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03/24/2017 at 17:19. Facebook
Your next Prestige awaits. Double XP Weekend has officially kicked off in #MWRemastered, now through Monday at 10 AM PT. #MarchRemastered
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03/23/2017 at 21:01. Facebook
You'll need the proper gear to take on the psychedelic nightmare of Rave in the Redwoods, now at the Call of Duty Store:
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03/23/2017 at 19:01. Facebook
Make 'em green with envy. Complete every Operation Shamrock and Awe challenge to get the exclusive "Folium" and "Prism" weapon camos during #MarchRemastered.
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03/22/2017 at 23:24. Facebook
Congrats to MagicSista24 for winning the Activision Ambassador Calling Card Contest! Thank you for your amazing creativity and incredible contributions to the Call of Duty community.

Big congrats to Curtis Simpson and Tom Rowan as well, our 1st and 2nd runners-up in the competition.

Thank you...

I won the Call of Duty Activision Ambassador Calling Card Contest. • Follow me on Twitter! • Follow me on Facebook! https://...

Creek. Chinatown. Killhouse. Broadcast.

Ready your squad for the return of four unforgettable, fully-remastered maps in the #MWRemastered Variety Map Pack, out now on PS4.
Prove your Blood Anvil command. Upgrade your loadout by earning all-new rewards via #InfiniteWarfare's Blood Anvil Mission Team challenges.
Die-hard #IWZombies fan? Get your hands on new Rave in the Redwoods gear, now in stock at the Call of Duty Store:
Jump into #InfiniteWarfare’s Double Mission Team XP Weekend, now through Monday at 10AM PT. Think you can rise through Blood Anvil's ranks?
Group up to level up! Double XP for parties in #MWRemastered kicks off as part of Operation Shamrock and Awe, now live through Monday at 10AM PDT. #MarchRemastered
Pack your loadout with the luck of the Irish with the new #BlackOps3 St. Paddy's Day weapon camo, now available in the Black Market.
Heads up, Black Ops vets. The Galil and Ballistic Knife make their triumphant return in #BlackOps3, available now in the Black Market.
It’s party time this weekend in #MWRemastered during Operation Shamrock and Awe! Get Double XP when playing in a party, starting tomorrow at 10AM PDT. #MarchRemastered
No caddy required. Unlock the Shillelagh collection bounty and club your way to victory. #MarchRemastered
Commander Krushkin will see you now. Prove yourself to be worthy of the Blood Anvil Mission Team rewards, live now in #InfiniteWarfare.
It's a St. Paddy's #MWRemastered takeover. Unlock Graves from the depot, available for a limited time during Operation Shamrock and Awe. #MarchRemastered
Fight through "Daybreak," a new sunny version of "Downpour" decked out for an epic St. Paddy's Day bash, free as part of Operation Shamrock and Awe.
Strap your boots up tight and pile on your green. Starting today through April 3 at 12:01AM PT, fight through a not-so-rainy, daytime version of the fan-favorite map Downpour with "Daybreak", log in each Sunday by 11:59 PM PT for a free Supply Drop every week, during the event you can also earn a new St. Paddy's Day themed camo, and over 20 new #MWRemastered items including the chance to...
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Reminder: Update your arsenal with the devastating new R-VN Energy Rifle today, free for all #InfiniteWarfare Season Pass owners.