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This week we're going to talk about work and, in particular, management. To start, we have this question for you:
Why not challenge a friend to do the same by tagging them in a comment below?
Do you enjoy reading in English? We hope so, as it's a really important way to develop your language skills.

Remember, you don't have to be reading classic literature or academic journals: read something that YOU find interesting! If you find yourself reading something and hating it, put it down and find something else!
Do you have a favourite picture of you with your friends? Describe it in a comment below: where is it; who are you with and how does it compare to the picture below?
Who was the last person you clicked with?
Well done if you got this right!
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Oops, we've made a mistake ourselves.
Correction: This sentence contains some mistakes.
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Here's a question we're often asked about the Speaking exam. For more posts like this, click here [ On.fb.me Link ]
Well done if you said that a fair-weather friend is not the kind of friend you want to have. A fair-weather friend is someone who is only there when things are good but keeps away when you need help.
All of these words collocate with 'friend' (e.g. 'a close friend'). Which is not the kind of friend that you want to have?
This week we're going to talk about friendship and we love this quote. Show one of your true friends some appreciation and tag them in a comment below!
Here are the answers to yesterday's questions. How many did you get right? Share if you found this useful!
Earlier today, we asked you to read the paragraph and predict what could go in the gaps. Now, try again, using the words in brackets: remember the words need to fit both grammatically and logically! Check back tomorrow for the answers.
In Part 3 of the Reading and Use of English paper, it's important to understand the gist of the text before you try to fill the gaps. If you don't, you may put in a word that fits grammatically but doesn't make sense. Read the text below quickly and then try to guess what words could go in the gaps (there are many possibilities).

Type your predictions in a comment below and then check back...
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