In spite of the weather, the Caltech Pipettes' performance at Disneyland's California Adventure went off without a hitch.
Throughout her career as a Wall Street executive, Caltech trustee Deborah McWhinney has helped foster excellence in others by serving as a mentor and an advocate for leadership development. With her gift that went toward supporting students at Caltech, McWhinney is once again focused on helping tomorrow’s leaders.

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Trustee Gives to Enhance the Student Experience at Caltech - Caltech Campaign
When it rains, it pours. Or so it seems here in Southern California. What happens when too much rain meets oversaturated soil or areas previously scorched by fires? Caltech professor Jose Andrade explains. #storm #drought #mudslides
Lior Pachter, Caltech's new Bren Professor of Computational Biology, discusses the emerging field of applying computational methods to biology problems, the transition from mathematics to biology, and his return to Pasadena.

A Conversation with Lior Pachter (BS '94) | Caltech
Charles Zeller (BS ’68) and Peter Cross (BS ’68) became interested in sustainability science when they visited campus a dozen years ago and heard Caltech's Harry Gray and Nate Lewis describe technologies that one day could result in cheap, simple, clean energy for everyone in the world.

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Sharing a Vision of Sustainability - Caltech Campaign
Caltech's Women Mentoring Women program began in 2002 as a way to connect female postdoctoral scholars and graduate students looking for career advice. It has since grown to include staff members and undergraduates, and now boasts 89 mentor-mentee pairs.

Caltech Women Mentoring Women | Caltech
We’ll take Techers for $1,000! Caltech junior Alex Bourzutschky competes on Jeopardy! tonight. Tune in and cheer him on! See more at

2017 College Championship | Jeopardy!
Even though we spend a third of our lives asleep and treat the prevalence of sleep disorders, we know remarkably little about why we sleep or how sleep is regulated. Caltech's David Prober will discuss his lab's efforts to find new approaches to answer these questions and the discoveries they've made using the zebrafish as a simple animal model during this month's Watson Lecture on February...
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Sleeping With the (Zebra)fishes | Caltech
We are honored to be a recipient of a mini-grant from the Association of American Universities supporting undergraduate #STEM education.

AAU Awards Grants To Twelve Universities to Improve Undergraduate STEM Education
Just in time for Valentine's Day: NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected unusual pulsations in the outer shell of a star called HAT-P-2.

JPL News: Spitzer Hears Stellar "Heartbeat" from Planetary Companion | Caltech
We talked with two Caltech graduate students, Donal O'Sullivan (MS '15) and Prachi Parihar (MS '16), who worked on the instrumentation and observational aspects of the Keck Cosmic Web Imager, about what it's like to build a brand-new instrument and what they hope it will discover.

Graduate Students Peer into Cosmic Web | Caltech
Caltech's Shri Kulkarni will receive the Dan David Prize with two others, including the late Neil Gehrels (PhD '82), "for achievements having an outstanding scientific, technological, cultural or social impact on our world."

Caltech Astronomer Receives 2017 Dan David Prize | Caltech
“I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, this may be it.’”

One year ago today, LIGO announced to the world that #gravitationalwaves had been detected for the first time. Hear Kip Thorne talk about his beginnings as a scientist and LIGO Scientific Collaboration’s beginnings more than 40 years ago at Caltech—and the moment he received the email that changed everything. #CaltechImact...
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Caltech mourns the passing of Neil Gehrels, a pioneer in the study of gamma-ray bursts and a Caltech Distinguished Alumnus. He was 64.

Neil Gehrels (PhD, '82), 1952–2017 | Caltech
We are saddened by the death of the Engelmann oak tree that has been a treasured part of our campus since its founding. In advance of the town hall to discuss how best to commemorate the tree and what to do with the land that was its home for the past 400 years, we invite you to share your #treememories. We know that many of you have photos and/or memories of the tree, and would love to hear...
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A big congratulations to the three #CaltechAlumni elected to the new class of NAE members!

Three Alumni Inducted to NAE | Caltech
Caltech students, faculty, alumni, and staff—share your stories and photos as an #ActualLivingScientist! Be sure to tag us in your posts. #caltechalumni
Congratulations to the FLOW Rocket Fund!

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