake Tahoe updates marijuana grow laws |
It's time for a change, while many states are looking at the medical benifits of Cannabis Idaho has stuck it's heels in the ground. It is the only state in the west that has no medical marijuana laws and refuses to do so. It does not have to be that way. The people have the voice not Figueroa or the governor. It is time to change the laws in Idaho, people go to jail every day in Idaho for...
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Is Idaho going to pot? The answer is ‘no’
The cannabis industry, which is largely self-regulated, is slowly becoming more restrictive. Assemblyman Adam Gray (D-Merced) introduced a bill that would place far more child protections on future recreational marijuana businesses.

California Lawmakers Look To Close Proposition 64 Loopholes
A federal prosecutor has snuffed out plans by pot fans to celebrate Nevada's new recreational marijuana law by lighting...

US snuffs pot fans' plans to party on tribal land near Vegas
Janis Joplin
The White House on Thursday put states that have legalized recreational-use marijuana on notice that federal law enforcement agents could be targeting them soon. 

Trump administration signals a possible crackdown on states over marijuana
)—and President Donald Trump hasn’t quite yet undone all the post-recession financial reform to launch another mortgage-backed real estate “boom.” So where’s a flipper going to flip now? Forget good school districts or quiet suburban streets: The hot real estate in 2017 is where you can grow weed.

California’s Hottest Properties: Here’s Where You Can Grow Marijuana – High Times
One month after California legalized recreational use of marijuana, some in Los Angeles are gifting their partners with an elegant bouquet of pot to celebrate Valentines Day. Ben Gruber reports.

Los Angeles is 'high' on Valentines Day
Multiple states are changing their rules on how businesses treat cannabis-using employees when the practice takes place outside of working hours.

3 States Dropping Cannabis From Pre-Employment Drug Tests
Show you support and like this page as Americian Cannabis Coalition takes on nationwide legalization.

American Cannabis Coalition
Show you support and like this page as Americian Cannabis Coalition takes on nationwide legalization.

American Cannabis Coalition
Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up their confirmation hearings on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Sessions has a long history of opposing marijuana reform and his response to questions about marijuana were wishy-washy at best – acknowledging the Department of Justice’s limited resources but ominously saying, “I won’t commit to not enforcing federal law.”

It is clear...
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Call your senators today and urge them to reject senator sessions for attorney general until he commits to respecting the state marijuana laws. The number for the us senate switchboard is 202-224-3121

The Senate should ‘just say no’ to Jeff Sessions
We are in shock to hear this morning that long time cannabis activist Jeff Clark has passed away. You will be missed Jeff.