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03/24/2017 at 02:55. Facebook
Vrod muscle before pic. After pic due in a few weeks ;)
Here's one for the catfishes
Now they can add 'Deer Charmer' to their tinder/bumble bio #happycatfishing
Quad-ruple drop set for the quads to make the tear drops and my tears drop
@teamvonmoger (koala freakiness)
@calvonmoger (more koala freakiness)
YouTube vid up on my ch: Arnold Classic Pokémon hunter Chest workout. #koalafreak Link in my biology test
@iamthmpsn (my mates really shitty music)
Yep I'm a bit of a rebel. I don't like following the rules or being told what to do, that's why I post throwbacks on Friday's. #koalafreak #Staunch
@teamvonmoger (threads)
Who's going to the Arnold classic Ohio this weekend?
On my travels I managed to find some juicy angles and delicious downlighting #Staunch
The adventures of Papi Chulo #Spain
Finally got a good connection
Throwback.. making the largest mammal on land look pretty small from here ha ha ha
Koala brah in Utah
Any one want a loaf of bread
New YouTube vid is up: Savage Arm a workout ft. @stevecook |
Touch my sister & Die.
@iamthmpsn (Get Ya )
@teamvonmoger (Koalafreak clothing)
New Koalafreak Ts
Every morning with breakfast
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The best is yet to come..
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Good day for a ride
I remember when I was a kid I asked a farmer a question. I asked him why is there dead foxes hanging on his fence. And he told me when he has a fox on his farm causing problems like eating his chickens, he shoots it and then hangs it up on the fence. He hangs it up so that he can warn other farmers in the area that there are foxes about and that they should be on the lookout.
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This is Victor Richards. I've never heard of him but today I was told that he didn't even squat to get these legs
Instead that he did a lot of work on the exercise bike (20min before training legs)
What do you guys think?! ???? #troll or #truth lol
Bonding time with vonzilla