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Watch the first Patriot car being loaded onto the track. Patriot is quickly taking shape for 2017.
Even a cloudy day can't hide the crane setting up for work on Patriot. Nice that the crane is Patriot blue as well.
The famous fried chicken will still be served at Maggie’s, but the official name is now Maggie’s Smokehouse & Fried Chicken. Why? Because Maggie’s will now also serve amazing BBQ favorites like smoked tri tip and pulled pork, an incredible rotisserie chicken and more. On select days, both beef and pork ribs will be on the menu. How excited are you to see BBQ coming Great America?
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How about this for a Throwback Thursday pic? The Winchester Mystery House gave Great America a nice salute back in the day. Isn't it amazing how little is developed around the billboard?
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Wonderful shot from Patriot's expanding station, with Flight Deck and Eagle's Flight in the background. Are you excited for Opening Day?
Drop Tower was being readied this afternoon. Nice seeing the airplane photobomb the shot. Less than 2 months until opening day!
The tension wires supporting the fan turn on The Grizzly make for a scenic picture.
Great to see a Demon lead train receiving a fresh coat from the paint shop. Have you ever noticed the different colored paint schemes on the two trains?
It's cool seeing the underside of The Grizzly train being prepped for Opening Day on March 25. It's really cool seeing an original Whizzer coaster sign in the background. Do you remember the Whizzer coaster?
Do you know what this is? It's the drive assembly and gear box for Patriot. Great America's opening day is March 25.
Can't wait to see these loaded onto Patriot for the 2017 season.
Did you know there used to be an apartment inside Great America? Since the Marriott hotel wasn't complete yet, this location inside Orleans Place served as a residence when the Marriott family visited during construction.
A behind the scenes look at the lift hill for Woodstock Express on a cloudy January day.
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