Call of Duty
02/17/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
We are now LIVE at the #CWLPS4 Paris Open for Day 1 of the ESWC 2017!
Watch all the action live on Major League Gaming:
Call of Duty
02/16/2017 at 15:46. Facebook
TOMORROW – Tune in to the #CWLPS4 #CWLParis Open at ESWC Official! Watch NA's best take on Europe's finest from 11:45AM GMT, live on MLG.TV/CallofDuty
Don’t get caught off-guard by the scenery in Renaissance. There’s always a Scorestreak with your name on it. #IWSabotage
#IWSabotage takes the battleground to the rainy streets of Brooklyn in Noir, one of four visionary MP maps in #InfiniteWarfare DLC 1.
Clear your schedule. Double XP Weekend in #MWRemastered starts now until Monday at 6PM.
Put your FFA skills to the test in the new “All or Nothing” playlist in #InfiniteWarfare, now live until Friday, Feb. 17 at 6PM.
Paint the town red with the limited edition Bloody Valentine weapon camo, now in the #BlackOps3 Black Market until Feb. 16 at 8:01AM.
Can't argue with a classic.

The PPSH SMG is now available in the #BlackOps3 Black Market.
Stop enemies in their tracks with the classic burst-fire M16, now available in the #BlackOps3 Black Market.
You’ve never seen a battleground like this before. Smash the competition into a pile of pixels in Neon, out now in the #IWSabotage DLC Pack on PS4.
Welcome home, Modern Warfare 2 veterans. Get an in-depth look at Dominion, Infinity Ward's reimagining of the classic Afghan in the new #IWSabotage DLC Pack.
Beauty meets destruction in the Venetian canals of #IWSabotage’s Renaissance, available now on PS4.
The new Demolition playlist is NOW LIVE in #InfiniteWarfare MP until Friday, Feb. 10th at 6PM.

Plant and hold down both bomb sites until time's up!
Ready to unlock 2X the gear in #InfiniteWarfare? You’re in luck. #IWDoubleKeys Weekend is now live until 6PM Monday.
Close-quarters combat comes fast in Noir’s rain-slicked alleyways. Jump into #IWSabotage today on PS4.
Watch your teammate’s back and control the high ground in the sprawling desert of Dominion, now available on PS4 in #IWSabotage.
Infinite Warfare's first DLC pack #IWSabotage is LIVE on PS4! Including 4 intense maps and the brand new Rave In The Redwoods episode of #IWZombies.

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The wait is over. The #IWSabotage DLC Pack is NOW LIVE on PS4, including Rave in the Redwoods and 4 incredible MP maps.

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