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On Wednesday, Liz Walter looked at how to use ‘some’ and ‘any’ correctly. Test what you learnt with this question:
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#WOTD street food (noun): There is going to be a street food market in town this evening. [ Link ]

Today is the start of the ‘World Busker Festival’ in Christchurch, New Zealand! From juggling to painting, the festival celebrates the many different ways of making money on the street.
We will continue to post words related to ‘busking’ all week.
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‘Some’ and ‘any’ are small words that can cause big problems for learners of English. Liz Walter looks at how to use them correctly: [ Link ]

Some or any? Little words that cause big problems
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Discover the latest terms related to leisure and entertainment, with today’s new words: [ Link ]

New words – 16 January 2017
On Wednesday, Kate Woodford looked everyday idioms used in newspapers. Tell us which ones were new to you:
#WOTD freeze-frame: A selection of freeze-frames were displayed at the exhibition. [ Link ]

Have you noticed a frosty theme to our words of the day this week?
On this day in 1967, James H. Bedford became the first person whose body was cryopreserved (frozen to stop it decomposing)!
For the rest of this week we will continue to post words and phrases related to ice.
In yesterday’s post Kate Woodford looked at some everyday idioms you are likely to find when reading newspapers: [ Link ]

Let’s call it a day. (Everyday idioms in newspapers)
Wouldn’t it be great to get paid every time someone causes trouble for you? Maybe you can…
Discover more with today’s new words [ Link ]

New words – 9 January 2016
Starting a new year often means starting a new hobby. On Wednesday, Liz Walter looked at idioms & phrases often used around this. Can you identify the right phrase in the question below?
New year, new you! This week, Liz Walter looks at the idioms and phrases often used at this time of year to talk about ‘making a fresh start’: [ Link ]

Turning over a new leaf: idioms and phrases for the New Year
#WOTD settler (noun): Aetas were the primary settlers of the islands according to history books [ Link ]

Soon, the weeklong festival of Ati-Atihan will be taking place in the Philippines. This annual tradition, which includes painted faces and colourful costumes, started in the 13th century between settlers to the island of Panay and the locals.
All this week we will be posting synonyms...
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New year, new words, new feature. Now you can vote for the words that you want us to add to the dictionary! Try it here: [ Link ]

New words - 2 January 2017
If you’ve ever been uncertain about how you feel about something, then you should read Kate Woodford’s post about the language of being unsure: [ Link ]

Mixed feelings. (the language of being unsure)
#WOTD Hogmanay (noun): We'll be celebrating Hogmanay with a huge party at our house. [ Link ]

This weekend will see the traditional Scottish festivity of ‘Hogmanay’: celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new one.
All this week we will be posting ‘Scottish’ themed words, many of which will be new to learners of English.
2016 saw the rise of ‘droneboarding’ and other interesting hobbies. Discover more with this week’s new words: [ Link ]

About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog on
Today’s post looks at common phrases you can use to describe what can happen when you spend too much time with your family. Especially relevant during the holiday season! [ Link ]

Getting into the holiday spirit? Idioms and phrases for family gatherings
#WOTD festive (adj): The hall looked very festive with its Christmas tree. [ Link ]

As many of you may be aware, this Sunday is ‘Christmas Day’; a holiday celebrated in many countries across the globe.
We will be taking part in the celebrations by posting a different ‘festive’ word every day this week!
We are back with some more new words related to internet technology. Find out what they are here: [ Link ]

New words – 19 December 2016
On Wednesday, Kate Woodford provided a very seasonal post about the language of gifts & giving. Test what you learnt with the question below
As the holidays get near there’s a lot of talk about presents, so today we’ll look at the language of gifts & giving [ Link ]

It’s the thought that counts. (The language of giving and receiving gifts)