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On which occasions do you have a feast? What would you normally eat? Tell us in a comment below!
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Here are the answers to yesterday's questions:
Part 3 of the Speaking exam is called the collaborative task. You will be given a task that you have to talk about with your partner.
This cat seems to have a question. Can you think of a fun caption? Post it in a comment below.
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Here's what American basketball player Michael Jordan has to say about teamwork. Share if you agree!
Do you prefer studying and working alone or in a group?
Well done if you got this right! Would you consider yourself a team player?
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Employers know that Cambridge English: Advanced students can contribute effectively to meetings and seminars. Who is your dream employer?
This weekend we'd like you to think about improving your writing. What do you think you could do this week to work on your English writing? Share your ideas in a comment below.
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