Calum von Moger
yesterday at 10:40. Facebook
I remember when I was a kid I asked a farmer a question. I asked him why is there dead foxes hanging on his fence. And he told me when he has a fox on his farm causing problems like eating his chickens, he shoots it and then hangs it up on the fence. He hangs it up so that he can warn other farmers in the area that there are foxes about and that they should be on the lookout.
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Calum von Moger
01/18/2017 at 09:09. Facebook
This is Victor Richards. I've never heard of him but today I was told that he didn't even squat to get these legs
Instead that he did a lot of work on the exercise bike (20min before training legs)
What do you guys think?! ???? #troll or #truth lol
Calum von Moger
01/17/2017 at 18:15. Facebook
Bonding time with vonzilla
Hit 300k subs on YouTube today!
Thank you all for subscribing and watching my shitty vids. Gonna put out heaps more content on my channel now I'm back in LA. Comment below what you wanna see next! #catchyalater
@iamthmpsn (music )
@teamvonmoger (training gear????)
On top of Cock Rock ???? #myhappyplace
Back in LA after a good break in AUS. Good to see everyone at the fitexpo today.. Catch ya tomoz for more Koala Freak activities! ????

@teamvonmoger 25%off all training gear. Code: CVM25LA
About to kick off my last day in Australia before heading back to California for the LA fitness expo. I'm flying back just to attend this expo for you guys so I hope I'll see many of you there. I'll be at my own booth this year selling my @teamvonmoger & #koalafreak merch!
Booth #858
10:30am-12:30pm & 2pm-4pm
(Saturday & Sunday)
Miss riding Vonzilla. (Custom Harley Davidson nightrod special)
Nice backyard shoulder pump with few mates from home
It's all good. @avonmoger
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New interview up for Muscle Insider with Dave Bourlet one day out from winning the overall at the NPC Excalibur show

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Chapstick Nation
Thanks you all for the love and support!!
Every time I open ya snaps & see ya pics here repping #teamvonmoger makes me one happy mother f*cker!
Getting tanned.
2 for 2 ⚔
3 to go...
Thanks Gene Simmons a.k.a @frank_mcgrath78 for helping a fellow koala freak for his prep!
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