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Cambridge English
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Modal verbs of deduction help you to talk about what might have happened, what could have happened or what must have happened.

You use them when you are talking about a situation where you don't know all the facts.
Cambridge English
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Happy Friday everyone! What are you doing this weekend?
Cambridge English
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Have you got 10 minutes to spare? Do you want to improve your English right now? Visit our Learning English site now for fun, free practice activities you can do online right now.

Cambridge English
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Caption this...
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Test your English and find the right exam for you.

Our video explains what to do quite quickly but the test only takes 5 minutes, and it's free!

[ Cambridgeenglish.org Link ]
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Need to brush up your grammar? You will find lots of great activities on the Cambridge English website.

Activities for Learners

Cambridge English
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Looking to improve your written English?

Practice makes perfect with Write & Improve: [ Writeandimprove.com Link ]

#LearnEnglish #WriteandImprove #freeonlinelearning
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Practise writing by hand.
Write lists, a diary, short stories, notes to yourself, anything, so that you get used to using pen and paper again. You will find it easier to write in the exam and your handwriting will be neater!
Cambridge English
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Follow the link to find the answers to these questions and lots more you may have.


Cambridge English
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How much do you know about the Cambridge English: First writing test?
Cambridge English
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Confused about taking a #SELT to study in the UK?
Many students don’t need to take one at all – get the facts here: [ Ow.ly Link ]
Cambridge English
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Three ideas to help you with your pronunciation today:

1. Watch a clip with subtitles. Read along and match your pronunciation to the voice of the actor.
2. Learn a song in English.
3. Try out these quick, free pronunciation activities: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Cambridge English
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Do you know any strange but true animal facts?
How about other strange but true facts? Share them with us, we love hearing from you.
Cambridge English
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What's it like being an adult? Dealing with a budget is one thing to think about. Try our free activity to find out more and practise your reading skills!

Being an adult

Cambridge English
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How much did that set you back*?'
We can't talk about shopping without talking about money. Here is a great blogpost from Cambridge Dictionary full of information on phrasal verbs about money and how to use them.

*using 'set you back' in this way is a particularly British English phrase. It may not be understood in the US.

How much did that set you back? (Money phrasal verbs)

Cambridge English
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Here is a question we often get asked about Cambridge English: First...

Do I have to pass each paper in order to pass the whole examination?

No. Your overall performance is calculated by averaging the scores you achieve in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of English. The weighting of each of the four skills and Use of English is equal.
Cambridge English
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Do you care about improving your vocabulary? Take five minutes to complete this activity all about the word ‘care’.


Cambridge English
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'Regift' (verb) means to give as a present something that was given to you.

For example:
Don't throw away unwanted presents – regift them.

This blogpost from the Cambridge dictionary blog looks at regifting as a way of reducing waste.

Thank you for the regift!

How well did you do? Where do you live and what's the currency?
Do you want to practise your writing? There are new features on Write & Improve, our easy to use tool helps you to learn about your mistakes, think about them and then improve them. Try it for free today.

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