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Yet another tragic loss, this time of a bright and promising trooper who lost his life while serving the citizens of New Jersey. Our thoughts and prayers are with New Jersey and its law enforcement family.
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Today we honor Officer Artie J. Hubbard. On December 8, 1995, Officer Hubbard was on his dinner break the evening of April 5, 1985, when he heard an 11-99 call ("officer needs help"). Hubbard was responding to the call when his patrol car failed to negotiate a curve, slid off the roadway and struck a utility pole broadside. Officer Hubbard was placed on life-support and survived. 10 years...
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Today we honor Officer George F. Butler. On December 8, 1986, Officer Butler was flying as an observer in a CHP helicopter that was taking aerial photographs of a double traffic fatality on Interstate 80 near Dixon. After finishing the photographs, the helicopter set down a short distance from the accident scene in an open field adjacent to an irrigation canal. Butler exited the left side of...
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CHiPs for Kids events are being held now all over the state. Get involved and help a family in need. For more information on how you can help, visit or contact your local CHP office.
Today we honor Officer David R. Henderson. On December 7, 1944, Officer Henderson was killed when his motorcycle collided with an automobile driven by a motorist who pulled into his lane of traffic after deliberately passing a bus that had stopped to load and unload passengers. Officer Henderson joined the CHP in 1942 after serving two years with the Burbank Police Department. He had also...
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Today we honor Officer William Elza P. Fitzpatrick, Jr. On December 6, 1956, Officer Fitzpatrick spotted an abandoned vehicle wanted in connection with an armed robbery. During his investigation of the unoccupied vehicle, the vehicles driver returned in a taxi. As Officer Fitzpatrick was questioning the suspect, the man reached for a revolver. Officer Fitzpatrick grabbed the suspect but was...
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Only a month left of 2016...will your child be under the age of 2 years old on New Years? If so, they made need to be in a REAR-FACING car seat unless they are more than 40lbs+ or 40+ inches tall. Avoid costly tickets or placing your child in a dangerous situation by having them in the right car seat. For more information, this new law visit California Highway Patrol at: [ Chp.ca.gov Link ]

Child Safety Seats

Great job by the Willows Area CHP to ensure the safety of these children.
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How GPS technology can help save lives, time

Authorities said they made quite the haul when they busted a tractor trailer attempting to move $11 million worth of heroin through Victorville on Thursday.

$11 million worth of heroin found in tractor trailer in Victorville

Thank you Officer Keyes for rescuing Annabelle, we never get tired of these stories.
Today we honor Officer George A. Humburg. On November 29, 1944, Officer Humburg and a fellow officer were attempting to arrest a drunken driver when the belligerent suspect scuffled with Officer Humburg. After making the arrest, Officer Humburg complained of feeling ill and collapsed while being sped to a hospital. He suffered a heart attack and died before reaching the hospital. Officer...
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Meet Jordan Duncan (18) from Vallejo. He was recently featured in an news article after Benicia Police Department discovered Jordan's vehicle had broken down some time ago forcing Jordan, who couldn't afford to fix the car, to walk two hours day after day to go to work and then walk two hours to get back home afterwards. Benicia Police Department wanted to...
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If you are interested in diversity, challenges, and opportunities, we invite you to apply to become a part of our professional organization. We have many employment opportunities, and we invite you to look into the California Highway Patrol for your future. Visit - [ Chp.ca.gov Link ] for more information.
Today we honor Officer Mark T. Taylor. On November 26, 1987, Officer Taylor was on Thanksgiving holiday patrol along Interstate 10 near Palm Springs, when he made an enforcement stop. Officer Taylor was completing the citation when an elderly motorist struck the vehicle being cited which in turn struck Officer Taylor, killing him instantly. Officer Taylor had been a member of the CHP for three...
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Today we honor Officer Charles D. Goss. On November 25, 1955, Officer Goss had just completed his investigation of a five-car collision. As he left the site, his patrol car was struck head-on by a vehicle attempting to pass a truck. Officer Goss was killed instantly. Officer Goss was a 1952 graduate of the CHP Academy and the Madera Area was his first assignment. Charges were filed against the...
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Wishing you and your family a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!
Today we honor Officer Ambers O. Shewmaker. On November 24, 1969, Officer Shewmaker was patrolling near Banning late in the evening when he was shot by a motorist he stopped for speeding. Officer Shewmaker was using his radio at the time he was shot, and his killer was driving a stolen car. The 28-year-old patrol officer died the following day and his killer was captured soon after the...
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We have many things to be thankful for this holiday season, but record traffic isn't one of those things. AAA predicts the worst Thanksgiving traffic since 2007, with 48.7 million Americans traveling 50 miles or more between today and Sunday and most will be driving. So if you're heading home for Thanksgiving, remember to buckle up and drive safe!