“THE THINKER”: On this day, Caltech co-founder Robert Andrews Millikan was born in 1868. Millikan was Caltech’s first Nobel Prize winner, receiving the honor in physics in 1923 “for his work on the elementary charge of electricity and on the photoelectric effect.” Today, we celebrate his life and discoveries through pictures.
Seen here, the calm before the Midnight Madness storm. Caltech Dining Services prepared an ’80s-themed event and feast for students during finals week. Hope Techers are now enjoying their spring break!
Lamprey—primitive, parasitic fish—offer unique insights into the evolution of vertebrates. Using lamprey, Caltech researchers have now discovered an ancient and unexpected mechanism for developing neurons in the gut.

Parasitic Fish Offer Evolutionary Insights | Caltech

Sonja Francis, a former Resnick Prize Postdoctoral Scholar, devoted her two and a half years at Caltech to discovering methods for how to mimic the magic of plant life by efficiently turning carbon dioxide into usable fuel. #CaltechImpact

Read more about how Caltech supports postdoctoral scholars at breakthrough.caltech.edu.

Make Like a Tree - Caltech Campaign

For Maura Dykstra, Caltech's new assistant professor of history, calligraphy is not just a hobby—it is practice to help her read and analyze historical documents. We sat down with her to discuss how she became interested in Chinese history and the importance of teaching history to science students.

A Humanist Among the Scientists: A Conversation with Maura Dykstra | Caltech

Computational literature? Similarities between poetry and coding? Read on to find out what Caltech's artist-in-residence, Eran Hadas, will be teaching this spring.

Reverse Engineering Poetry | Caltech

It was a #PiDay massacre! Hungry students studying for finals this week laid waste to dozens of pies in the wee hours of the night as part of Caltech’s annual ritual.
Caltech's Nate Lewis and his research get a shout-out on Bill Gates's blog.
A coral library at Caltech offers insights into cycles of CO2 and climate change.

Study: Cold Climates and Ocean Carbon Sequestration | Caltech

Hooray for Pi Day! Good luck to our Techers working hard on their finals this week.
New Caltech faculty member Lihong Wang is exploring imaging techniques to peer deeper inside biological tissues than ever before possible.

Seeing Deeper: An Interview with Lihong Wang | Caltech

As Caltech’s Harold Brown Professor of Physics and director of the Spitzer Science Center, Tom Soifer (BS ’68) helps to develop new instruments to extend the evolution of infrared astronomy.

Read more about how endowments help support the future of science at Caltech at breakthrough.caltech.edu. #CaltechImpact

A Bright Future - Caltech Campaign

The winning moment!
Thursday’s ME 72 competition on Beckman Mall did not disappoint. The audience, made up of members of the Caltech community and students from Pasadena-area schools, watched as “Team VI5TA” took home the trophy at the end of the three-hour competition. Check out our slideshow of the day’s events.
Get ready to get mechanical! Caltech’s ME 72 competition starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow on Beckman Mall. Watch the video to see the teams and their robots. And follow all the action tomorrow on Instagram (@caltechedu) and Snapchat : Caltech.
Caltech mourns the passing of LIGO co-founder Ronald W. Drever. He was 85 years old.

Caltech Mourns the Passing of LIGO Co-founder Ronald W. Drever | Caltech

We're inspired by #InternationalWomensDay & #womeninSTEM! Read about Caltech's recent @macfound fellows' research.

Newman and Orphan Named MacArthur Fellows | Caltech

Researchers led by Caltech mineralogist Chi Ma have identified three new minerals in a tiny sample of the Khatyrka meteorite.

Three New Minerals Discovered in a Unique Meteorite | Caltech