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"The ultimate aim for most is to understand and be understood [in English], not to speak like the Queen." Do you agree?

Do we need a guide to English pronunciation?
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Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a ‘predicament'? This week, Kate Woodford looks at words and phrases you can use to talk about difficult situations: [ Link ]

What a nightmare! (Words for difficult situations)
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#WOTD: vernal equinox (noun): Nowruz is celebrated on the day of the astronomical vernal equinox. [ Link ]

In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly announced the 21st of March as ‘International Nowruz Day’. Nowruz is an ancestral festivity, celebrated by many countries, that marks the first day of spring and the renewal of nature.
We will be posting words linked to Nowruz all this week!
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Tuck into this week’s tasty new words all about food: [ Link ]

New words – 20 March 2017
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Join us now for a Q&A with Korean Billy!
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Join us today for a Q&A with Korean Billy and Cambridge pronunciation expert, Laura Patsko!

English Pronunciation Q&A with Korean Billy & Laura Patsko

Need advice on improving your English pronunciation skills? Ask Cambridge pronunciation expert Laura Patsko, and YouTube sensation and language learner, Korean Billy.

English Pronunciation Q&A with Korean Billy & Laura Patsko

Do you have trouble ‘picking up’ phrasal verbs? Liz Walter’s post helps make sense of them and their many meanings: [ Link ]

Phrasal verbs with more than one meaning
#WOTD slumber (noun): I fell into a gentle slumber. [ Link ]

This Friday is ‘World Sleep Day’, which was set up to promote the importance of sleep and raise awareness of sleep-related issues.
It’s a perfect time to celebrate sleeping, so why not try going to bed a little earlier, or letting yourself lie in?
Discover what new terms like ‘microlattice’ mean with today’s new words: [ Link ]

New words – 13 March 2017
Don’t regret missing out on today’s post, in which Kate Woodford looks at the language of feeling guilty: [ Link ]

I feel so bad! (The language of feeling guilty)
#WOTD equal (adj): All people are equal, deserving the same rights as each other. [ Link ]

Falling on March 8th each year, ‘International Women’s Day’ is a day to celebrate women’s achievements, challenge bias and accelerate gender parity.
We will be showing our support by posting words related to equality all week.
Discover new ways to improve your well-being with this week’s new words: [ Link ]

New words – 6 March 2017
In today’s post, Liz Walter looks at some common mistakes learners can make when using pronouns: [ Link ]

All, both, and everyone: How to use pronouns (2)
#WOTD pancake (noun): Do you want a sweet pancake or a savoury one? [ Link ]

Today is the much-loved ‘Pancake Day’, also known as ‘Shrove Tuesday’! We’ll be celebrating by posting words related to cakes and pastries all week.
This week’s new words are all about communication technology. Find out more here: [ Link ]

New words – 27 February 2017
We don’t want to ‘bang on’ about phrasal verbs too much, but here are some handy ones to describe ways of speaking: [ Link ]

Sorry to butt in! (Phrasal verbs that describe ways of speaking)
This week’s new words are all about politics from around the globe: [ Link ]

New words – 20 February 2017
In today’s post, Liz Walter looks at some common mistakes learners can make when using personal pronouns: [ Link ]

Me, myself and I: How to use pronouns (1)
#WOTD adore (v): I absolutely adore chocolate. [ Link ]

As tomorrow is ‘Valentine’s Day’, we will be posting words and phrases related to love every day this week. So be on the look out for any romantic words you could write in a card to your sweetheart!